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  1. Xuân Long

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    Nam Định
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  2. Bùi Trần Thúy Hằng

    Bùi Trần Thúy Hằng Học sinh mới Thành viên

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    Quảng Nam
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    THCS Lê Qúy Đôn

    As we all know, online learning methods are being used by many people. So what is its real benefit? First, it can help learners access a huge archive of materials from there. Almost everything is available on the internet from books, video clips, songs or movies, games and data warehouses that are constantly updated very modern and new. Your job is to choose a standard resource to start learning. Secondly, you will adjust yourself to the course rhythm for yourself, unlike learning in class you will have to follow a certain schedule given by the teacher. But with online learning you will decide on your own time or how fast or slow your course depends on your ability to acquire knowledge. While studying in class even if you do not fully understand and practice the lesson today, you still have to continue to teach according to the teacher and other students, so it may not be effective. High results for you. Next, you will define what the schedule you are going to study is, which is very convenient for you becaus
    e you do not need to go anywhere but can still study in a "virtual" classroom. In addition, your English learning is also highly interactive because when you study, you can interact and interact with many people at the same time from teachers to friends with you. All team members will also study online and discuss their incomprehensible parts or homework. Third, it saves costs, with the development of the internet today, most of the business areas are done through which e-learning is not an exception. You will save a good amount when studying with this method, in particular you can see a basic English course costs between 2.5 and 3 million, but if you study online style you will only must spend an amount of 300,000 VND. In short, online English learning is a method that not only brings high efficiency, accessibility and convenience, but also saves you the most.
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    Modern society is constantly developing, and the appearance of the Internet has opened up a whole new era of access and sharing of information. This brings a tremendous reform and benefits to all humanity. In our lives there are innumerable questions that need to be answered, and the Internet was born as a useful tool to help us solve those questions. Searching for information in the past has cost humanity a lot of time and effort, and not everyone had patience to turn the pages one by one to find the information they needed. However, our lives have changed tremendously since the arrival of the Internet, and the search of general information on the Internet has not consumed us much more than mouse clicks and keyboard typing. This is where most basic and specialist information is gathered from the majority of occupations and fields in our life. There are countless websites that contain useful information for research and study, and Wikipedia is now considered to be the most complete and accurate encyclopedia. Searching the Internet is simple, but we should also be careful in getting that information. Not all knowledge on the Internet is accurate and complete, so we need to compare information from many different sources before actually using any of them for our purposes. The Internet is an infinite ocean of knowledge, and we can learn countless things if we know how to use it properly.
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