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    Sở hữu bí kíp ĐỖ ĐẠI HỌC ít nhất 24đ - Đặt chỗ ngay!

    Đọc sách & cùng chia sẻ cảm nhận về sách số 2

    Chào bạn mới. Bạn hãy đăng nhập và hỗ trợ thành viên môn học bạn học tốt. Cộng đồng sẽ hỗ trợ bạn CHÂN THÀNH khi bạn cần trợ giúp. Đừng chỉ nghĩ cho riêng mình. Hãy cho đi để cuộc sống này ý nghĩa hơn bạn nhé. Yêu thương!

    Comment on this statement of Guyau: “After our parents, it is to our teacher that we owe the most”

    Generally we bear our parents’ gratefulness in mind but we often forget our teacher’s benefit. Therefore Guyau advised us not to forget our duty towards our teachers by saying: “After our parents it is to our teacher that we owe the most”.

    Our parents’ greatest benefit is to give birth to us. At birth we are only feeble and weak creatures needing their support and protection. Our parents have to protect us from dangers. Our mother takes good care of us everyday. When we are sick, she anxiously stays up all night beside our bed. How happy she feels when seeing us getting better and better. The older we grow up, the harder our parents have to work to procure us everything: lodging, food, clothes and school fees.

    Not only are our material lives taken care of but also our mental formation is particularly concerned about as well. Mother’s love and tenderness always relieves our sorrow and suffering. She consoles and encourages us in our failures. With his good experiences, father guides us and leads us through our first steps in life.

    “Father’s benefit is as high as the Thai Son Mountain.
    Mother’s gratitude is as inexhaustible as water from a spring” so runs a Vietnamese adage.

    Since our parents spend most of their time taking care of our material lives, they entrust our spiritual formation to our teachers. This mental education is so necessary for us in life. It is the skeleton key which helps us open all doors and the money which provides us with everything we need. Our modern world more and more belongs to the intelligentsia. To reach an expecting situation in society we have to acquire scientific and technical knowledge and who are able to provide us with such knowledge if not our teachers themselves?

    Compared with our parents’ benefits, those of our teacher are more important. They train us mentally, physically and morally. Devoted teachers, therefore, always wish their pupils and students would become useful citizens for their society.

    Realizing the teacher’s important and hard task of forming and training their pupils and students’ personality, after the Liberty Day our government decided to choose the 20th of November as the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day. On this day, at all schools and universities from country to town, the Teachers’ Day has been celebrated solemnly with a view to memorizing the teacher’s benefits. This is an opportunity for all pupils and students to manifest clearly their gratitude and love towards their beloved teachers. They sing songs glorifying their teachers’ benefits and offer flowers to them. And it is on this occasion that teachers themselves feel more attached to their noble career and they all try their best to overcome all difficulties and obstacles in order to fulfill their sacred mission.

    It is obvious that our gratitude towards our teachers is without limits. Let’s try our best to please them and never make them feel disappointed by our bad behavior.
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    Talk about your teacher of English

    Miss Wilde is our teacher of English this term. She has been teaching in our school for three years ever since her return from London, but I have never attended her classes before.

    She is rather tall for a lady, about twenty-four years of age, and I find her really slender. She puts on a little make up in very discreet manner. Though young and attractive in appearance, she is dignified and reserved. She is some what strict at times, but never too severe or stern. Her patience is wonderful she will never give up explaining until every one of us understands.

    Her method of teaching differs somewhat from that of our former teacher. She pays much attention in correcting our pronunciation and drills us in expressing ourselves in short English sentences. At the end of each lesson, she gives us assignments and lets us work out ourselves. Her method means more work for us to do in the evening, as we have to consult the dictionary again and again; but this help us to remember the new words and phrases and we feel that we have been making rapid progress.

    Though my teacher is sometimes severe, yet her kindness and gentility always commands our respect.

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    How can I become the person I want to be?

    Since my childhood I have always kept a sweet memory about my father. To me, the image of my father where he stood in front of a Frenchman, speaking French fluently many years ago made a deep impression in my mind and from that time on I have dreamt of becoming a good teacher of a foreign language like my father.

    How can I become the person I want to be? To attain this aim, I must be consistent and determined. Consistency and determination are vital factors leading me to my success. Therefore, I am always determined to my success and I devote all my time to my study. My knowledge is not good and sufficient enough, so I have to read more books on every aspect. No famous authors, writers or poets become well – versed in their research without any experiences from their predecessors. “Where there is a will there is a way”. After many years of hard study, I have been able to read all kinds of books without any difficulties.

    A good teacher, in my opinion, is just like a good actor on the stage. To reach this aim, I should acquire a good, strong and convincing voice and a lively gesture. Watch a teacher explaining a lesson in front of his students; he never stands motionless on the teaching platform. He goes up and down, using his fingers, hands and arms to express his feelings and emotions. His voice which is now sonorous and now high-soaring attracts his students’ attention. They keep as silent as graves and give their whole mind to their teacher’s lecture. But when the practice time comes, they become restless and animated. They take an active part in the practice. They ask questions and answer the ones put by their teacher. If they do not understand something they promptly ask him; and he must satisfy their inquisitiveness.

    Thus the teacher must be well – experienced and erudite. In this ways, if I want to become a profound and experienced teacher, I should read more good books, learn more experiences from my teachers and friends and never be tired of collecting as much knowledge as possible. “Live and learn” and “Little knowledge is a dangerous thing” are famous sayings which urge me to be more active, diligent and zealous in my study.

    Then being a good teacher I must have an immense love for my students and forgive them for their mistakes. I must be patient and aware of every situation of my students to encourage them and help them with their learning.

    With my consistency, patience, modesty and zeal for knowledge, I hope that upon graduating from university I will become a good teacher capable of guiding my students to every success in their lives.

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    A picnic I enjoyed

    The outline:
    1. When? Where?
    2. Who went along?
    3. How much I enjoyed
    4. The end

    One day, a few of my friends and I went on a picnic to Minyak Beku, a small interesting place on the coast of Malaya.

    Minyak Beku is about five miles from Batu Pahat, a well known town in the state of Johore in Malaya. There is a small ancient fort at the entrance to Minyak Beku. The beach at Minyak Beku is beautiful, and there is an iron mine near by.

    We arrived at that place in the morning. After getting out of the bus, we separated into different groups and looked for shady places to spend the day.

    Soon, most of us went swimming. While in the water, we were playing a few interesting games. Those who were on the beach were playing other games. Some of them even sang songs and danced. There were still others who were interested in nothing, except picking shells.

    In short, everyone enjoyed the trip. In the evening, we returned home in our bus, thinking of the fun we had had at that place. I enjoyed the trip so much.

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    My best friend

    The outline:
    1. Who? His name, race, etc.
    2. His habits, abilities, etc.
    3. Why I like him
    4. the end

    I have many friends of several races. But my best friend is a Chinese boy whose name is Ah Chong.

    Ah Chong’s father is a carpenter. His mother looks after their small shop. They are very hard-working people. They are also very kind to me.

    We are in the same class. He sometimes helps me in my lessons. I too sometimes help him to understand and learn a few difficult lessons.

    After school, Ah Chong and I play some games. Sometimes we go out to catch some fish or birds which we really enjoy catching. We often return home very late after our hunting trips and our parents scold us severely. But Ah Chong and I are so interested in this kind of hunting that we cannot give it up.

    Indeed, I enjoy Ah Chong’s company very much.

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    Describe your schoolmates and whom do you like best.

    I have many schoolmates, but Tom is the one I like best of all. He is the biggest boy in class. He is about fourteen years old, his shoulders are broad. He is good as one can see when he smiles. I already know several of my classmates. Another one I like too is named George. He wears chocolate-colored trousers and a catkin cap. He is always jolly. There is little John, a poor hunchback, a weak boy with a thin face. Near him is Edwin who is very well-dressed. On the bench in front of me, there is a boy who is called Jake. His face is as round with a small nose. He possesses a special talent; he knows how to make a hare’s face and they all get him to do it and then they laugh.

    And there is another curious fellow – my neighbor on the left Jack – small and thick set, with no neck, a gruff fellow, who speaks to no one, and doesn’t seem to understand much but stands watching the master without winking, his brow lined with wrinkles, and his teeth set and if he is questioned when the master is speaking, he make no reply the first and the third time he gives a kick.

    And beside him there is a bold, cunning face belonging to a boy named Peter, who has already been expelled from another school. There are, in addition, two brothers who are dressed exactly alike who resemble each other to a hair.

    But the most handsome of all, the one who has the most talent, who will surely be the head this year also, is Edward.

    Truly I like Edward, the son of the blacksmith, the one with the long jacket who seems sickly and pitiful. It is said that his father often beats him so he is very timid and every time that he addresses or touches someone, he says “Excuse me” and gazes them with his kind, sad eyes. But Tom the biggest is the best of all, I think.

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    Tell about your hobby in free time.

    My hobby is stamp colleting. When I was still only a baby, my mother began to collect for me. Of course, she did not let me touch the stamps until I was old enough not to spoil them. I remember that it was on my fifteenth birthday that she first put them into my hands. They were in four fat books, but since that time I have added three more, so that now I have a bigger collection than any of my friends.

    How do I get my stamps? I have never bought a single one from a shop -- so my collection has really cost me nothing. My father, who works in a big office, sometimes brings me home stamps from many countries of the world. And I have friends both here and in other lands who send me stamps in return for ones which I send to them.

    Now that I am working for my living, I do not have as much time as before to spend on my stamps. But in the evenings, what can be better than to sit down at a table with my precious books, arranging new stamps in them, writing in the names of countries, or, if I am too tired, only looking through the stamps already in the books? Each stamp has a story to tell me of far countries and strange peoples. I see pictures of men and women, birds and animals that I have never seen. Kings and presidents pass before my eyes, and I can follow the history of nations -- I can see Hitler's Germany spreading over Europe and then suddenly breaking into pieces; Pakistan is born before my eyes; countries rise and countries fall - and the whole time I remain comfortably in my armchair at home.

    But my stamp collection does not make me think only of the past. Just as my mother collected for me, so I, too, am collecting for my future child. What better way will there be of interesting him in history, geography and languages, and of making these subjects live for him instead of being only things in school books? If I pass my hobby on to him, he will bless me for it as I have blessed my mother for her wise action.
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    Your favorite hobby

    Everybody has his or her own hobby. For me, my favorite hobby is reading books.

    My father was not only a writer but a researcher as well. He had a great collection of books on many fields: literature, science, art, fiction and non-fiction. After his death, I inherited the most valuable treasure which has been preserved carefully up to now.

    As I have a large collection of books of my own now, I usually spend hours reading and thinking about facts described in each kind of books. Sitting comfortably in an arm-chair in the library with a book open on my knee, I recall my father who was absorbed in his reading, perusing the poems of John Keats, William Words Worth, Chateaubriand and Lamartine. I still hear his sonorous voice reciting rhythmical lines of poems in Kim Van Kieu’s story while his face was radiant with ecstasy and raptures.

    Through books I see many countries rise and fall. Kings and Presidents pass before my eyes and I can follow the history of nations. Each book has a story to tell me of remote countries and strange people.

    I am greatly indebted to books indeed. For me a good book is not only a true companion but also a well-experienced teacher guiding me through my life. It has the miracle to relieve my suffering and my hardship and reveal to me strange and new horizons.

    Reading books broadens my mind and improves my knowledge. Instead of indulging myself in futile entertainments, I am often keen on reading books which are always a source of comfort and relief to me and I am determined to preserve my father’s valuable treasure for my posterity.

    In a few words, the reading of books contributes to the moral and intellectual formation of a man’s personality.
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    Talk about the country you would like to visit.

    I have heard much about the beauty of the East as well as the West, about the wonderful islands in the Pacific and also in the Atlantic. In short, the whole world seems to be full of beautiful places. The country that I would like to visit, however, is the United States of America.

    My knowledge of the United States of America is derived from the geography and history books that I have read, the films that I have seen and the stories that I have heard from people who have visited this country.

    The United States of America is a vast country with a mixed population. People from many different lands have come and settled here. This mixture of different races of people with different customs, religions, cultures and abilities have created a nation unique in history. Although this country has a very short history compared with that of the other large countries in the world, it is an example to the world of how people of different races could live together in peace and harmony. The exchange of ideas among the people of so many racial origins here has contributed greatly to the progress and prosperity of the nation. There are world famous scientists, doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers and politicians whose original homes were in many different lands. The work of such men has made this country a wonderful land indeed. The roads, buildings and cinemas here may be said to be the best in the world. There are many places and things of interest such as Hollywood, the United Nations building, Niagara Falls and the sky-scrapers. Even the natural vegetation and features are rich in variety. If one travels across the land, one will find different kinds of scenery in different places. Further, as the people here still follow their original customs and traditions, one will also have the feeling that one is passing through many different countries.

    The people of the United States are proud of their country, for it was their country that gave the modern world ideas of freedom. The name of Abraham Lincoln will always be remembered by those who believe in the freedom of men. It was the United States, again, who saved the world from destruction in two world wars. Such a country must be a wonderful land, and it is for this reason that I would like to visit this country some day.
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    The advantages and disadvantages in teaching English to Adult Learners
    (Những lợi thế và bất lợi trong việc giảng dạy tiếng Anh cho học viên dành cho người lớn)

    The advantages and disadvantages in teaching English to Adult Learners in the Current Situation in Vietnam

    A brief look at the current English language teaching and learning context in Vietnam will show that the demand for English learning is very great. This is clearly seen in the multitude of institutions and centers that offer English courses as well as in the great number of learners who go to English classes. Among these learners adult learners form a big special group. Due to some of their characteristics the teaching of English to this group of adult learners has some advantages and disadvantages as follows.

    The first advantage is that adult learners have some degree of extrinsic motivation. They may study English for a variety of reasons but they all do so because they want to or need to. For some students, the motivation may be in the form of integrative motivation because they wish to integrate themselves into the culture of an English-speaking country like Britain, America, Canada or Australia. For others, the motivation is instrumental in the sense that the mastery of the English language is seen as an instrument that can bring them a better job or position. When these adult students go to class with some motivation they are easier to teach than those who bring no motivation to the classroom.

    The second advantage is that adult students can transfer those study skills and learning strategies they have acquired in their first language to their study of English. Unlike children and adolescents, adults are autonomous in some way. They have finished their studies or have undertaken at least some in their own language, so they must have gained some basic skills like reading, summarizing, identifying and applying formulae and information and such critical thinking skills as analyzing, synthesizing, hypothesizing, speculating, etc. Moreover, they may also have some well-established strategies for learning. Therefore, the English language teacher can make his job easier by creating conditions for adult students to reactivate these study skills and learning strategies and apply them to their study of a new language.

    One more advantage is that adult learners can make use of whatever kind of knowledge they have accumulated in their own language. Again this advantage cannot be seen in other groups of learners like children and adolescents. First, adult learners have extensive experience of using a language, which is their mother tongue. Now that they start learning English, they can remember the new langue system better by making use of what they know about their own language. It is not uncommon to see learners comparing and contrasting their first language with the foreign language they are learning to find out areas in which the two languages are different or similar so that they can learn the new language more quickly. Second, adult students’ life experience, world knowledge and specialist knowledge can contribute much to their learning a foreign language. It can help them a lot when they have to read about or discuss complex or controversial topics in English. So the English teacher can engage adult learners more easily if he knows how to tap the knowledge they have gained over time.

    On the contrary, there are some disadvantages to the teaching of English to adult students as well. The first disadvantage is that English learning makes a strong demand on adult learners in terms of time. As a matter of fact, it is really difficult for adult students to make time to learn English. As most institutions and centers teach English in the evening adult students have to study after work. Three one-hour-and-a-half sessions or three three-hour sessions a week seem not to add up to a lot of time but not all adult students can manage to set aside that much time for study purposes. The simple reason is that they all have their own lives to live outside the classroom or they all have other commitments in life than learning English. As a result, some students fail to invest as much time and effort in learning as they should. Of course, teachers will have difficulty in monitoring the performance and progress of those students who cannot attend class regularly.

    Another factor that can interfere with or even impede adult students’ learning English is their fear of failure and frustration with lack of progress. As can be seen, some adult students are very successful professionals or have a high status at their work place. And now, at school they are just normal students coping with tasks, assignments, examinations, etc. as they have been successful in their career, they do not want to fail to achieve their desired goal of mastering English. They may therefore put themselves under unnecessary stress if they do not give themselves enough time to achieve their goals or if they set themselves unrealistic goals. Other students may be hard on themselves in a different way. For example, adult intermediate and advanced students, those who already know a lot, may find progress difficult to perceive. In this case, the teacher has more work to do: they must help these students get the level of challenge right or view success in a broader sense.

    In addition, the lack of well-qualified teachers and the poor physical conditions of the classrooms at some English language schools and centers can be damaging to student motivation. Currently, in Vietnam a great number of institutions and centers provide English courses and they range form universities and their satellite centers, joint-venture centers, privately-owned centers to privately-run home-based classes. Such proliferation of schools and centers is useful in the sense that it offers students a wide variety of programs to choose from. However, because of a lack of quality control, the reality of some schools and centers may fall short of student expectations. Some teachers are untrained or inexperienced, delivering boring or uninteresting lessons; the physical classroom conditions and resources for learning are just basic. All this cannot of course supply students in general and adult students in particular with any intrinsic motivation, a crucial factor for successful language learning.

    In general, this analysis of the current teaching context for adult learners of English in Vietnam in general and of the characteristics of this group of learners in particular partly reflects the increasing need for English language learning and mainly shows the advantages and disadvantages that adult students have in their English study. Both teachers and students need to be aware of these findings of the analysis so that they can find ways to maximize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages. Only in this way can teachers deliver quality English language programs for students to benefit from.
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    Why I want to learn English
    The outline:
    1. The beginning
    2. How important it is
    3. How much it is used – Why?
    4. How it helps us
    5. The end

    English is considered to be the most common and important language of the world today. A great number of people understand and use English in every part of the world.

    English is the most useful language. Being good at English, we can travel to any place or any country we like. We shall not find it hard to make others understand what we wish to say.

    English also helps us to learn all kinds of subjects. Hundreds of books are written in English every day in all countries to teach people useful things. The English language has therefore helped to spread ideas and knowledge to all the corners of the world. There is no subject that cannot be learned in the English language.

    As English is used so much everywhere in the world, it has helped to make countries of the world become friendlier with one another. The leaders of the world use English to understand one another. The English language has therefore spread better understanding and friendship among countries of the world.

    Lastly, as a person who knows English easily get more knowledge from many parts of the world, he or she is respected by people. It is for all these reasons that I want to learn English.
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    Why are good books good teachers and friends?

    It is often said: “Tell me what you are reading and I will tell you who you are”.

    For me, a good book is always a good teacher guiding me through life as well as a true companion encouraging me and consulting me in my desperate straits.

    In fact, interesting books are a source of invaluable knowledge to those who want to master everything they haven’t known before. Through masterpieces all over the world we can realize the whole outstanding culture and civilization of mankind in every aspect: literature, science, sociology, anthropology, technology and economics.

    Nobody denies the important role of good books in developing man’s knowledge. The more we read valuable books the more we become wise and experienced. By reading books, we can get rid of all prejudices and narrow-mindedness. We can no longer live in The Ivory Tower like a recluse and therefore we can get along with other people around us easily.

    Next, good books are true companions who always share our joys and sorrows in our daily activities. Are you in low spirits and disappointed in your affairs? Read wise advice through books by profound scholars and authors. Are you sad? Read subtle humorous stories of well-known humorists in the world. All your sorrows and disappointments will vanish at once.

    In summary, good books help us train our personality. They help us distinguish the Good from the Bad and they lead us to the True, the Good and the Beautiful.
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    A mystery

    Note: Sleeping in my room – Something fell on the floor – Woke up – Switched on light – Saw large snake on my table – Screamed – Father came from his room – Killed snake – Took it out of room – Relieved

    While I was asleep in my room one night, something suddenly fell on the floor. It made such a loud noise that I woke up at once.

    I then switched on the light in my room. To my horror, I saw a large snake on the table. The snake was now still, perhaps unable to see clearly in the brightness of the light to go out of the room.

    I was so frightened that I began to scream. Hearing the scream, my father came rushing from his room. Seeing the snake, my father quickly began to strike at it with a stick that was in my room.

    When my father was sure that the snake was dead, he took it out of the room and threw it into the bush behind our house.

    I was now relieved and went back to sleep. But how the snake had entered my room still remains a mystery.
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    The advantages and disadvantages of television

    Nowadays many people all over the world spent most of their free time watching television; but since its appearance, television has brought to man many advantages as well as disadvantages.

    First, television plays an important role in our daily activities: it keeps us informed of all current affairs in the world. Events through television are more vivid than those through books and magazines.

    Second, television helps us enrich our spiritual lives. Our knowledge is broadened in many ways. Through language teaching programs, we can learn the language we like such as: English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and so on. We can become skilful and clever at doing jobs, making cakes or arranging flowers through practical courses taught on television.

    Finally, television is a source of recreation. Humorous stories and funny films bring us minutes of relaxation after a hard day’s work. For me, sitting comfortably in an arm-chair to watch an international football match on television is more interesting than having to queue for tickets at a crowded stadium.

    Apart from its advantages, however, television also brings lots of disadvantages to viewers too.

    First, television viewers gradually become passive in their action. Television may be a splendid media of communication, but it prevents us from communicating with each other or with the outer world. The world seen through television is only the restricted one: It separates us from the real world.

    Second, television, with its fascinating power, makes people of all ages sink into oblivion: whole generations are growing up addicted to the telly. Pupils and students are so absorbed in television that they neglect their school activities. Food is left uneaten, homework undone and lessons unprepared. Housewives are so keen on watching television that they neglect their duties toward their husbands and their children. Instead of watching television, we may use the time for a real family hour. Without the distraction of television, we may sit around together after dinner and actually talk to one another to know and like each other better.

    Finally, the evil influence of television on the young generation is inevitable; it encourages them to commit crimes. Spectacles of sadism and violence on television lead them to robbery, theft, rape and murder.

    In a nutshell, television is useful to us when we know how to use it: Be careful not to overindulge ourselves in it and use it in a discerning manner.
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    A vivid dream
    (Một giấc mơ sống động)

    I could not sleep. I kept remembering about the awful fright I had had that day. I kept wishing that Aunt Mariam would not tell Mom that I had been to the huge, old house down the hill.

    I remembered walking down the winding path through the thick woods, hot tears streaming down my cheeks. I kept thinking of Mom cooing softly down at my born baby brother and then turning sharply to scold me for forgetting to do my chores. The rain drops from the drizzle washed my tears. The ground was already wet as it had rained earlier. I slipped many times as I made my way through the winding track to the huge, burnt house.

    I was panting by the time I reached the front gate of the house. It stood like an empty sheel, black and burnt from that fire long ago. There was an eerie silence about the place secluded from all sides by tall menacing trees. Only my heart throbbed away as I recalled the village children telling tales of the house being haunted by a girl and her brother who had died in the fire.

    It was very dark inside. I groped around for a while to get used to the dark. The place smelt of dampness and mildew. I stood in the middle of the massive, empty hall and stared at the dusty ruin and decay that had gathered. The place was full of dark, shadowed corners covered with cobwebs. I noticed that the left wing of the house was untouched by the fire. I made my way lightly through the debris toward the left of the house.

    This room was surprisingly bright. All around there were oil painted canvasses, some hung, others covered with white sheets. I uncovered one to find a water color painting of a girl of about my age, standing pensively, grinning widely by a fountain. It was the sad, wistful look in those expressive eyes that held my attention for a long while. Then carefully I covered it. I was about to uncover another when a dark shadow crossed the room.

    I looked up sharply in the dim light. Holding my breath I moved back slowly without turning around. I almost expected a vampire to come out among the shadows. There it was again, huge black wings flapped towards me, screeding loudly. I lifted my sweaty palms to cover my eyes, swung myself around and cowered on the floor.

    Lightning flashed into the dimness of the room, thunder cracked through the walls. I got up slowly. Something must have hit my head when I swung around. There was an awful lump at the side of my head; it throbbed painfully.

    Outside it was raining heavily and the wind howled loudly. There was something else too. I smelt something strange. It was smoke!

    The house was on fire again. From inside the room I could see tongues of red flares. I looked around desperately. Lightning flashed again. Then before me was a rocking horse and a cot on fire. I stood there not knowing what to do. Then the fire went out.

    Before me was the burnt remains of the cot and as I gazed, I was horrified to see what looked like the charred remains of a baby boy, black and lifeless.

    I sat up, breathing hard, clutching my blanket. Looking around the familiar sights, I sprang out of bed to my parents’ bedroom. There he was, my baby brother sleeping soundly; but my parents were not there. I still smelt smoke and heard fire crackling. I walked into the living room and there it was – the fire.

    Across the road, the shop-houses were on fire. I stood there, clutching my mother’s hand watching the firemen do battle with the blazing monster for a long while. Then my mom carried me back to bed and tucked me into bed again.
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    Why we should study science

    The outline:
    1. The beginning
    2. Importance of Science
    3. How it has helped
    4. Changes in our homes, etc.
    5. The end

    Science has brought many changes in the world today. It is used in all the corners of the world for the benefit of man.

    The motor-car or the electric lamp that we use today was not known to people who lived generations ago. Owing to the use of Science the people of today are able to do many things with ease and comfort. Travel has become very easy. So men’s activity has increased greatly.

    Science has also been used to treat the sick and the sounded. As a result, people can now live a longer life than their ancestors could. Even the most serious diseases do not frighten people so much as they did before.

    Further, Science has made it possible for people to sit at home and see the world around. The television, the newspaper and color books help millions of people to learn at home. The radio too has done much to teach and inform people in all parts of the world.

    It is therefore necessary for us to learn Science, if we wish to enjoy greater comforts.
  17. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    What can we do to protect our enviroment?

    Enviroment is the most important thing for our life. Enviroment is the air we breath, the water we drink and is everything we need for our life. But now that most important thing for our life is being polluted and by many different ways. This pollution affects the health of living things. Air is damaged by car and lorry fumes, and power stations create acid rain which destroys entire forests and lakes. When fossil fuels i.e. oil, gas and coal are burned to provide energy for lighting, cooking etc. they form polluting gases. Not only on land but also in the sea, oils spills pollute sea water and kill marine life; chemical waste from factories and sewage works, and artificial fertilisers from farmland, pollute river water, killing wildlife and spreading disease. Everything is being caused by human’s existence. Humans create such a lot of rubbish! Each household produces about 1 tonne of rubbish every year! Most of this is taken away by dustmen and buried in enormous landfill sites or burned in incinerators - both of these actions can be dangerous for the environment.

    But only we can change it and solve it. Pollution can be prevented by thing we do everyday. First we can use recycled paper to help save trees. Second try to avoid buying plastic. It's hard to recycle. One way to cut down on plastic is to refuse to use carrier bags. If we can’t avoid buying plastic bags, we should use re-use plastic bags over and over again, until they wear out. Finally we should take your old clothes to charity shops, some are sold. To protect environment we also have to save energy. Use less energy by switching off lights when rooms are not in use, not wasting water; don’t forget to switch off all electric things when they are not in use, use a bicycle or walk instead of using a car for short trips we can save energy, keep clean atmosphere and keep healthy life. Lighting accounts for 10 percent to 15 percent of the electricity bill. However, this amount can be reduced by replacing an ordinary 100-watt light bulb with an energy-saving bulb and we still trying to invent the new thing to save money as well as conserve the Earth’s resources.

    Keep clean environment isn’t only all ways are mentioned before but also to protect natural resources. That is the way to conserver wild life. First we need to conserve the old forest, rainforest, build more safari and national park, and plant more trees to make place to live for wild animals. Second we need to prohibit hunters who hunt animals too many out of the law allowance.

    Finally, we now know that enviroment is the most important thing for life and we know how to protect and use it scientifically. Everyday we invent and find more and more way to protect enviroment. I hope that in the future the earth will be cleaner.
  18. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    Recalling my first day at school

    I am a Primary Six student in De La Salle School. I enjoy going to school because I have many friends. However, I still remember how frightened and lonely I felt on my first day at school.

    That morning, my mother drove me to school. I felt frightened when I saw so many students running about in the school field.

    I joined a queue and was brought into Class 1A by my teacher, Mrs. Devi. I was in tears when my mother left. Many of my class-mates were also crying and Mrs. Devil had a hard time pacifying us. She played some games with us to make us talk about ourselves. Soon, I got to know a few friends.

    Suddenly, we heard a bell ringing loudly and we started packing our things. However, Mrs. Devi told us it was only a break and led us to the canteen. I was glad to see my mother waiting for me with a bowl of prawn noodles. As I ate, I told her about my new friends.

    After recess, another teacher came into our class and we sang nursery rhymes.

    At the end of the day, I was no longer frightened or lonely. My parents were glad when I told them I was looking forward to going to school the next day.
  19. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    Describe your first day at school as a child

    There are such moving incidents in our lives that we can never forget. As for me, the most remarkable event in my life is the memory of my first day at school.

    That morning, after waking me up earlier than usual, my mother helped me wash my face and get dressed. The school things bought by my mother the previous day were put carefully in the new brown leather schoolbag.

    On the way to school, my mother tenderly held my hand and looked at me fondly. The road to school now seemed quite strange to me although in my childhood I rambled along it so many times! The other children of my own age, in new clothes like me, were timidly accompanied by their parents to school. A strange and inexplicable feeling bloomed in my heart. Then I had a feeling of worry and fear when I caught sight of the imposing and gigantic elementary school in front of me: It looked so majestic in its new colors. The schoolyard was packed with pupils and their parents. The old pupils were playing with marbles or with spinning tops, running up and down, talking and laughing merrily. The headmaster and the teachers, neatly dressed, were standing under the school verandah.

    Suddenly there echoed the sounds of a drum in my heart.

    We were all ordered to stand in line before the flagstaff to salute the colors. When the flag salute was over, we by turns went into our classrooms. A young and mild-looking teacher greeted us at the door. And in a gentle voice he taught us the first lesson.
  20. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    Tell about a visit to a famous city

    A few months ago my father and I visited Singapore, one of the most famous cities in Asia.

    Singapore, a small island, lies at the southern and of West Malaysia. A long and narrow piece of land joins Singapore with Johore Hahru, the southern-most town of West Malaysia. Singapore is now an independent state.

    The city of Singapore is extremely beautiful. It is well known for its centers of business and other activities. There are many places of interest such as the Tiger Balm Garden, the Botanical Gardens and Raffles Museum. There are also many important centers of learning such as the University of Singapore, Science Centre, the Nanyang University and the Polytechnic. Being a famous city, hundreds of people come everyday from various parts of the world to do business or to enjoy the sights of the city. Singapore therefore has large and beautiful airports and its harbors are full of ships.

    There are many night schools where people who cannot go to the day schools for some reason or other can continue their studies. And, the government of Singapore is still doing its best to make further improvements in the city for the benefit of the people.

    During my stay in Singapore, I went out everyday with my father to see the beautiful and interesting places and things in the city. One day we went to the Tiger Balm Garden where I saw several statues of people, animals and other strange creature beautifully made and kept. The sea near this garden makes it a pleasant place to visit. We spent almost half of the day at this place.

    Another day we visited the museum where I saw hundreds of curious things preserved for scholars and others. It was indeed an education to see all those things. There is so much to learn here that every visit by any person is sure to add to his knowledge.

    I also visited some of the harbors and saw the large ships anchored there. The sight of the ships aroused a desire in me to cross the oceans and go round the world. I was indeed deeply impressed by activities at the harbor.

    Then every night, I went round the town and visited some of the parks and other places of interest. The numerous lights and the constant stream of traffic kept the city alive. I visited a few of the cinemas as well. In short, I enjoyed every moment of my stay in this famous city of Singapore.
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