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    “A group of British students would like to go camping in your area. The group leader has asked you to write a report including the following information:
    - the best place to camp in your area, and why
    - the best time of year for camping there
    - what clothes the group members should bring with them”

    Mình viết vầy ổn không các bạnnn? Nếu có sai sót gì các bạn chữa dùm mình nhoéee!! Mình cảm ơnn

    This report provides information that you need to know before going camping in my hometown.
    Da Lat city is said to be one of the peaceful places to camping because of its weather and beauty. I suggest that you should choose the Tran Hung Dao Park situated right on Lam Vien Square with a planted tree area like a rain forest. It is a nice park with quite a variety of flowers to enjoy. I suppose that all of you will feel satisfied as soon as you get here. You will have some interesting things to do such as: climb the hills, discover things, zipline swing, or explore Tiger cave.
    The best time of the year for camping in Da Lat is June as it rarely rains; the sun is gentle, not too harsh. When the sun sets, there will be a bit windy so you can feel the cool weather and enjoy the hot food in Dalat Night Market. Consequently, you won’t suffer severe weather conditions. Nevertheless, there is one problem that it is sometimes cold at night despite summer. I think you should bring along some coats and long jeans just in case.
    In short, Tran Hung Dao Park would be a good site in Da Lat for camping and June would be the best month weather-wise. If you want to ask more questions about my hometown, don’t forget to contact me. I hope you have a good time camping.
    Best regards,
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