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TV ấn tượng nhất 2017
18 Tháng năm 2012
Bài này nếu quy đổi thì làm sao thế ạ ?

Vì X cho muối stearat và oleatt => X có 57 nguyên tử C
x mol X qui đổi thành: COO 3x mol, C b mol và H2 c mol
Mol O2 = b + 0,5c = 4,83
Mol CO2 = 3x + b = 3,42
=> với mol X = x = 3,42/57 = 0,06
=> b = 3,24 và c = 3,18
Mol CO2 - mol H2O = x*(3+k-1) = 0,24
=> mol Br2 = kx = 0,12 => V = 120 ml


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25 Tháng sáu 2024
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The products of fat movement are carbon dioxide and water.

Fat is an important nutrient in the human body, which mainly provides the body's needs and enhances its immune function. By improving your diet or increasing your exercise, you can increase your metabolism of body fat. After fat metabolism, it is usually converted into water or carbon dioxide, and it is also eliminated by the body's metabolism. The end product of fat metabolism is usually excreted through sweat, urine and stool. When hungry or consuming a lot of energy for a long time, the fat in the adipose tissue will be mobilized, broken down into fatty acids and glycerol under the action of enzymes, and then undergo a series of oxidation reactions to produce energy, generate carbon dioxide and water for physical activity. Carbon dioxide and water are excreted mainly through breathing, sweat and urine.
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