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    viết topic:the role of women in family
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    • Wife role
    The factor that creates a happy family is first and foremost by a selfless woman to become a faithful and faithful wife, a wife who always understands her husband, empathy with her husband about her thoughts, about life. god and career path. A woman is a woman who always shares her feelings, sadness and joy in life with her husband, understands her husband's work, proactively arranges housework for her husband to work with peace of mind. In all circumstances, the wife will stand shoulder to shoulder with her husband, support her husband's positive ideas and actions, promote her husband's dreams, ambitions and energy, and protect her reputation. of husband, help her husband to strive for success. Behind the husband's success are the wife's figure. motherhood
    • Motherhood
    A woman has the noble privilege of giving birth to maintain the race and raise children from the time the child is born until the time the child is grown up. With boundless love, the mother takes care of her children to grow up, is the emotional support for her children, educates them on moral qualities and personality for their children to grow up to be human. Being a whole-hearted mother who makes sacrifices all your life for you is also an example for you to follow, at the same time being a great friend who is always with you to protect and encourage you to overcome hardships in life for your child to grow up. .
    • Women are one of the main pillars of income generation for the family
    Women are the second pillars of the family with their husbands sharing economic responsibilities and organizing material lives for the family. Women directly work in production to create material wealth, contribute to poverty reduction, improve family income, and enrich the family and society. Women are health care providers and organize family life In addition to the responsibility of economic development, the woman is the one who does the housework, cooking, maintaining family life, and taking care of the health of all family members in ensuring the nutritional regime. to reproduce the labor force. Make sure you are in everything: clean the house and the family and other unnamed jobs, the time spent on housework is usually twice that of a man. The woman always takes care of family members not only in eating, but also taking care of family members (grandparents, parents, husbands, children ...) when sick to help the elderly. Long life, healthy husband, well-developed children.
    • The woman is the person who takes care of the spiritual life of the family
    With a kind heart, the woman knows how to create a family to become a home, a place to get together and share love, where each member's feelings are expressed. The woman becomes an emotional bond in the family, is a person who constantly encourages and connects generations and family members, has the ability to reconcile the relationships of generations. and members: Grandparents - Parents - Spouses - Children ... to keep the family peace.
    • The woman is the place to preserve and promote the family cultural values
    In the family, women are both the custodians and promoters of the family's traditional values and the receiver and creation of new cultural values, contributing to building an advanced culture imbued with national identity. ethnic group, making an important contribution to building cultured families.
    Women are the ones who keep the family's ordinance, keep the order above the lower glass, respect the elderly, educate and guide their children according to ethical standards, and follow the rules of conduct in the family.
    Women creatively preserve verses, folk tunes, poems, songs ... through lullabies, folk tunes passed on to their children and grandchildren about love and lessons. morally human. Women are also the custodians of the customs and practices on holidays, New Year's Day, the death anniversary of ancestors ... show respectful ethics, remember to drink water and remember its source.
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