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    Hà Nội
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    Lê Quý Đôn
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    Describe a trip u want to go in the near future.

    Mọi người chỉ cần cho e xin ý tưởng thôi ạ
  2. Nguyễn Linh_2006

    Nguyễn Linh_2006 Tmod Hóa Cu li diễn đàn

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    Nam Định
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    THCS Trần Đăng Ninh

    You should say:
    • when possibly it will be
    • where would you go
    • what preparation do you need for that trip
    and explain why this would be a special trip.
    [You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

    *) Bài tham khảo:
    The enjoyment of travelling is exceptional indeed, and when I am to describe a future travelling plan, I am delighted to almost the same extent. Here is a brief description of the special trip that I intend to have in future.

    I am planning the trip in next summer. In fact, I will take a leave from my office for the entire summer. I have not been taking leaves for past one year and have been working like a machine. Even I had worked in the office on the weekends to meet some emergencies. Now, I am badly in need of a great refreshment and the trip will help me to get refreshed. The trip will begin from the very first day of summer vacation and will last around a month.

    I am an NGO worker here and live with my parents. So, I am planning to visit any of the European countries, particularly Italy, with my parents. They have not been out of South Africa for a long time. Besides, I have conducted a minor research that Italy is the most attractive place to visit. The country contains a notable number of natural visiting places with beautiful landscapes. Moreover, the lakes of the country are excellent with their bluish water. The foods are delicious and almost all types of foods are available here. Besides, this is a destination for global tourists. Considering all these facts, I have planned to have the trip to Italy.

    Initially, I have selected some of the most visiting spots in Italy. But all the other preparations are still remaining. I am unable to manage time for the preparations. I have to renew my passport in line with the passports of my parents. This is really a hefty task. Then I have to arrange for visas though this is not a problem at all and manageable within one day. Then appears the issues of collecting maps for the locations I want to visit. Changing the currency is another potential issue to be considered. So, before starting the trip, I have to collect the changed currencies or it will be difficult to meet the expenses in Italy. Booking the aeroplane tickets is another important issue. I have to book tickets at least 15 days before the trip. So far, these are the necessary preparations that I need to take.

    This would be a very special trip as I am travelling with my parents for the first time out of the state. In fact, this would a family trip where all the three family members will be present together for the first time. Earlier, I was unable to manage time for such trip and could not dare to even plan for. It was my occupational engagement that made me separated from my family. Only we met at the table at night during the supper. So, I made the plan to have the trip for a long time so that we could spend some quality moments together in a very special place. In view of all such aspects, this would be a special trip for me.
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