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15 Tháng bảy 2023
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in My opinion, Today the issue of teen stress and pressure is a matter of concern to everyone, not only the parents but also those affected by the teenagers. Most of that stress and pressure is due to three main reasons. The first reason is the pressure and tension that comes from academic achievement. It is caused by the expectation of parents who always want their children to have a better future. but it has created a pressure on their own children. To solve this problem needs solutions from both parents and children. Parents need to listen to their children, children also have to be self-disciplined to study and have a clear timetable for studying, resting, and exercising. The next reason is due to the physical and personality changes of puberty. Teenagers do not like these changes, they often have low self-esteem about their appearance. My advice is that teenagers must be stronger, more confident, not self-deprecating. The final reason comes from children who have suffered from violence from many sides, orphaned children, children trafficked in human trafficking rings and children who have been sexually abused. My advice is to call the police or call the juvenile hotline for help. The above is my opinion and advice on the stresses and strains of adolescence. Thank you for reading . kakakaka ae đọc nhớ like cho tôi nhé, tôi mất 1h để viết bài này mong ae ủng hộ xin cảm ơn.
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