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    Keywords: pottery village, traditional culture, modern life, young people ↔ modern life, keep or remove cultures, etc.
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    In the modern life, the relationship between technology and culture is one controversial problem. Many people think that technology will kill traditional culture. Personally, I can not completely agree with the statement:’’ Technology and tradition are incompatible’’ because of some reasons.
    On the one side, when technology develops, behaviors of many people with traditional culture change a great deal. Nowadays, with the development of technology, the standard of living becomes higher, and people, especially youngsters, gradually disdain the tradition of their countries. They consider it out of date. In addition, people can exchange culture easily by/ through the internet, traveling abroad and so on. That fact makes the distinct culture of each country begins losing. For example, Japan is a beautiful country with the interesting traditional culture. In the past, Japanese valued their culture. They ate traditional foods every morning and lived in small traditional houses. Nowadays, with the development of technology, especially the global network, Western culture is influencing Japan very much. Youngsters no longer care about traditional songs or traditional clothes. They dye their hair with many colors such as pink, blue and yellow, and it is difficult to find youngsters who have black hair in Japan now. Also, the young have many tattoos to express themselves, and the only places they can meet others and make friends are clubs or discos. That is why many people are afraid of the disappearance of Japanese traditional culture.
    On the other side, with the development of technology, governments and organizations focus on preserving traditional culture. On TV or the internet, there are many programs which help people know more about their tradition. For instance, ‘’Vietnam- the hidden charm’’ is a very interesting program. It helps viewers know many places and various customs in Vietnam. Additionally, governments especially focus on helping the young value culture. They give many lessons about traditional culture in curriculums. Also, organizations hold many conferences of tradition for students. Through those conferences, students will enrich their knowledge, and they will feel proud of their identity of culture.
    In conclusion, I confirm that traditional culture and technology can go together as long as the government of each country has methods to preserve culture. If they do not do anything, traditional culture will lose one day because of the changes in behaviors of people with it when technology develops. In my opinion, the young in each country are the main factors which decide the existence of their traditional culture.
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