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    ''school extra activities are beneficial to student life''. do you agree with this statement? write a paragraphof about 180 words to state your viewpoint
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    School extra activities are a great way to participate in an activity you enjoy and meet new people. It can't be denied that school extra activities are beneficial to student life. These are the following reasons:
    • Make new friends
      You’ll meet people who have similar interests to yours. You may also meet people from different backgrounds who you may not have the opportunity to interact with before.
    • Build respect and learn team work
      Team work and respect are two important life-skills that can carry you through life. By joining clubs or teams, you’ll learn to work together towards a common goal, learn respect for coaches, leaders, yourself, and one another.
    • Gain self-confidence
      Completing a special project, playing a difficult piece of music, or being a valuable member of a team can help you gain self-esteem. Perhaps you’re not as academically talented as some other students at school; by participating in a club or other activity, you have the opportunity excel in something you enjoy and are good at.
    • Relieve stress
      Many clubs and activities take place in a relaxed environment, so you have a chance to unwind and do things you like after a busy day at school
    • Develop time management skills : Juggling school, homework, and family life can be challenging. Joining clubs and other activities helps you learn the importance of planning and prioritizing.
    All in all, I strongly believe that we should take part in school extra activities

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