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6 Tháng bảy 2015
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1,what should you do if you saw someone with a gun at school?
2, why do students cheat during tests and exams? How do they cheat?
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Seek safety. If you see someone with a gun, walk the other way. Remove yourself from the situation as quickly and quietly as possible.

Report the situation. Notify an adult you trust immediately. Find someone you can talk to, such as a school counselor, principal, teacher, coach, or parent. These people should know how to handle the situation appropriately, and they can keep your name confidential. Tell them exactly what you saw, where the incident happened, and who was involved. Tell them about the situation — such as whether the weapon was being shown off or used to threaten another student.

Write it down. Keep a written record of everything you can remember about the incident, including the people involved, the type of weapon, the date and time it happened, and where it happened. You should also record whether the incident was reported and, if so, to whom.
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TV BQT tích cực 2017
13 Tháng tám 2013
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2, why do students cheat during tests and exams? How do they cheat?
Why do students cheat during tests and exams?
- fear of failure
- desire for a better grade
- pressure from others to succeed in school
- laziness
- ...
We've convinced students that if they don't get a high-grade, they won't get into the college they want. If they are rejected from the college they want, they won't get the job they desire. If they don't get the job they seek, they won't live a life that will make them happy.
If students chat and don't get caught, the reward is an "A" in the class. If students get caught, the consequence won’t be so bad.

How do they cheat?
- Write down your answers on something that you can bring with you into the test
- Sit next to someone smarter than you who will let you copy.
- Get your hands on a copy of the test.

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