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write a style of clothes you like to wear at school
Genevieve CezBạn tham khảo các ý sau và triển khai thêm nhé:
Along with the development of the economy, the young generation, nowadays, has a lot of choices of clothes to wear at school that vary from each other based on their style. However, for me, the uniform is always the best choice.
The school uniform is a very common trend in schools. It is often seen as a way to create a sense of equality among the students and to encourage them to be more respectful towards one another. In many cases, uniforms are also seen as a way to promote discipline in the school environment.
There are many different types of uniforms, but most schools have a dress code that defines what clothes you can wear at school. For example, some schools require their students to wear skirts or trousers with their while others allow for shorts or jeans. In Vietnam, we have Ao dai as traditional uniform, which makes us more proud of our wonderful traditions.
I like to wear my uniform at school as it is comfortable and convenient. I don't have to worry about what to wear in the morning. I can just put on my uniform, grab my bag and head out the door. It is also a great way to show my school spirit!
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