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15 Tháng một 2019
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Write a short paragraphabout the changes
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The hometown, a place that gives us true hearts and love, always holds fragments beautiful childhood memories. Now that I have grown up, witnessing the renewal of my hometown makes me very emotional, proud and happy.
If in the past, the country road was just brown strips of land, the rainy season was muddy and slippery, and in the dry season, the dust was cloudy, now all of them have been covered with a new flat, smooth concrete. Electricity has come to the village for a long time, previously only oil lamps, now electric lights are on, all activities of life and daily life have been more civilized and improved. In the family, each house has electrical appliances, utilities such as television, refrigerator, fan, dryer, washing machine, and air conditioner. The quality of life has been significantly improved, partly helping the country's image to be much more developed. The roofs and pagoda roofs have been renovated more and more splendidly, the spiritual life of the people is also richer and more vibrant on ritual occasions, festivals, and festivals. The hometown is increasingly renewed, signalling the new way of development of the nation. I hope that I will study well to contribute to the renewal, enriching my hometown's civilization.
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