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[TẶNG BẠN] TRỌN BỘ Bí kíp học tốt 08 môn

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I have a house in the countryside.I live with family in it.It is a small and old house, over 22 year.In front of my house, there is a long river where i often went swimming when i was young.On the right house, there is a vegetable graden. It provides many fresh vegetable for my family. On the left.there is a pond. my family feeds many fish in it. This is the best place for me to relax by fishing at the weekend. behind my house is a large rice field.It is an interesting place for one to fly a kite in summer. It is very fresh and comfortable insidemy house.the living room isn't big but it is quite clean.i have a bookshelf against the wall, a notbook on the desk,a wardrobe opposite to the bed and a big photo of my family on the wall.Especially, it have a window overlooking the field to get fresh air. This is the thing i like most.in conclusion. i love my house very much.It is really warm and happy place for me.I wish to live in it long life.
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My friend
Everyone of us has at least one best friend. Me too, my best friend is a friend who studied in high school with me.
His name is Hoi.David, he is not only handsome but also smart. Specially, he has a graceful smile. I am sure that every girl can also fall in love by that smile.We studied in high school together. We went to school together everyday. May be, we are together on every activities. Even that we skipped class to play Bi-a, play AOE game together. Although we played game very much, but we was still study very well, because we helped each other in study and never forget to do exercise at school.We get along very well. He understands me and me too. We have a lot of the same characters. May be those thing made some misunderstanding between him and me. But all things had solved.
Now, we are studying at University, and often get in touch together. Indeed, I enjoy him very much.
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