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    as the world advances, more and more people start using Internet everyday. Some people think this is a good trend while others dont. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

    Mầu outline
    I. Intro:
    1. Paraphrase
    2. Thesis
    3. Outline
    II. Body 1:
    1. Topic: Ad
    2. Main 1: save time and money
    a. Supporting 1: no need of commuting
    b. Supporting 2: reduce tuition fees
    3. Main 2: easily store study materials
    a. Cloud storing service: online
    b. Easy access for both students and teachers
    III. Body 2
    1. Topic: Dis
    2. Main: lack of interaction because of geo barriers
    a. Teachers -> students
    b. Students -> students
    IV. Conclusion:
    1. Concluding phrase
    2. Summarize
    3. Restate
    4. Advice
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    THCS Phổ Ninh

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    As we all know that our society is increasingly improved and developed, along with the Internet is also more and more known and used by more and more people. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of using it? In this article I will present about the advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet.

    Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, the Internet is the same, if we know how to use the Internet for the right and reasonable purposes, it will bring a lot of benefits to us in terms of learning, and work because on the Internet there is a lot of knowledge for us to explore and discover, but if we abuse the Internet, use it inappropriately, it will be completely different. Currently the percentage of people using the Internet is increasing a lot, let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this activity.

    The Internet saves us time and money for learning. First, learning on the Internet saves us a lot of time traveling from one place to another to start our lesson. On the contrary, when we study online, we don't need to move anymore, we just need to own a phone and a wifi network. Moreover, the Internet helps us save a lot of money, we don't need to move many places to study, we will save money on gasoline, we don't need to go out, we don't breathe toxic gases, harmful effects on our respiratory system will save some money on medicine. In addition, the Internet will make it easy for us to store information, lesson data, and exercises because when we study directly with teachers, we may not be able to copy lessons in time and lead to the problem of lack of information, posts. It's easy to use for everyone regardless of age, just with simple operations, we can start the process of learning, working, and referencing information and entertainment. ,...

    In addition to the above advantages, the Internet also has its own disadvantages. The interaction between teachers and students will be reduced, because students will use the Internet to answer their own questions instead of asking teachers and friends like in the past. Teachers will have very few opportunities to interact with students because today students spend most of their time on their phones, in addition to studying, the Internet also has entertainment websites. The second thing, between students and students will no longer interact and talk, they will meet each other to go out, but when they arrive at the venue, everyone has a phone in hand, plugs their face into the phone and doesn't want talk to everyone in front of you. Moreover, the Internet creates passive habits for students, which will greatly affect the health of students.

    In short, the Internet today is an indispensable thing for each of us. But we need to know how to allocate time accordingly, so as not to affect other activities of the day. It takes time to participate in outdoor activities and exercise for good health. Personally, I have a piece of advice for everyone, to know how to use the Internet in the most reasonable way for yourself, don't make yourself regret what you've done, don't use it aimlessly , no reason.
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