English THCS viết về ưu điểm khi ở thành phố

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22 Tháng bảy 2017
Hà Nội
THPT Trần Phú - Hoàn Kiếm
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Bài làm
Life in a city have a lot of advantage.
Firsly, the communication and transportation system are better. We can get in touch with a friend or talk to him by phone without having to go out of home.
Secondly, thanks to the electricity network and running water, our material lives are more comfortable. Supermarkets, shops can found anywhere and we can buy anything we need.
Thirdly, city life provides us with all sorts of entertainments like TV, theatres, music event,......
Next, we can improve our knowledge easily by join any schools, universities, ......... The teachers are always ready to teach us.
In conclusion, living in a city have a lot of advantage.
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