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    1/ Lợi ích của du lịch sinh thái đến môi trường hay tác hại cũng đc ( tiếng việt cũng đc)( phân tích lợi ích)
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    1. Benefits of ecotourism to the environment:
    • Locals promote wildlife protection
    • Local people working in the field of ecotourism gain a certain understanding of the role of wildlife.
    • Ecotourism not only brings an interesting vacation. It helps visitors understand the importance of nature. The interaction between ecosystems and human quality of life. From there, helping people to be aware of protecting the environment and nature.
    • From the requirements of the eco-tourism area, the natural environment and wildlife will all be sought to improve in the best way.
    2. Có những loại ô nhiễm môi trường nào? Biện pháp bảo vệ môi trường
    anh/chị tham khảo bài thuyết trình trong buổi sinh họat câu lạc bộ của em về chủ đề này.
    Environmental pollution is a "hot" issue in recent years and has not shown any signs of cooling down as the economic development speed is increasing, which means that the pollution level is getting worse. However, in reality, many people are still confused about what environmental pollution is and what types of pollution are. Because of not understanding, most of us have not recognized the extent of the consequences that environmental pollution causes and are still quite negligent in the work of remediation and mitigation. Environmental pollution is defined as an environmental phenomenon that is changed because of its biological - physical - chemical properties, affecting ecosystems, humans and animals. In a more understandable way, environmental pollution means that the environment is dirty, increasingly dirty at a serious level, affecting ecosystems, animals and human health.
    There are many causes of environmental pollution. Basically divided into 2 groups. Group 1 pollution is caused by objective factors originating from nature such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc. Group 2 is the most common group, polluted by production and human activities.
    In this group 2, pollution sources are mainly due to human industrial production from factories, enterprises and industrial parks. It is worth mentioning that water and waste from industrial parks are still inadequate, have not been thoroughly treated, and are discharged directly into the environment causing serious pollution. For the agricultural sector, wastes from manure, cattle urine, fertilizers, chemicals... that are not collected and treated are the cause of surface and groundwater pollution. Pollution sources from daily human activities from individuals to hotels, restaurants, hospitals, commercial centers... are also a big threat to the environment when not treated thoroughly before when discharging.
    - There are many types of environmental pollution, the bad thing is that in our country almost all kinds of environmental pollution have.
    • Air pollution has become a global concern, not just one country. Because the air quality is decreasing, fine dust tends to increase, causing heavy impacts on human health and the ecosystem.
    • Next to air pollution is water pollution. Water environment is polluted when foreign substances appear, water changes become toxic to organisms and humans, reduces biodiversity, causes many diseases for humans, spreads and pollutes the land band.
    • Soil pollution is the phenomenon of degradation of the surface soil layer due to waste and depletion of resources as well as human activities.
    • Many people do not know this type of pollution, but this is a type of pollution that consumes a lot of resources, disrupts sleep and the living environment of people. Specifically, light pollution is the overuse of light sources from electricity, typically in large cities. Studies also show that light pollution reduces children's ability to learn about natural phenomena, as the light from the and stars is increasingly limited by the abuse of electric light.
    • Noise pollution is when environmental noise exceeds the specified level causing discomfort to both humans and animals. Noise comes from traffic, outdoor mining activities.
    • Thermal pollution occurs when the ambient temperature rises too high. Mainly due to traffic activities, waste discharge, urbanization speed... of people. Thermal pollution affects human health, causing heat shock, dehydration, discomfort...
    • Visibility pollution means that the space and our living environment are not suitable, obstructing the view by tall buildings… This type of pollution causes discomfort, inhibits people, obstructs the view and increases the ears. traffic accident.
    Environmental pollution is an urgent problem that needs to be handled, because the level of pollution is increasing day by day. However, to fix it is not an easy story. Many organizations, units and countries have many policies and regulations to reduce the level of environmental pollution, but in general, they have not been effective.

    - The cause comes from the consciousness of each individual, enterprise, and production unit in the community. Below are measures to overcome and minimize environmental pollution that each person, business and organization should pay attention to implement.
    • Limit the use of strong detergents so as not to affect the water source
    • Do not litter indiscriminately, sort garbage before handling
    • Limit the use of plastic and plastic products
    • Scientific waste treatment
    • Save electricity
    • Use natural energy sources
    • Use lots of organic products
    • Planting forests, greening bare land, bare hills
    • Invest in modern environmental protection equipment
    • Building an environmental management system in accordance with international standards
    • Improve the professionalism of the environmental protection and management team
    • Regularly inspect and inspect the environment for early identification of pollution conditions
    • Completing the legal system on pollution prevention and environmental protection
    • Raise people's awareness, propagate pollution prevention and environmental protection methods.
    In particular, the main source of pollution comes from waste sources, wastewater from factories, enterprises, hospitals, urban areas, restaurants, hotels, commercial centers... Therefore, each factory It is necessary to have a thorough wastewater treatment system before discharging it into the environment to minimize harmful impacts on the environment and human health.
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