Write a paragraph about the person you would like to become.

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    Everyone has a goal in your life, maybe someone they want to be in the future and me too, I want to be a good person like Jack Ma, he is a Chinese billionaire Country. An entrepreneur and chairman of the board of directors. He created Taobao and Alipay. He is a patient man! Why do I say that? Because he tried to look for work many times in the past. Although he failed in many interviews, he still did not give up his intention. Instead, he still created his own opportunities. For me, I think that's why he became a successful businessman now. He worked very hard both in the past and in the present. Honestly, I think I have to learn a lot more from Jack Ma and his good qualities if I want to be successful in any field.
    Do you think that person also has some weakness?
    Well, everyone has a weakness. Nobody is perfect!
    Jack Ma is no exception. I don't know if he has a weakness or not. In the past, he had many conditions in his work.
    Honestly, the competitions didn't go well for him when he was young, no company wanted to accept him, even for a small chance, he applied for many jobs. but he failed many times.
    Moreover, his studies were not smooth, he kept trying again. What a patient man!
    How can I apply what I learned from Jack Ma to make my life better?
    I work harder than before, I know that everything will be fine and I can try new things, besides, I also know that I can always do better. And lastly, I started to believe that everyone can be successful if they work hard and be patient with their work.
    And there is a famous quote by George Bernard Shaw: "Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself". So we should try our best to become a better version of ourselves to bring a good life to ourselves and our families.
    Học tốt!
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