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It is said that children nowadays have fewer responsibilities than they used to in the past.
Some people consider it as a positive development; however, some people think that it's a negative trend.

Write about 150-200 words discussing both the views and give your own opinion.
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It is said that children nowadays have fewer responsibilities than they used to in the past.
Some people consider it as a positive development; however, some people think that it's a negative trend.

Write about 150-200 words discussing both the views and give your own opinion.
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In this modern era, children are not bound with as much responsibilities as compared to the earlier times. According to some people, it is positive trend in the society. On the other hand, some people think that it is not a good sign and needs attention.

Nowadays, young children are not feeling enough responsibilities over their shoulders. Some parents think of this as advantageous for their kids. One of the reasons behind this thinking is that youngsters are able to enjoy their life more in this manner. They know that life is short and one should live free from any kind of tension because they equate loads of responsibilities with tension. Another advantage is that they are able to think about their personal goals such as career, financial and others. For example, if they are focusing on improving their salary, they can do so by working for extra hours without having any burden of resolving family disputes and matters.

On the other hand, the other group of parents do not find anything positive in the trend of reducing responsibilities towards their home and family members. They think that this kind of trend would not make them a responsible citizen and they would rather become self-centric. Apart from this, the loveable relationship in such families is likely to get diminished as the young children may become selfish and pampered. For instance, it is commonly seen that young kids are becoming insensitive towards their old parents and sending them to old age homes when they get married.

Conclusively, though different people have different opinions about children being given lesser responsibilities, I feel that it is a good trend since in this way, they become more independent and self sufficient.
How much responsibility a child should take and whether modern children are less interested in performing their duties and obligations is debatable. While offspring in some countries still take many responsibilities, a great number of them, in other countries, are busy with their education and personal interests. I personally believe that the way children take responsibilities has changed over the time, mostly as a positive change, and to what extent a child should carry out these liabilities should be determined by the family and social condition.

To begin with, the social, economic and family structure in the past, in most of the developing and underdeveloped countries, forced parents to distribute responsibilities among children and it was common for many young children to work hard and take care of younger family members besides their education. These young children learnt how to manage budgets, share things with other family members and face difficulties in life. Those important lessons, according to many, are no longer spread among the modern young generation and thus they become more selfish.

However, with the change of the family structure and social norm, people these days want their children to excel in education and other creative fields rather than taking care of the family. Joint family predominated the society and parents had more children in the past. With the rise of the nuclear family and one-to-two-child-family policy, parents totally focus on a child's education, unlike the past. In my opinion, blaming children for not taking responsibilities is an impartial judgement as modern children have far more pressure from schools and parents. They are not expected to earn money or do house hold works in a well-to-do family. With the increasing literacy rates, less discrimination in a family, women empowerment and better lifestyle, the trend has more positive outcomes, without a doubt.

To conclude, these days we want our children to be the best scorer, best athlete, and outshine in everything they do unlike the past when parents wanted assistance from their offsprings to support the family. Thus the changes have brought numerous developments and the move was inevitable with the paradigm shift of the social structure.
It is undeniable that children's responsibility today decline rapidly compared to children in the past. Some people believe that this trend is positive change, while others argue that such trend is negative one. However, i strongly believe in the latter opinion who argue that the declining of children responsibility today is negative because it is important skill that student need in their live, whilst the declining of children' responsibility will bring negative impact on their country in the future.

To begin with, the importance of responsibility for children in their earlier age is that it will make their life easy and well-organized. Responsibility is needed to organize their life in so many aspects such as in the school. As a student, children have to responsible in their assignment. Educationalists argue that students who have high responsibility have a better performance in the class than other who do not have that. They also tend to finish all their assignment punctually. By this judgment, it is clear that the responsibility will help children live.

However, the alteration of responsibility in the children in several countries has risky impact for their country in the future. Irresponsible children today will become apathetic adult in the future. Since child irresponsible one has unorganized lifestyle. It is because they cannot manage their time and their responsibility well. In the future, if they keep such habit till they are adult, they will become crime agent. As a result, more crime will be faced by country and it will be more and more increase if the irresponsible people occupy it.

All in all, in my point of view, there is no positive effect of children who lack of responsibility. It is because responsibility is considered as a predominant skill which can lead people become useful one in the future. I think if the parents do not emphasize the important of responsibility for their children, their children will bring harmful effect on their country and themselves.
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