Ngoại ngữ [TA-Bài tập]Ngữ vựng - Gerund / To + V(infinitive)

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  1. tithitho

    tithitho Guest

    1.c - 2b - 3.a - 4a -5c - 6b - 7c - 8a - 9b - 10a - 11c - 12b - 13c - 14d - 15b - 16b - 17c - 18d - 19a - 20b
    có sửa chút ít các bác xem lai giùm cái.........
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  2. hoangukraine

    hoangukraine Guest

    hiểu được chết liền mà có hiểu cũng chẳng thực hành được
  3. kumbu123

    kumbu123 Guest

    give the correct form of the verbs in brackets, either infinitive or gerund, active or passive

    1.she decided (give up)..........our holiday this year
    2.the children were made (go) bed at 10 p.m
    3.the president doesn`t mind (attack) the press
    4.the pared is supposed (delived).................this evening
    5.i will never forgot (see)................that rainbow
  4. love.rain36

    love.rain36 Guest

    1.she decided (give up)..........our holiday this year\Rightarrowto give up
    2.the children were made (go) bed at 10 p.m\Rightarrowto go
    3.the president doesn`t mind (attack) the press\Rightarrowbeing attacked
    4.the pared is supposed (delived).................this evening\Rightarrowto be delivered
    5.i will never forgot (see)................that rainbow\Rightarrowseeing
  5. ilovesuj

    ilovesuj Guest

    1) I was lonely at first, but after a time I got used to (live)__living________ alone.
    2) Did you remember (lock) __locking________ the car? – No, I didn’t.
    3) Your hair needs (cut) __to be cut________ tomorrow.
    4) They don’t allow (smoke) _____to be smoked_____ in the auditorium.
    5) Would you like me (turn) __to turn________ down the radio?
    6) I’m used to (work) _working_________ with the radio on.
    7) Would you mind (keep) ____keeping______ quiet for a moment?
    8) Jack suggested (sell) ______selling____ the house.
    9) They let us (park) ____park______ motorbikes here but they don’t allow us (park) ___to park_______ cars.
    10) If you want the milkman (leave) _____to leave_____ you milk in the morning, don’t forget (put) ____to put______ a milk bottle outside.
    11) My teacher advised me (read) ___to read_______ this book.
    12) Does she want (become) __to become________ a teacher?
    13) They didn’t permit (camp) __________ in this wood.
    14) The teacher decided (accept) ___to accept_______ the paper.
    15) We found it very difficult (reach) _____to reach_____ a decision.
    16) Donna is interested in (open) __opening________ a bar.
    17) Mary regrets (tell) ______telling____ him her secret yesterday.
    18) She refused (accept) ______to accept____ the present.
    19) Try to avoid (make) ______making____ him angry.
    20) Please let me (know) ____know______ your decision.
    21) I’m looking forward to (see) __seeing________ you.
    22) I’d like (have) _to have_________ a look at your car.
    23) Would you mind (tell) ___telling_______ me how (get) ___to get__ to the post office?
    24) Stop (talk) ____talking______, please. I’m trying (finish) to finish__________ a letter.
    25) I’ll remember (send) _______to send___ you a postcard when I reach London.
    26) Why do you keep (look) __to look________ back? Are you afraid of (be) ____being______ followed?
    27) Sad movies always make me (cry) ___cry_______.
    28) It takes me hours (write) __to write________ a letter.
    29) He is too busy (take) _____to take_____ care of her.
    20) I regret (inform) ___informing_______ you that your application has been refused.
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  6. sửa dùmem

    18.d đúng hông ta:confused:
  7. ,, còn mấy câu quên công thức :p:p,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..........................................................................................................................................................
  8. Học sinh Thành viên

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    Nơi ở:
    Bình Định

    Give the correct form of the verbs:
    1. My friend promised (return) _to return_______________ the book very soon.
    2. Most people enjoy (write) ___writting_____________ letters to their friends.
    3. Tom avoids (study) _______studying_________ his lessons as long as possible.
    4. David finished (write) ___writting_____________ the report about four o’clock.
    5. How soon do you expect (leave) __leaving______________ for South America?
    6. Have you considered (try) __to try______________ something different?
    7. Are you going to suggest (travel) __traveling______________ by plane or not?
    8. I can’t stand (listen) ___listening_____________ to his complaints any longer.
    9. My father is retired. He stops (working) _working_______________ now.
    10. We had the water pipe (repair) ____repaired____________ by the plumber.
    11. Mrs. Baker got them (keep) __keep______________ her house.
    12. She wanted the letter (send) sent________________ at once.
    13. It will make difference (try) _trying_____ __________ at this time.
    14. My children have to (learn) learn________________ the lesson now.
    15. I look forward to (hear) ___hearing_____________ from you.[/QUOTE]
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