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Viết một đoạn văn bằng tiếng anh khoảng 100 từ về Tết ở Viet Nam

Thảo luận trong 'Rèn luyện kỹ năng Viết' bắt đầu bởi chienkute_1999, 11 Tháng mười hai 2011.

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    Mình zua moi thi TA xong xuooi. Họ có đề ra này nè: Viết 1 đoạn văn bằng TA khoảng 100 từ nói ze Tết Vn. Ai làm hay nhut minh thank nha:D:D:D@};-@};-@};-@};-@};-

  2. Tet is a national and family festival. It is an occasion for every Vietnamese to have a good time while thinking about the last year and the next year. At Tet, spring fairs are organized, streets and public buildings are brightly decorated and almost all shops are crowded with people shopping for Tet. At home, every is tidied, special food is cooked,offerings of food, fresh water, flowers and betel are made on the family altar with burning joss- sticks scenting the air. First-footing is made when the lucky visitor comes and children are given lucky money wrapped in a red tiny envelope. Tet is also a time for peace and love. During Tet, children often behave well and friends, relatives and neighbors give each other best wishes for the new year.
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    xời ơi mấy bài này ngắn chủn ak!! làm sao mak lấy dc mik lm dài lém nhưng ko up lên dc đây:confused:
  4. cry_97_hd

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    mik co the giup p nhưng mk phải đi ngủ. mai đk k? nhj?

  5. giup minh voi
    co giao giao cho minh bt kho qua
    'Em hay viet 1 doan van noi ve 1 canh dep o Viet Nam'
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    Hello, my name is Mai. I am 12 years old. I live with my family in Vinh city, Nghe An province, Vietnam. In my country, spring is the best season of the year because it has Tet holiday. In Tet holiday, the streets are very beautiful with green trees , flowers, and funny noisy. In every house, there are a big tree with many love flowers and plants. Any things else? Yes, there are a lot of delicous drinks, cakes and candies. In Tet holiday, children have money from adults. It's so greet. We enjoy a happy Tet holiday every years. Do you know out happy holiday in spring? It's Tet holiday. What about you? Can you tell me about your country 's best holiday? Thank you so much. :)>-
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    Bài bạn viết hay đó, thanks nha!!!! Mình thêm một số chi tiết nha:
    In Tet holiday, everybody has many new clothes. The boy children have shirts, T-shirts and jeans,... And the girl children have skirt, dresses,...All of them are very beautiful. The older people wear more polite clothes.

  8. sao ngắn quá vậy mấy bạn còn cái nào dài hơn nữa không