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  1. ken_luckykid

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    Write a passage criticizing the tramps’ way of life

    Living in a community we should always have a sense of responsibility to others. But tramps are leading quite different lives: they need nobody and do not care about anything at all.

    Look at those tramps who are wandering in the streets. They have no homes, no wives, no children and no work. They are free from all worries and troubles. Are they hungry? They may ask you for some money or they may try any trick in the book to get it. When night falls, they may seek a certain sleeping place: in the open air, in the park, underneath the bridge or under the threshold of an abandoned house.

    These tramps assume no responsibility to anybody at all. They are willing to lead a selfish life, paying no interest in the others’ affair. Are our compatriots in danger or are they suffering from calamity? These tramps completely remain indifferent.

    What do we think of these tramps? To my mind, they are merely lazy parasites on society. An individual depends closely on a community in which he is living. Happy or unhappy he is in need of others. He only lives half of his life if he only lives for himself. The greatest happiness of a mother is to take care of her husband and her children; and the greatest joys of a teacher are found in educating his students into useful citizens for their country.

    On the other hand, we are greatly indebted to our ancestors as well as to our society. In return for this great debt, we should do our best; we should devote all our energies and efforts to helping our compatriots with their difficulties and making our country into a wealthy and powerful one. If we had the mentality of the tramps, we should still be savages for good.

    To feel great sympathy for our countrymen’s sorrow and suffering is to create an indefinite joy for ever for our lives. We will be quite cheerful and light-hearted to enjoy the secret of our happiness and the real meaning of our lives if we live for others.
  2. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    Discuss the importance of the study of the national language

    The importance of the study of the National language, Bahasa Malaysia in this country is great. Ours is a multi-racial country. We have Malays, Chinese, Indians and Europeans. They speak a variety of languages. They have their own customs, religions and traditions. It is important that they should be able to communicate with each other.

    Let me discuss the need for the National language. We have a Central Government. It must use one language to transact its business with the States. National prestige demands this. An independent country cannot use foreign.

    A common language helps a great deal in education. To create a mutual understanding between teachers and pupils, the use of a common language is inevitable.

    The business word depends entirely on spoken or written word. To contribute to unity in this sphere, it is essential that Bahasa Malaysia should be used as our National language.

    National language plays an important part in the world of culture. A common culture should emerge in young Malaysia. Such a culture appreciated and lovely by all can be attained only when we Malaysians learn and use the language properly and fluently.

    Bahasa Malaysia has been the official National language of our country. To create mutual understanding it is taught in all schools, Bahasa Malaysia classes for adults are being conducted in every nook and corner of language. The study of the language will certainly enliven the daily routine of loyal citizen with a much-needed spirit of joy and pride.
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    Talk about rainy season

    When the grass dry, the trees have lost their leaves, the rivers have very little water in them and the fields are parched, everyone prays for the coming of rain. But when it continues to rain for several days, there are prayers everywhere for the rain to stop, for heavy and continuous rain often causes great hardship to many people, especially in the equatorial region. The rainy season is therefore welcomed at times, and at other times, it is hated.

    In equatorial countries like Malaysia, the rainy season often causes much damage to crops, life and property. People who work in the paddy-fields, rubber and other plantations have to stop their work for sometime. As a result, they lose income and suffer hardship. Farmers too suffer as they have to stop selling vegetables and poultry for a few days. Even school children experience a lot of inconvenience. They find it difficult to go to school in comfort and ease. Some places are completely under water and many children are unable to go to school. Sometimes the schools have to be closed. Even to go to the market becomes a problem, and people cannot go out to enjoy or do any work.

    Continuous rain during the rainy season also causes much illness among children and adults. Sometimes many children are drowned in the floods caused by heavy rains. Bridges and houses are swept away by the floods and there is much suffering.

    But if the rains are not heavy, the rainy season can bring a lot of joy to farmers and others. Rains bring water for our crops and for use in our homes. Light rains make the day cool and pleasant and people find it easy to work in the fields and other places. The soil remains moist. Plants and flowers grow easily to make our gardens beautiful. Vegetables too grow well and markets are full of green vegetables. Even animals, like cows and goats find enough grass to eat. There is also enough water for them to drink.

    Yet, those who live in places where there is a lot of rainfall do not realize how fortunate they are. Only those who live in the hot deserts realize the value of rainfall. They would surely welcome the rainy season.
  4. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    Talk about the hobbies of your two close friends.

    I have two close friends, Tom and Peter. They are twins but they are very different in their hobbies.

    Tom likes to read true stories and books on real life. He likes to watch the news, late movies and special programs on weekends. He does not like to play any outdoor sports, event though he does not miss a single minute of sports news on television. Instead, he prefers indoor games such as ping pong and some other electronic games. In contrast to Tom, Peter likes to read science fiction stories and mystery ones. He enjoys making battle-ships, carriers and freighters in cardboard. In addition, he likes to design things. Whereas Tom likes to play indoor games, Peter likes to play football and swimming.

    I guess that you could say Tom is more of an intellectual and realistic, whereas Peter is more adventurous.
  5. ken_luckykid

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    Describe a pet which you have

    Rosy is a dog which I have been keeping for the past four years. It was by sheer accident that Rosy came into my hands. Our neighbour Mr. Jones was a dog lover. He has a good kennel in his house where he reared different types of dogs. Suddenly, he got tranfered from the town and he wanted to dispose some of the dogs, he had. He was talking to my father. Then I told my father that we could have one of the puppies; though reluctant, my father agreed. That was how Rosy came into my possession.

    Why, it was named Rosy, I cannot say. It is an Alsatian. It is of medium height, grey in color with dark spots near her belly, bushy and glistening eyes. It grew into a beautiful and magnificent dog much to the envy of others.

    Rosy can be seen about our house when she is playing or when she is not sleeping. She takes pleasure in sniffing about the comers when she has nothing particular to do. She is as docile as a deer in our presence. When we are not at home she will be at her mettle and no one can easily come near our gate or house. Though she does not bite, she will bounce on the person baring her teeth so much so that she can paralyse any intruder. She recognizes the postman as a friend and so does not do him any harm.

    I give her some biscuits and milk in the morning, rice and curry in the afternoon. Usually she is not given any food in the night. When we are at our table, Rosy keeps company with me but she shows no eagerness to touch even a crumb unless offered. So my father likes it. Rosy cries in peculiar way. It is between barking and howling. Sometimes she raises a cry like moaning. That means she wants to go out for toilet.

    Whenever I go out in the evening, she accompanies me. My friends are afraid of her because she does not like silly mischievous boys. She shows her displeasure by barking and that is enough to unnerve the boys. My father says, Rosy would soon become a mother. Then I will have a few nice puppies.
  6. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    Talk about a journey by train

    The house in which I lived before was near the railway station. Trains used to pass by at regular interval and I had become so familiar with their sound and sight that I took little interest in them. It never occurred to me that I might make a journey by train some day. However, when my father decided to take up a new appointment in the place where we now live, it was decided that we should travel by train. It was only then that I discovered how pleasant a journey by train might be.

    My father, mother and I boarded a train one afternoon. As the train moved out of the station, I began to think of the days I had spent in our old house which I could still see from the train. But soon the house went out of sight, and I began to think of my journey itself.

    The train was now moving quite fast. The first thing that impressed me was the beauty of the landscape. There were green valleys. Tropical plants could be seen everywhere. In certain places there was tall grass. All this reminded me of the geography lessons I had in the class room. Several palm-oil and rubber plantations could be seen now and then. Sometimes I saw a few houses here and there. I also saw many vegetable gardens at several places.

    The train stopped at many stations, and soon it became dark. But sometime later the appeared and the landscape looked romantic. As I looked outside, I felt a thrill of admiration for the great artistry of nature.

    Inside the train, too, everything was interesting. Some restless passengers moved about aimlessly and their restlessness was amusing. Some were sleeping with their mouths wide open, into which some mosquitoes blundered. Others were reading magazines and newspapers. Occasionally, the ticket-checker passed by. At one corner I saw two policemen keeping a close watch on a man who was hand-cuffed.

    At every station a few passengers alighted from the train while a few boarded it. Whenever the train stopped at a big station, I saw a large number of people on the platforms, smartly dressed, and often smiling. As the train moved out, many waved their hands and the passengers too waved in response.

    After we had passed several stations, I felt sleepy and closed my eyes. When I opened them, I saw the dim light of the dawn. I looked outside and saw the mist-covered plants. The air was fresh, and some birds were flying about. The scene looked extremely beautiful and I was lost in admiration of it. But we soon arrived at our destination and my enjoyment came to an end.
  7. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    How I learned to ride a bicycle

    The outline:
    1. Exciting or not
    2. Who helped to learn
    3. Was easy or hard
    4. The end

    Learning how to ride a bicycle can be exciting as well as painful. But I found it very exciting indeed.

    It was my sister who taught me how to ride a bicycle. One day my sister brought her bicycle and told me to sit on it and place my feet on the pedals. Then, she advised me to pedal slowly while she held the bicycle and ran slowly along. The road on which I was learning was smooth and there was almost no traffic.

    My sister was kind. She spent several hours trying to teach me how to ride. She did not let go of the bicycle even once. I was indeed very much excited at this opportunity to learn how to ride a bicycle. I thanked my sister for her kindness and patience. On the next day, again, my sister took me to the road.

    Now, she told me to try to ride without her help. This was painful, for I fell several times and received some cuts on my hands and legs. My sister, however, told me not to lose heart. Soon I found that I could pedal some distance without falling. My sister then told me that I had learned enough. I now needed some practice only. I was extremely happy to hear this.

    I was now very happy and proud to be able to ride a bicycle.
  8. ken_luckykid

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    Which do you think is more valuable – health or wealth? Give your reason

    Health, in my opinion, is more valuable than wealth which is only the aftermath of the former.

    Men by nature are acquisitive. They all hope to have a pleasant and comfortable life. They spend the whole of their lives keeping up with their neighbors. Tom buys a new color television; his neighbor Peter is bound to buy a bigger and better one. Most of people want to possess all things either with their own money or with money borrowed from credit banks or insurance companies at a suitable rate of interest.

    However, once they are drained of strength, exhausted and breathless through their hunt for wealth they all regret having wasted their health and efforts in worshipping mammon. Wealth, therefore, is not always necessarily bound to bring people’s happiness but it sometimes causes them misfortunes too. Those who are avid of wealth are often dishonest and cunning. They resort to every trick to make money and when they get dishonest earnings, they become addicted to opium, gambling and prostitutes and all their ill – gotten gains will be dissipated – “ill – gotten gains never prosper”. Then they find themselves in a state of distress, their bodies get thinner and thinner, their minds become weaker. They are in the long run parasites on families and society.

    On the contrary, good health always brings about happiness. When we are quite fit, strong and healthy, we feel genial, our mind becomes lucid and clear and we think of noble things. If people do not have good health, strong body and an unflinching spirit of enduring and overcoming, they will not be able to turn wilderness into fertile soil which produces tons of food for their dear compatriots. Good health is therefore necessary to happiness and success whereas bad health means misery and continual failures. How can we feel happy when our body is in a morbid state though we are living on a heap of gold!

    In conclusion, we should feel no excessive greediness and enthusiasm for wealth but should always maintain good health which is the most valuable thing in life.
  9. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    An unexpected meeting

    There was a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and was surprised to see Huiling. My greetings were so loud that everyone stared at me. Only then did I realize that I was still in the library. Hastily, we went out to the corridor to talk.

    Huilling is my former neighbor. We used to be very close friends. We were in the same class in school and attended the same church together. But since we shifted to new HDB flats, we had drifted apart. Both of us were busy trying to adapt to our new environment. Hence, we stopped writing to each other and lost contact.

    I never dreamt that I would meet her in the library. We were eager to know about the well-being of each other’s family. We loaded each other with questions. Sweet reminiscences of the past also came to our minds. We reminded each other of the games we had played – paper dolls and hide-and-seek. We also laughed as we recalled how we both got scolded at the same time when we were naughty. What delightful recollections!

    After conversing for almost an hour, Huilling had to go because she had to meet a friend. However, before we parted, both of us reached an agreement. We would make an extra effort to renew and maintain our friendship.
  10. ken_luckykid

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    A good deed

    There is an overhead bridge in front of the block of flats where I live. An old lady sits there selling sweets and peanuts. She told me that she had been abandoned by her grown-up children. Out of sympathy, I buy a packet of peanuts from her whenever I cross the bridge.

    One day, as I was crossing the bridge, it started to drizzle. The old lady packed her things and hurriedly went down the stairs. Before I could run forward to give her a hand, she missed a step and fell. By the time I reached her, she had already fainted; I was shocked to see her head bleeding. Unfortunately, there was no one around to help. Thus, I left her and ran to the nearest telephone booth to call for an ambulance.

    In the hospital, the doctor told me that the old lady would soon be well again as she had not lost too much blood. I was relieved. As her family would not care for her, I asked my father for help. Soon, she was sent to live in an Old Folks Home.

    I feel glad to have been of help to the old lady. I intend to visit her often at the Old Folks Home.
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    Talk about an accident I have witnessed
    Read importance of roads

    One rainy day last year, while I was returning home from Mersing, a town in the east coast of Malaysia, I witnessed an accident which I shall never forget.

    I was returning home in my father’s car. It was raining heavily and the road therefore could not be seen clearly. My father, an old man, was driving slowly to avoid an accident. The journey seemed longer than usual, which made me begin to feel tired.

    All of a sudden, a small car ran at great speed, overtaking us. My father was shocked at the recklessness of the driver of the car. We could not count the number of persons in the car, but were sure that there were at least five, including two children. My father at once predicted that tragedy would befall the occupants of the car. After the prediction, I began to grow impatient. I did not wish to see any horrific scene resulting from accident. Although the car had gone quite far away from us, its rear lights could still be seen.

    In the distance, there was a narrow bridge. Looking at the way the car was running, I too was now sure that an accident would come.

    A lorry was coming from the other side of the bridge. It was already on the bridge. The driver of the small car, however, could not slow down in time. He lost control of the car which skidded and plunged into the river. Somehow, the driver managed to slip out of the car. The others however were doomed. When we arrived at the bridge, we were touched deeply by what we saw. Two children were struggling in the river and we could do nothing to save them. Their mother, as we came to know later, was at the bottom of the river, trapped in the car. They were swept away by the rush of the current and drowned. The driver, father of the children, began to cry piteously because of the death of the wife and children. He had lost them so suddenly.

    It was indeed a very touching scene that I shall never forget.
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    Man basically has a challenging nature. He feels great when he accepts challenges and achieving of his targets. Mountains have always challenged the spirit of man and man has always accepted the challenge. The loftier the mountain, the greater has been the desire of man to conquer it and climb to the highest peak to enjoy the thrill of victory. The persistence and perseverance of the man has driven him to conquer all the mountains of this world.

    Mount Everest, the world’s tallest peak first conquered by Sir Edmund Hillary and sherpa Tensing is very much vulnerable to man. Several expeditions by the British, Swiss, American, Indian and Japanese have scaled that peak successfully. Life offers a variety of challenges. Some adventurers are fascinated by these dangerous enterprises. Dangers and adventures are basic to their lives. Mountaineering is a dangerous sport and no one can deny it.

    The mountaineer has to start his venture with numerous apparatus like spike shoes, ice pick axes, oxygen tanks, tents, sleeping apparatus with canned food. The climber finds it really hazardous during climbing because at any moment he may stumble or slip and crash. They are often overtaken by storms and glacier blizzards. The cold will be so severe that the climbers’ feet, toes and fingers are liable to frostbite.

    Mountain climbing requires special knowledge, skills and equipments. The climber must be in good physical condition and have good sense of judgment. They should have through knowledge about how to read maps and compasses. They should use ropes to tie themselves when scaling steep rocks and plodding over snowfields and glaciers.

    The climber is a real sports man who often walks on the edge death but will succeed with courage and determination.

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    Should teachers give pupils too much homework? Discuss.

    Many people now think that teachers give pupils too much homework. They say that it is unnecessary for children to work at home in their free time. Moreover, they argue that most teachers do not properly plan the homework tasks they give to pupils. The result is that pupils have to repeat tasks which they have already done at school.

    Recently many parents complained about the difficult homework which teachers gave to their children. The parents said that most of the homework was a waste of time, and they wanted to stop it. Spain and Turkey are two countries which stopped homework recently. In Denmark, West Germany and several other countries in Europe, teachers cannot set homework at weekends. In Holland, teachers allow pupils to stay at school to do their homework. The children are free to help one another. Similar arrangements also exist in some British schools.

    Most people agree that homework is unfair. A pupil who can do his homework in a quiet and comfortable room is in a much better position than a pupil who does his homework in a small, noisy room with the television on. Some parents help their children with their homework. Other parents take no interest at all in their children’s homework.

    It is important, however, that teachers talk to parents about homework. A teacher suggests suitable tasks for parents to do with their children. Parents are often better at teaching their own children.
  14. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    Describe your school sports day.

    This year our school sports day was held on Friday. There were seven booths at the sports ground. Our class planned in advance how to decorate our booth. We wanted to win the first prize for the best decorated booth so I helped my classmates to decorate our booth in a spectacular manner.

    Around 1:30 pm, the sports days was declared open by the Guest-of-Honour – our local Member of Parliament. All the students taking part in the sportsday lined up for the march past. We marched past the stand where the Guest-of-Honour and our headmaster stood to attention. As we marched past, he took the salute.

    The day started with track events. There were 50, 100 and 200 meters races. There was tremendous applause from the spectators which included teachers and parents. Then the field events – tug of war, long jump, high jump, shot put and discus were held. Every event drew cheers and applause from the spectators. The sports day turned out to be the grandest day of the year for the school.

    The day went by very fast. I came in first in the long jump event, and second in the 100 metres race and shot put. At about five o’clock, our Guest-of-Honour gave away the trophies to the winners. My class was overall runners-up. We were also awarded with the first prize for the best decorated booth.

    After that, to mark the end of the sports meet, there was another march past. The national anthem was played to close the sports day.

    We went home tired but happy.
  15. ken_luckykid

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    The best age to be

    Generally children wish they were grown up and old people wish they were young again. Each age has its own pleasures and pains. To my mind, the happiest person is the one who knows how to enjoy fully what his age has brought to him.

    Childhood is the happiest time in one’s life. If the children are brought up by good families they will be well-bred, loved and taken care of carefully. They will become useful citizens to society.

    But childhood has its pains too. They are not allowed to do whatever they wish. If they do something wrong they will be punished. Therefore they are not quite happy.

    When they grow up, they completely get rid of strict regulations and rules from their parents and schools but they have to work for their food, their clothes and their lodging. Now they must have responsibility towards their families and society.

    The old age has been always considered as the worst age to be, but it is not necessary for the old to be unhappy.

    After many years of hard work, when reaching their old age, the old man accumulated lots of experiences which will be valuable treasure for their future generations. They are now entitled to the pride in what they have bequeathed to their children. They can have the joy of seeing their children and grandchildren making progress in life or growing up around them. Moreover, if in their past lives they had great contributions to society, to their fatherland they would be remembered for ever and ever by the generations to come.
  16. ken_luckykid

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    The difficulties in learning English and how to overcome them

    Beginners of foreign language always meet difficulties from the outset. For me, I had to overcome these problems when I started learning English.

    English pronunciation is my first obstacle. The pronunciation in English puzzles me a lot because the same letter has different sounds. For example the letter “a” in “bath” is not pronounced in the same way of that in “bathe”. The “ou” in “South” is also different from “ou” in “Southern”. Generally verbs and nouns are pronounced differently although they are written the same. Record is a good example to illustrate it.

    In order to solve this puzzling question I carefully study The A.P.A (The International Phonetic Alphabets) which helps me pronounce English words correctly.

    In order to have an accent just like the native speakers, I often listen to tapes and repeat after them, trying to imitate them. Moreover, my everyday conversation with the foreigners I meet in the street will enable me to acquire a proper accent.

    Compared with French, English grammar is much easier. However, this does not mean that learners meet no difficulties in learning it. It took me a long time to learn how to master the tenses in English grammar, to endeavor to do as many grammar exercises as possible and read various grammar books.

    In writing English, English language has its own style. In order to drill writing skills, I have tried to read famous novels of distinguished America and English writers. I enjoy the humorous style of writing in Mark Twain’s masterpieces, the elaborate and polished style of George Eliot and the sentimental and lyrical style of John Keats.

    After long and hard years of English study, how pleased I feel when I am able to read English and American authors without any obstacles and difficulties at all.
  17. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    Tell about the memories of your childhood?

    The memories of childhood have their own kind of nostalgia. With the passage of time, one feels more attached to this childhood, the best period of a man’s life. A child has no worries, anxieties and no work. He is free from the dirty and filthy noises of the world. His motto of life remains: eat, drink and be merry. The charm of childhood cannot be forgotten. These memories have everlasting impression on one’s life.

    When I recollect the days of my childhood, I feel very delighted over the pleasant period which I spent in my spirits. In my childhood I was carefree, having no worries at all. I used to wander like a deer in the open field and enjoyed the natural beauty in the gardens along with my other companions.

    Certain incidents are still fresh in my mind. For instance, at the age of five, I got a severe attack of typhoid. In those days, medical science was not so advanced, so in the absence of a proper diagnosis, I was reduced to a skeleton. After taking medicine for a long period, I was cured. The doctor advised me to go to some hill-station. So my father took me to Da Lat. Due to this attack in my early age, I became very weak and I still had not been able to recover my health.

    Another thing I still remember is my swimming accident. It was on a Sunday that I went with my friends for a picnic at Vung Tau beach. Some of us were expert swimmers but unfortunately I did not know much about swimming. My friends plunged into the sea in order to swim and persuaded me to do the same. Soon I was caught by the swift current in the water and was carried away. My scream of panic was heard by my friends who rescued me from drowning. I was really very grateful to them for saving my life.

    It is this period of childhood which has been described by poets and writers. To recollect the past is to plunge ourselves in a state of nostalgia. Wordsworth, the immortal poet of England, and a great worshipper of nature, describes in his poems his childhood period, which, to him, was full of pleasant memories. I too miss those good old days which had flown by so quickly.
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    You have been away from home on some occasion. Tell your feelings on leaving.

    Deep down in every of us there is an adventurer, and eternally youthful spirit that hungers for new and strange places, for new and wondrous experiences. It is a deeply human feeling, this desire to travel and visit unknown places, this desire to increase one’s knowledge of the world. It is an ancient longing, far more ancient than the first man who looked up at the hawk and with a cry of pain wished that he could fly, too.

    Therefore, two sorts of feelings can be experienced on leaving home for some time. First we are anxious to know the place where we intend to go and we eagerly look forward to making the acquaintance of new friends in a new surrounding; then we shall be able to draw comparisons between the old place and the new one.

    Yet our joy is not unmitigated, because on leaving an old place, memories of all sorts come back to our mind. We remember the pleasant hours we spent there with our family and friends, and the happy events that place was a witness of. On such an occasion even sorry remembrances are gently cared for, since they are some more links connecting us to that place and thus making it all the dearer to us.

    Then we easily understand why, most of the time, any departure causes such opposite feelings, the source of moral torment for fear we should deprived of all that made our life sweet before.

    Before leaving of abroad I had only seen things so common, but everything seemed beautiful to me now.

    I shut my eyes so as to see the faces of my dear mother and my innocent sister again.
  19. ken_luckykid

    ken_luckykid Guest

    My favorite subject

    As a secondary student, I had to study many subjects but my friends used to advise me to concentrate more and more on Science and Mathematics. But somehow or other, English has become my favorite subject. My friends, relatives and even my parents were advising me that there is nothing new to learn in the English Language and I was wasting my time on English. Whatever the advice may be, English is still my favorite subject.

    Reading as a hobby itself is a great pleasure. English has a wealth of literature unsurpassed by any other language. Studying more about Shakespeare, Shaw, Keat and Hardy gives me an insight into human nature. I have come to realize how a man would react to a given set of circumstances or actions. The more I read, the more I learn in between the lines.

    My love for the subject has inspired me so much that I may one day write my own play. As a scholar rightly pointed out that reading enables man, makes one more tolerant to the follies of others and bridges the gap between countries and cultures, I hope that it will do so for me too.
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    The market in my town

    The outline:
    1. How big it is
    2. How many people visit it
    3. What happens inside
    4. Ending (Conclusion)

    The market in my town is large. Hundreds of people visit this market every day.

    The market in my town is always alive with activity, like any other big market. Every moment buyers and sellers can be seen moving about in all directions. Sellers try to raise the prices of their goods as much as they can. Buyers, on the other hand, try to reduce the prices to save some money. Thus, much bargaining goes on between buyers and sellers. Sometimes quarrels arise from this kind of bargaining.

    The presence of the large number of people in the market makes the market very noisy indeed. Voices are heard in every corner. Sometimes some vehicles bring fresh goods into market and add to the noises. Even the last painful cries of chickens and ducks put to death for man’s appetite form an important part of the noises.

    However, as the market is large, almost every item of food that a person needs for his home is available. One does not have to go elsewhere in search of essential articles.

    The building is new beautiful. It is a two-storey building. It therefore has a large number of stalls. Thus, it is a market worth visiting.

    Activity = a lot of a work
    Appetite = strong wish for food
    Articles = items, things
    Available = can be got
    Essential = very important
    Raise = make higher or more
    Reduce = make less or lower
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