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Write an essay to discuss "Why are good books considered good teachers and friends". (150 words)
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It is often said: “Tell me what you are reading and I will tell you who you are”.

For me, a good book is always a good teacher guiding me through life as well as a true companion encouraging me and consulting me in my desperate straits.

In fact, interesting books are a source of invaluable knowledge to those who want to master everything they haven’t known before. Through masterpieces all over the world we can realize the whole outstanding culture and civilization of mankind in every aspect: literature, science, sociology, anthropology, technology and economics.

Nobody denies the important role of good books in developing man’s knowledge. The more we read valuable books the more we become wise and experienced. By reading books, we can get rid of all prejudices and narrow-mindedness. We can no longer live in The Ivory Tower like a recluse and therefore we can get along with other people around us easily.

Next, good books are true companions who always share our joys and sorrows in our daily activities. Are you in low spirits and disappointed in your affairs? Read wise advice through books by profound scholars and authors. Are you sad? Read subtle humorous stories of well-known humorists in the world. All your sorrows and disappointments will vanish at once.

In summary, good books help us train our personality. They help us distinguish the Good from the Bad and they lead us to the True, the Good and the Beautiful
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