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    Giúp mk với, mk sắp kiểm tra đến nơi rồi
    Đề: What should we do to keep our school clean?
    Diễn giải theo kiểu Firstly => Secondly =>.... nhé, thanks:)
  2. Coco99

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    The isssue that many public facibilitys is facing now is litter. School is one of the important place where educated is from and so creating a good environment for the students to learn which they are our future is necessary.

    Firstly, the awareness of the students to the world they are living in is formed when they were small. They were told not to litter but the school ground is filled with rubbish, tables are fulled of gums no those people who litter do not get punishments. So, get up to the bin 10 meters away is worthless. They can just litter it there, a meter away from them and know what, the cleaners will surely come and pick them up. Therefore the school must not just educated students but punish those who unfollow the school rule even the teachers to properly rule the students. Beacause students involve a big part in this problem.

    Secondly, cleaners. Why? Are cleaners' job is to clean? Well, yes, they meant to clean but the afford they put into the job is literally nothing. They will not clean it properly unless someone warned them or they get the good amount of money or something that makes them sacrifice to do it. The solution is that the school must stop this problem by giving a price, punish them or fire them. THe increasing of salary is a good need because the prices are going up and if there are none of those people who save our environment everyday, can you imagine where you learn is fulled of rubbish and unpleasant odour? Disgusting.

    Those two are the common issue that many school are facing with and as a student, I do recommend this common problem because myself and other students would not like to learn in such a terrible condition. It's always the best I'd the students can aware of the important of their living and other cleaners to help us having a good environment to learn with enjoyable.
    P/s Nghĩ ra được có thế thôi ^^
    Happy Ending thích bài này.
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