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  1. cuncon1988

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    Sở hữu bí kíp ĐỖ ĐẠI HỌC ít nhất 24đ - Đặt chỗ ngay!

    Bạn đã biết nuôi "Heo đất" trên diễn đàn HOCMAI?

    mọi người giúp mình viết đoạn văn bằng tiếng Anh về đề tài lễ hội với, lễ hội nào cũng được (bài văn thì quá tốt ^^) ........Tks a lot
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  2. billy9797

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    in my country,there are many defferent festival,but i just like(điền tên vào)).it's a (điền tính từ vào) festival.a people oganize this by (điền vào).in the festival,(kể ra trong ngày đó có gì).(viết cảm nghĩ)
    mình khá dở văn nên dàn ý thế này tạm thôi
  3. diema3

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    nói chung là dàn ý kiểu này cũng chưa ổn đâu bạn
    gì mà điền vào ..........
    + theo mình cái câu đó nên sửa lại thì hay hơn
    + people không đi với a ( nó mang nghĩa số nhìu rùi mà)
    + ......... mình chỉ có ý kiến vậy thui !
  4. albee_yu

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    Spring - the start of a season in, season, fertility of things, plants ... Between the weather was warm, dry MOT drooping heart went Assembly, pilgrims of the origin, play and pray Fresh hope for good harvests, human happiness.
    Festivals in our country so diverse and rich. According to the researchers folklore, Vietnam has nearly 500 major traditional festivals, small spread around the country in four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.
    Each festival offers a traits and personal values, but always towards a sacred object of worship should be like the hero against foreign invaders, who have transmitted the teaching profession, anti-disaster , eradicate the evil animals, wool rich people of the world ...
    With drinking water, remember the source of thought, memory and fruit growers, the festival takes place with a vibrant area, the state, as a bridge between the past with the present, making the young generation today understands the merits ancestry, more proud of the traditional homeland, their country. In particular, the festival in our country attached to villages, places, lands as a component can not be missing in people's community life.

    Because most of the festival in Vietnam is often associated with historical events, people remember the war to the country against invaders so fun to play at numerous festivals often bring strong martial spirit such as selling it in competition, wrestling (Assembly Loa), wrestling, fighting, running test (permutation Assembly Khe, Nam Dinh), test fire it, throwing (in the northern ethnic minorities), etc. .. at the festival of ethnic kinsfolk Highlands, buffalo stabbing festival is regarded as the most typical.
    During this festival, besides buffalo sacrifice ritual stabbing attractive, thrilling game also shield dance, throwing workers, fighting sticks.
    The game entertainment at the festival also includes cultural activities, such as social Quan singing them, the time of rice, cock fighting, weaving, wrestling, swinging ... The most special is that the swinging, not only appeared in major festivals, but also play a role in the Tet wild population throughout the village.
    Last spring, people often go out east than normal.
    Who was that far, who come near, gorgeous costumes, joyful excitement makes the air more and more spring flaming barrier. Perhaps people want to spend less time on the context of natural land of sun, enjoy the fresh air with beautiful spring. They come to the historic landscapes, temples to participate in traditional festivals.
    Only in January has had countless festivals commemorating the national heroes, those who work against invaders such as The Da, celebrate the victory of the people he hunh Nguyen Hue and ideas concept soldiers died in the great battle won 5-1 on Da.
    An Duong Vuong Temple Festival (Hanoi Loa) commemorates Thuc Phan 6-1 on the Au Lac is the development, construction and the Co Loa Citadel, The Doors Throughout Temple (Quang Ninh), Tran Quoc Toan memorial has driven the enemy Nguyen, Ha Loi Temple Assembly (Me Linh) Memorial Hai Ba Trung, Vietnam "rice boxes" in Pho Yen, Thai Nguyen on January 6th anniversary unnamed woman is the Le Dynasty plotted Minh fight .. .

    Also at this time, the visitors all over the U.S. The County of Assembly (Nam Dinh), from 20 until 30 January to admire the flowers, ornamental plants of the traditional villages Vi Khe, Vietnam travel wish a spring ceremony prosperous new year in Ba Den Mountain (Tay Ninh). Especially this season, tourists poured onto Mount Yen Tu pagoda festivals, context of the country and the imposing challenge of his sincerity.
    Peace to Visit daily to see the Assembly, the Assembly Xen, Xen Muong of Vietnam, Son La on the drop soul to the white board in the forests of the flower festival, a trip to the mountains, boating on beautiful Lake dugout Ba. In addition, the Tay, Nung Northwestern Long Tong chance, the opportunity Knife Dance Festival, the Mongolia Lust spell opportunity, meeting the spring game play Mountain, the southern rivers is the happy new year ...

    The richness of the festival in Vietnam is just beauty but also national culture medium is one of the attractive tourist products and foreign tourists.