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22 Tháng mười 2017
mn ơi giúp mk bài 8 vs mk đang cần gấp

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1. Who invented the World Wide Web?
- By whom was the World Wide Web invented?
2. You will catch a cold if you don't wear your overcoat.
- Unless you wear your overcoat, you will catch a cold.
3. "Where did you spend your holidays last year?" She asked me.
- She asked me where I had spent my holidays the year before.
4. "Can you open your bag, please?" said the customs officer.
- The customs officer told me to open my bag.
5. I'm very busy now, so I can't go to the carnival with you.
- If I wasn't busy now, I would go to the carnival with you.
6. "I have been learning English for 10 years"
- He said that he had been learning English for 10 years.
7. "I have never seen this kind of robot before."
- Lan said she had never seen that kind of robot before.
8. "You have to behave politely if you want to stay here."
- She told me that I had to behave politely if I wanted to stay there.
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