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    - Write about the disadvantages of playing video games.
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    Bạn tham khảo vài ý chính nha!
    - Video games are one of the main reasons why children are attracted to the computer. They have a bad impact on gamers
    - Video games can cause some health problems like obesity and headache due to long hours of playing
    - When spending much time playing games and less time on social activities, gamers become socially isolated
    - Many games developed today are violent, causing gamers to tend to lose control and become more aggressive
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    Tham khảo
    + Play a lot of electronic games, time-consuming to easily distract students from learning, resulting in poorly, so truancy, drop out.
    + Play video games can directly affect the health of people. Actually, sitting in front of the computer screen will lead to myopia, tired mind.
    + Playing multiplayer games, live with the virtual world will make the head on so mournful, lack of capital real life.
    + Talking about economics, video games are extremely harmful even to the well-off family. When too passionate, no money, players will lie to her mother, robbery ...
    Being influenced by unhealthy content or being dragged by bad friends, dragged easily into the social evils. (Please list some specific examples).
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    [QUOTE="phanhnguyen26, post: 3352964, member: 2595796"]- Write about the disadvantages of playing video games.[/QUOTE]
    With every advantage come a disadvantage and the first most notable point is obesity in children. This was something that the Nintendo Wii and Kinect from Microsoft hoped to combat but to very little affect.
    Children today compared to 30 years ago are much more glued to Smartphones and games consoles than they are the outside world. For many children sitting in front of their PC for many hours in each day can lead to no exercise and an increase in health conditions that can affect them not only now but later on in life.
    The second point is that the virtual world becomes a reality and often what they see in games they think they can do in the real world. Perhaps this comes down to how good the technology now is in video games, which makes the games we play today so much more realistic than 20 years ago.
    Unfortunately for kids, they get into a stage of mentality where they think its ok to carry out some of the acts they have seen online, in some cases reports from the US not long ago saw a teenager shoot his family after playing a video game.
    Lastly, we can also look at social interaction and what we are really looking at here is face-to-face interaction. As we know during multiplayer games people can communicate via audio, but when presented with a real-life situation the social activity dwindles and a lot of younger adults have no idea how to act in a face-to-face situation.
    Video games can definitely be a disadvantage to people in this manner, and to combat it they should from time-to-time engage in face-to-face communication to keep that area of social interaction stimulated.
    Overall, video games are going to have pros and cons just like most things in life but its how you go about controlling yourself to whether a video game becomes more of a negative part of your life, or a positive part. Always try and make video games an advantage to you or your children and a good idea to do this is to also set times of when video games can be played and when they cannot be played so there is always that element of control.
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