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Violence among school students seems to be increasing. What should be done to solve this problem?
(Write a passage of about 150-170 words)
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prevention is the key to solve this problem. The solution for preventing violence is numerous.
The first and most important recommendation is to raise extensive knowledge about disadvantaged and negative influences of school violence. Children must be aware of people around them and be able to spot something that isn’t quite right before it escalates. About the effects of media, we can reduce violence by letting the competent authorities to tighten the content.
Also, parents must have responsibility in controlling their children on watching unsuitable movies or playing violent video games.
parents can start by being good role models, refraining from violence themselves and solving their problems peacefully. Parents should also be very involved in their children’s life, talk to them, ask them about their thoughts and fears,
On school aspect, school should be a safe environment for students to get knowledge and perfect personality. schools should organize may outdoor activities so that students can communicate and make friend to others.
The teachers and educators should not only teach students but also support and guide them to do the right things.
To stop the violence in school is not a week, a month or a year task, but it's a process of a generation or more.


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Violence among school students seems to be increasing. What should be done to solve this problem?
(Write a passage of about 150-170 words)
Giúp mình với,cho mình xin Outline và bài tham khảo với. Cảm ơn ạ
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+ Giải pháp (Phần này quan trọng. Bắt đầu từ "In order to.....internet world". Đoạn này bạn làm chi tiết hơn nữa nhé
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Nowadays, a lot of students have shown conducted inappropriate behaviors inside and outside schools, which is giving a headache to educating institutions. The reasons for this issue are various and come both from learners themselves and relevant people. In this essay, I am going to look at the causes and suggest several solutions to this problem.
First of all, there are certain causes that explain the misconducts of students in the current time. Initially, the effect of internet is likely to take an important responsibility. Today, it is so easy for students to get access to the internet that they can obviously be affected by contaminated information and applications which are always available on the internet. For example, youngsters tend to be more violent as they imitate acts of heroes in online games. Accordingly, girls or boys get involved in more arguments or even quarrels at schools. In addition, it is the irresponsibility of parents that helps worsen children’s attitude and acts. In the modern world, it seems that parents do not have enough time for their children and often take it granted that schools are responsible for this matter. Thus, children lack adequate care-taking and education from parents, which might lead to incorrect cognition toward life and negative behaviors. Finally, schools also have a saying in this issue. It is believed that discipline in school is not strict enough and can hardly be used as a punishment for naughty students.
In order to solve this problem, I think we need a joining hand from family, school and society. Firstly, parents’ role is believed to be the key solution. Parents have to pay more attention to their children so that they can realize and correct the mistakes of their children from the start and make sure that these kinds of acts or attitudes will not happen again. Secondly, disciplines at schools should be tightened in order to raise the awareness of learners. Schools’ managers have to ensure that students will obey all the issued regulations. For instance, students who get in fighting at school should be expelled(cái này có vẻ không hiệu quả lắm). Last but not least, students should be encouraged to take part in useful activities like sports, picnics, field trips, etc. Social organizations and schools can regularly set up those activities to draw attention of students and keep them away from the dark side of internet world.
In conclusion, incorrect behavior of students can be understood because most of them are not mature enough. Therefore, in my opinion, the adults’ behavior and responsibility toward them will help resolve the above problem
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