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  1. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    The happiest day in my life

    It was Prize-presentation Day. I was chosen to be the model student of the year on the recommendation of my teachers and classmates. I was happy that they thought so well of me.

    When I went up the stage to collect the prestigious medal and cash award, I was filled with pride and joy. All my teachers and friends congratulated me warmly. My parents beamed widely. They were very proud of me.

    After the prize-giving ceremony, my parents brought me to a ‘Toys-R-Us’ shop. There, they bought me a remote-controlled model aircraft as a reward for being such a good student. I was overjoyed because I had wanted the model for a long time.

    In extremely good moods, we proceeded to MacDonalds for dinner. We had Big macs, French fries, milk-shakes and my favorire chicken Mcnuggets.

    That night, I played with my model aircraft before going to bed. For once, my puppy was allowed to sleep with me since it was such a special day. Even the night was filled with sweet dreams. It was probably the happiest day in my life.
  2. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    Talk about my first air travel

    My first experience in air travel was at the age of nine. My father and mother were planning the trip. When I asked them where we were going they told me that we were all going to Hongkong by flight. I was so excited and waited nervous for the day of departure.

    It was a Wednesday. My father had booked three tickets on the Singapore Airlines flight to Hongkong. The flight was leaving at noon. We arrived at Chani airport around 10 a.m. to check in our luggage and confirm our seats. We completed the routine check up and passed the brightly lit duty free shops to board our plane. The air hostess smiled and said “hello” and directed us to our seats. It was a Bigtop aircraft and I occupied the window seat. All seats were soon occupied and the air hostess demonstrated the emergency procedures. In the meantime, the aircraft started to move along the runway. We checked whether we had fastened our seat belts. Then the aircraft started to take off at high speed. As I looked through the window I saw the beautiful landscape, houses, cars and ships became very tiny within minutes that we were airborne.

    In about fifteen minutes, we were invited to undo our seat belts. The air hostess served us drinks. I looked outside and I could see nothing but clouds. In a short while, they served a delicious lunch. The air hostesses were nice and polite. I was just simply enjoying every moment of my first air travel. More than three hours passed before the plane began to descend. We were asked to fasten our seat belts once again. Suddenly the plane began to shudder mildly. My father told me it is due to air turbulence and there was nothing to worry. In a few minutes I was able to see the magnificent view of Hongkong’s coastline and the sea. All of a sudden the building looked very near and in no time the flight landed smoothly at Kai Tak airport. The plane finally parked at the end of the runway and we disembarked.

    My first experience on a plane was a memorable one which I shall never forget.
  3. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    Describe some of the interesting places in your country

    Though my country is small, yet there are many places of interest spread throughout the country.

    In the southern most part of the country, where the state of Johore lies, there are some very interesting and beautiful places. In Kota Tinggi, for example, there are beautiful waterfalls which are visited by many people everyday. Then, there is Johore Lama, a place of great historical interest. In Johore Bahru, there is a beautiful beach which is visited daily by several people who love the sea. In Batu Pahat, another town in Johore, is Minyak Buku, an interesting place on the coast.

    As we go towards the north, we arrive at Malacca, the oldest town that the Europeans occupied in Malaya in the past. The influences of the Portuguese and the Dutch can still be seen in many of the buildings there.

    Further north lies Port Dickson which is well known for its beautiful beaches.

    In Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, there are many places of interest such as Batu Caves, the zoo and the museum. The city itself is an interesting place to visit.

    Another beautiful town is Penang, situated on an island. The sea around it makes it the most beautiful town in the country.

    Finally, the paddy fields in the northern most parts of the country are also very beautiful and interesting to look at. On the east coast of the country too, there are some beautiful towns such as Kuantan and Kuala Trenganu. All these places have indeed made my country an interesting place to live in.
  4. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    About yourself

    The outline:
    1. My name – age – address
    2. My family – how many people – what they do
    3. What I do – what I like, etc.
    4. What I wish to be when I grow up – Why?
    5. The end

    I am an Indian boy. My name is Sanjay. I am fourteen years old. I live in the town of Klang.

    I have three sisters and two brothers. My sisters are older than I am. My brothers are younger than I. they all go to school. My father is a teacher. He is not very old. My mother works at home. She is a very nice lady. I love her very much.

    I go to a school in the town. It is a large school. I learn many lessons in school, such as English, Bahasa Malaysia and many others. Of all these lessons I find English is the most difficult to learn. But I enjoy learning English. It is a beautiful and important language.

    I play all kinds of games. The game I like most is football. I play football with my friends every day. Football is a very interesting game.

    When I grow up I wish to be a teacher. If I become a teacher, I can teach hundreds of boys and girls. I can help them to read and write and become cleverer. At the same time, I too can learn many more things. I hope that I will get my wish.

    My friends are of many races. Some are Chinese, some are Malaysian and some are Indian. I like my friends very much. I am indeed a very happy boy. I hope that I shall always be happy.
  5. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    Imagine that you are a dog. Tell something about your self

    The outline:
    1. The beginning
    2. Where I live
    3. What I do
    4. Whom I work for
    5. The end

    I am a very useful animal to man. I am called a dog by human beings. I do not know whether this is a good name or not; however, a man is called a dog, he gets very angry.

    Whether I like human beings or not, I have learnt to live with them. My master is a young and rich man. He needs me to protect his large family and his huge property.

    I do not, however, have much work to do. Yet, I am given a lot of very good food. My master buys meat for me every day and I really enjoy my meals.

    Sometimes, I feel shamed to eat such expensive food, for I do no work for my master in return. I just bark once in a while to remind my master that I am doing my duty. If I hear some noise or see a strange person, I bark loudly. This makes my master think that I am a very obedient dog. I know that in this way I am actually deceiving my master. But there is no other way of showing my loyalty to my master. I do not even get a chance to catch a thief.

    In short, I am a very lucky dog, and I am proud of my master. Perhaps I shall soon get a very good chance to show my master how much I care for him.
  6. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    Talk about a visit to a zoo.

    The zoo is an artificial forest created by man. Though there are few trees compared with the natural forest, the animals, birds and other creatures found in the zoo must always remind us of the forest. It is indeed an interesting place to visit.

    Even in the natural forest such a variety of animals, birds and other creatures cannot be found as in a big zoo. Animals which are not found in the forests of one country are caught in other parts or the world and brought to the zoo. The lion, for example, is not found in Malaysia; but one may see an African lion in the zoo at Johore Bahru.

    Until I visited the zoo at Johore Bahru a few months ago, I had no idea how informative a visit to a zoo might be. Though the zoo at Johore Bahru is not big, I found many kinds of interesting animals and other creatures there. Lions, tigers and other animals were moving about lazily in their cages. Some of the animals appeared to be bored, and they took little interest in the visitors. The monkeys, however, showed their natural agility. Whenever they saw a visitor, they ran towards him and begged for something to eat. I was indeed amused at their behavior. Most of them were caught in Malaysia and their variety was amazing.

    Some of the birds too were very interesting to see. Their beautiful feathers fascinated me. Birds are indeed one of the loveliest creations of god. A few birds are larger than many animals.

    The lions and the tigers in this zoo were so docile that I could not but treat them as domestic animals like the dog and the cat. I went very close to them, but they showed little interest in me. I then began to think of how the animal or even human spirit could be broken by confinement. Confined to their cages, these animals had become spiritless. Even the sight of food did not see to excite them much.

    Then, there was the crocodile with its usual pretence of innocence. It refused to be disturbed. Heaven knows how it might have reacted if a child had fallen into its pit. However, my visit to the zoo had increased my knowledge of animals.
  7. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    Talk about the things you like most.

    There are so many things around us that one finds it hard to have a special preference for a few particular things. I, however, take a special interest in motor-car and television.

    Motor-cars have always fascinated me. Since my childhood I have been traveling in motor-cars, and I have visited hundreds of places in this country. I have been to remote villages and almost all the towns, large and small. Travel has broadened my outlook on life. I have met various types of people, and my knowledge of the people and places of this country has increased greatly. If I am at home or if I am walking along a road, I feel the urge to travel as soon as I see a car.

    It is because of motor-cars that I am able to do various types of work. In the morning I go to my school, a long distance away, in my father’s car. After school I go to my father’s plantation to help him in his work. Then I visit one of my classmates and discuss our school work. Sometimes I visit the cinema, miles away. If there were no motor-cars, I would not have seen so much. Even in this small country, I would perhaps not have been able even to attend school.

    The next thing that I like is television. Television helps us to watch and listen some of the famous leaders of the world. We are also able to see some of the great events of the day. In addition, we can get news from all parts of the world, and listen to songs and music. Sometimes there are special programs which are very amusing. The television programs become more interesting on a rainy day. We can then sit in the comfort of our home and watch the television program. Even if we cannot read the newspaper for some reason, television keeps us well informed about the latest developments in the world. In this respect, television is better than the radio because the pictures and incidents shown on television convey a better impression than only the spoken words of the radio.

    I shall therefore always have a special preference for the motor-car and television.
  8. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    Talk about a rainy morning

    Outside poured the rain. It was so snug and comfortable in bed. I did not want to get up, but unfortunately it was a Monday morning. I could see the light of morning coming through my window and I knew I had to get up. Why can’t today be Sunday? I thought. Then I would not have to get out of the warm bed. It was so pleasant there. However, the rain did not care whether it was a Monday or a Sunday. So I reluctantly got up.

    After going through my morning routine in the toilet, I felt a little more alive. The warm bed was still inviting but I had to get ready to go to school. So I dressed up, picked up my bag and descended the stairs to the dining room below.

    My parents, sisters and brothers were already having their breakfast. I sat down and helped myself. Everyone was quiet as we ate our breakfast. Anyway the noise made by the pouring rain made conversation a bit hard and recently awakened people tended to be on the quiet side. Anyway rain always made me hungry, so I had a hearty breakfast.

    Although the time showed seven, the sky was still not very bright. The dark clouds and the pouring rain kept the sky looking drab and grey. My father said that we have to get going, rain or not, or we would be late for school. My mother countered by saying that it was better to be late than wet. My father relented and so we waited for a while in the house for the rain to subside.

    Fifteen minutes later, the rain slowed down sufficiently for my father to reserve out his car. We all packed ourselves into it, all five children. We waved farewell to our mother and soon we were on our way to school.

    My father drove very carefully. He switched on the headlights and wiper. Soon the screen misted up and he had to switch on the air conditioner.

    On the way to school, I saw other not-so-fortunate school children and adults walking along the road or waiting for the bus. Each of them had some kind of raincoat on or carried an umbrella. There were puddles of water on the road, by the side of the road, in fact, everywhere. The rain had not stopped and the drains were filled to the brim. Water overflowed onto the road, making it hazardous for the users.

    Anyhow we arrived at our schools without any mishaps. My sisters got out at the convent while my brothers and I went further on to another school. The rain had slowed to a drizzle so as soon as we got out of the car, we dashed to our classrooms. We had to be careful not to slip. Anyway we made it to our classrooms. Some of my classmates were already there. Some were soaking wet while others were slightly wet like me.

    The school bell rang, but not even half of the class was present. Even the teacher had not come. So we sat down in the class and waited for the others to come. Meantime there was nothing to do but to talk with each other and wished that we were all in our warm beds.

    Outside it drizzled on.
  9. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    The work of a farmer

    The outline:
    1. How he works
    2. Easy or hard life
    3. Why his work is important
    4. the end

    The life of a farmer is hard. He works from early morning till late in the evening in a distant corner of the country. Yet, no one cares much for him.

    But the work of a farmer is a very important. He produces food for people in the towns and other places. Without him there would be no food around. People would not be able to do their work.

    Even doctors who save lives cannot do their work without the food that the farmer grows. In the same way, teachers, engineers, clerks and all others must have food before they can do their work. However, very few people think of the importance of the farmer’s work.

    We think of the farmer only when there is no food around. We are then forced to grow our own food. So we cannot do any other work. Even doctors may have to grow their own food if the farmer fails to grow food for them.

    All these show how important the work of the farmer is.
  10. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    My weekend

    I am a high school student. I go to school every day from Monday to Saturday. I am very busy with my studies. Sunday is my holiday.

    On Sunday morning, I get up later than usual. After breakfast, I visit my close friend and we often go shopping downtown. Sometimes we go for a picnic in the countryside. In the afternoon, I prefer having a rest in my room, reading books or listening to pop music. Then after dinner, I prepare my lessons for the following week and go to bed early.

    Once in a while, I spend my weekend joining the social activities organized by the Communist Youth Union of my school. We usually go along the streets raising money for charity or travel to remote areas to give help to poor people.

    Sunday is a good time for me. It refreshes my mind after a week's hard work.
  11. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    The advantages and disadvantages of computers.

    Nowadays, computers have played an important role in all aspects of human lives. People of all ages consider computers as an essential tool to help us with our study, our work and so on. Besides many advantages computers bring to people, there are also lots of inconvenience of computers that haven’t been solved. Therefore, the effects of computers to our society have two sides: positive and negative one.
    The advantages of computers are so varied that human society has embraced computers and accepted them for their many powers which can be used for education, business, communcation and entertainment. In order to help us with our study, computers provide a lot of essential visual aids which can be used to illustrate pictures and keep information. With the faster and faster developmnet of the Internet, our study has become much easier due to many distant learning courses and online testing systems. The Internet is also a huge library because you can keep up yourself with up-to-date information and fine reference for your research. Another advantage of computers is their important role in business. Thanks to computers, we can conduct commercial transactions to any place in the world, and the Internet is a good way to advertise goods to encourage sales. The customers can even buy and sell things on the online markets. Moreover, computers can keep track of how your business is going on and do the accounts easily. In addition, computers have changed our means of communication. The Internet is not only the fastest but also the cheapest way to communicate by online-phoning, chatting and e-mailing. It used to take us weeks or months to send a letter, however, with the help of computers, we can send an e-mail in a second. With the rising standard of living, the need of stress management has been brought out, and computers are also a good solution. We can enjoy beautiful music on computers as well as chatting with our friends at the same time. Playing games is also a useful way to relax ourselves, and it has been so popular that there have been many games competitions all over the world.
    Despite the huge benefits of computers, it can’t be denied that their disadvantages are also a complicated problem. First of all, computers can have a bad effect to our health, especially our eyes which are called “ the windows of soul”. Seeing computers too often in the long run might cause a lot of optic deseases. Besides, computers can affect our mental health for the large amout of bad knowledge on the Internet, which can lead to moral deterioration, especially children’s and teenagers’. Furthermore, sitting in front of the monitor for too long makes people become inactive and insociable. Besides, the use of computers has led to other criminal actions such as hacking, which can steal and manipulate information from other databases. Many methods have been invented to prevent these problems, however, I think the best way is to control computers to benefit us, not to be controlled by computers.
    In conclusion, the advance of computers is a good trend for our society, however, it also brings us some inconvenience. If we are to live comfortably with computers, we must realize that everything we do have a cause and effect. All in all, everybody should improve positive aspects of computers and minimize their negative ones to make this world a better place to live in.
  12. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    How to cook rice

    Rice is a cereal grain which is the most important and staple food for many people in the world. Rice has the second highest worldwide production after maize. Rice is a very important grain for human nutrition and calorie intake, it provides more than one fifth of the total calories to humans. It is a traditional crop in Africa and has the potential to improve the nutritional value, boost the food security and support land care. Rice cultivation is best suited for countries with low costs incurring and high rainfall, as it requires plenty of water to cultivate. The method used for cultivating rice is by flooding the fields after the seedlings are set.

    Rice is prepared either by boiling or by steaming, and it absorbs the water while cooking. It can be cooked in as much water as it will absorb, or in a large amount of water which is drained out later. Electric rice cookers are very famous in Latin America and Asia. Electric cookers simplify the process of cooking rice. Rice is usually heated in oil before boiling it, or some add oil to the water, this is done to make the cooked rice less sticky. The Arabs use rice as an ingredient for many dishes like soup, fish, poultry and many more. Sometimes, it is used for stuffed vegetables or is wrapped in grape leaves. It is also used to make dessert by adding milk, honey and sugar. In some countries, bread is made of rice flour.
    Pre-cooking: It's good practice to rinse your rice in a strainer before cooking. This isn't strictly necessary, but it will rinse off any dusty starch on the surface of the rice along with any leftover chaff or stray particles. (Some rices have more starchy coating than others.)

    1. Measure the Rice and Water: For most rice, use a 1:2 ratio of one cup of rice to two cups of water. Measure a half cup of uncooked rice per person and scale this ratio up or down depending on how much you're making. Some rice varieties will need a little less or a little more water as it cooks, so check the package for specific instructions.

    2. Boil the Water: Bring the water to boil in a small sauce pan. Rice expands as it cooks, so use a saucepan large enough to accommodate. A 2-quart saucepan for one to two cups of uncooked rice is a good size.

    3. Add the Rice: When the water has come to a boil, stir in the rice, salt, and butter (if using), and bring it back to a gentle simmer.

    4. Cover and Cook: Cover the pot and turn the heat down to low. Don't take off the lid while the rice is cooking — this lets the steam out and affects the cooking time.

    Approximate cooking times:
    • White Rice: 18 to 25 minutes
    • Brown Rice: 30 to 40 minutes
    • Wild Rice: 45 to 60 minutes
    Start checking the rice around 18 minutes for white rice and 30 minutes for brown rice. When done, the rice will be firm but tender, and no longer crunchy. It is fine if it's slightly sticky but shouldn't be gummy. If there is still water left in the pan when the rice is done, tilt the pan to drain it off.

    5. Turn Off the Heat and Remove the Lid: When the rice is done, turn off the heat and take off the lid. Fluff the rice with a spoon or a fork, and let it sit for a few moments to "dry out" and lose that wet, just-steamed texture.

    Rice keeps well in the fridge for several days, so you can make extra ahead to serve later.
  13. mupiuvk

    mupiuvk Guest

    dịch như google dịch thì đừng thêm vào cho rối mắt. tks
  14. minhtuyb

    minhtuyb Guest

    I have no essays, but a piece of advice for ya:

    You should list out all of your essays' name and make hyperlinks to each one in the very first post. It would make it easier for me (and the others) to follow. Honestly, your lack of organization just makes me feel down already before I can see how beautiful your essays are!
  15. Every year my family a visit to somewhere. Last

    summer was not exception. My parents took us to HCM city on Sunday. Our journey started at

    about 4:00 AM on that day. My father hired a car to go because going by car was both faster

    and more comfortable.Two hours later, we arrived in HCM city. The thing that surprised me

    was that there were too people and too much traffic on the streets. The buildings were high

    and beautiful. First, the drive took us to the zoo where there were animals, birds, fish and

    hippos, monkeys. It's interesting to look at monkeys eating bananas. Then we went to Tao

    Dao botanical garden where there were lots of shadows. It's comfortable to go for a walk

    there. After that we went to Reunification palace where colonel Nguyen Thanh Trung bombed

    in 1975. While I was looking at interesting furniture in this building suddenly I heard a loud

    voice behind me, it's was my father's voice. He told that it was time to go home. We hurried

    to return to parking lot. The driver took us come back home. I arrived home at 6:00 PM.

    I felt happy and enjoyed that trip very much. I hope I will have a chance to go to HCM again

    some next summer.
  16. Casual clothes

    I think it's necessary for secondary students to wear casual clothes when they are at school because of the following reasons.Firstly,wearing casual clothes make students feel comfortable. It's easy for them to travel. Secondly, wearing casual clothes gives students freedom of choice about size, colors and fashion...Nextly, wearing casual clothes makes students feel self-confident when they are in their favorite clothes and makes school more colorful and lively. Therefore, students in secondary schools should wear casual clothes.
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