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    Bai1:Fill in the blank with a suitable word:
    Jeans have their long story of development .In the 1950s,two people .......jeans popular with teenagers :Elvis presley,the king of rock and roll,and James dean,a famous movie star .Elvis .........tigh jeans.Most parents didn't like Elvis or his music.But teenagers loved..........and started to dress like him.In Rebel Without a Cause, James Dean wore jeans.He.......a hero to many young people .During the 1960s,rock and roll became even .........popular.Young people had more freedom.Their clothes showed........independence.Some people decorated their jeans.......colorful patches and flowers.In the seventies and eighties,jeans became very expensive.In........to the regular brands like Levis's and lee,famous disigners like Calvin klein and Pierre Cardin....making"designer jeans".They were very stylish and very expensive.Jeans are........popular that Levis's has sold over twenty billiuon pairs.Almost any where in the world you known what young people want to wear:jeans!
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