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Hách Hồng Vân

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4 Tháng ba 2017
Triệu Sơn Thanh Hoá


Cựu Phụ trách nhóm Văn | CN CLB Khu vườn ngôn từ
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6 Tháng bảy 2015
Quảng Nam
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Do you agree or disagree with the following idea?
With the help of technology, students will benefit greatly from studying by themselves at home.
E tham khảo bài viết này nhé ^^

Learning process is no longer limited to textbooks, classrooms and libraries. Technology has greatly changed the way we get information. Students can now access more information, get it more quickly and get it more conveniently.

An amazing amount of information is available through internet. We can search information related to almost any field and get information. We can search about past events and current affairs using internet. Students can read news papers or thesis reports published in other part of the world on their computer monitor.

When you use internet, you don’t have to go through catalogues in the library and spend time searching book in the bookshelves, the information comes instantly. You just have to type few words and the search engine searches entire World Wide Web databases ad shows you the related information within a few seconds. By using internet, you can get information more rapidly than by using other media, like newspapers, for example.

It is certainly convenient to search internet than going to a library and reading books. On internet, you can search anything, anytime, and anywhere. Unlike to books and libraries, you can surf internet to search specific information when you are sitting at your home, or when you are eating your breakfast, or when you are at school or when you are travelling. Internet gives you an opportunity to discuss your ideas in “online discussion forums”, and read news and e-books, and watch video-tutorials. What could be more convenient?

Technology like audio or video players, TVs etc has greatly changed the way of learning these days. However, especially the internet has changed the quantity, the speed and the convenience of getting information.
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