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  1. viettungvuong

    viettungvuong Học sinh chăm học Thành viên

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    Đây là toàn bộ 30 câu hỏi về word form do chính mình nghĩ và soạn ra. Đây là những từ ở mức cơ bản, không quá khó, các bạn chỉ cần nắm rõ quy tắc và ghi nhớ bảng word form chắc chắn sẽ làm được.

    1. My house is next to that ____ store. (convenience)

    2. ______, the avalanche has destroyed the city. (fortune)

    3. Can you talk to me ______? (friendly)

    4. In 2016, there are fewer _____ women in the world. (education)

    5. They can't ____ this feature until they've activated this copy of Windows. (ability)

    6. Sea helps Vung Tau ______ more travelers and visitors to visit. (attraction)

    7. I think United States should _____ weed. (legal)

    8. His ______, John, helps him with the project a lot. (assist)

    9. _______ of teacher in high school nowadays is better than the past. (treat)

    10. This _____ gave the movie a three-star review. (critical)

    11. Sites like, help us to ____ long web links. (short)

    12. I think he is gay because his ____ is a man! (love)

    13. This ______ has the same salary as his secretary. (account)

    14. Using ______ might decrease your math ability. (calculate)

    15. The money is in their _____. (safe)

    16. He is a ______ of this criminal case. (suspicious)

    17. Working _____ is the key to success. (hard)

    18. Facebook collects your information to ______. (advertisement)

    19. Tons of fish died because of the water ______. (pollute)

    20. Dnipro football club is ______ from UEFA competitions because they've violated UEFA Financial Fair Play rule. (qualify)

    21. Multi-level marketing is not ______. (trust)

    22. Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong expressway has 4 ______. (enter)

    23. The ______ boy is absent from class today. (obedience)

    24. Windows XP is the most _____ operating system. (success)

    25. He is doing it _____. (careless)

    26. It's not easy to ____ Adobe Photoshop if you haven't learned how to use it. (user)

    27. ______ women helps their family contribute the income. (work)

    28. The error is "You don't have ______ to access this directory." (permit)

    29. ______ code of Ho Chi Minh City is 70000. (post)

    30. The _______ of this letter is Nam. (receive)

    Đáp án dùng để kiểm tra lại kết quả sau khi làm ở phần đính kèm các bạn nhé.

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  2. viettungvuong

    viettungvuong Học sinh chăm học Thành viên

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    Thêm 10 câu hỏi ở mức độ khó hơn, các bạn làm tiếp nhé:

    1. They asked her for her _____. (apologize)

    2. In Buddhism, people usually _____ death body in the pagodas. (burial)

    3. ______ calculator can calculate advance formulas. (science)

    4. Traffic accidents in Vietnam nowadays are ______. (avoid)

    5. Vietnam has ______ by the income from tourists. (rich)

    6. Come to this store to enjoy _____ of foods! (vary)

    7. Marijuana law ______ widely in every country. (different)

    8. Her ______ makes everyone love her. (generous)

    9. It's so _______ to open red light district. (controversy)

    10. _____ controller is now available widely. (caution)
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