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28 Tháng sáu 2017
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13 Tháng bảy 2017
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Imagine or retell a trip to one famous place in Vietnam, write a passage of more than 120 words to talk about your trip ( Don't mention your name in the passage)
Đề này ko khó, nếu bạn ko biết phải viết nơi nào thì tốt nhất là viết về thành phố bạn đang sống vì bạn hiểu rõ nó nhất ;)
Ha Long Bay, belongs to Hạ Long City, Cẩm Phả town, and is a part of Vân Đồn District, and was recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Ha Long Bay is extremely beautiful. It is well known for its special beauty of natural including both excellent and romantic charm. There are many places of interest such as Surpiring cave, Paradise Cave,Soi Nhu culture,etc. The place i love most is Cai Beo culture, which located in Hạ Long and Cát Bà island, its inhabitants developed to the level of sea exploitation. I have to say that Ha Long Bay is such the greatest place i have ever visited. Not only its wonderful scenic but also the food there is absolutely delicious. I love eating seafood there! What's more, you will find out our country's history as Ha long Bay is a place associated with the history of the Vietnamese military during the country's founding and defense with sites such as Van Don, where the ancient port of North Vietnam in the 12th century. In addition to Van Don trading port, in the area of Ha Long Bay, there is a historic Bai Tho Mountain, where Han Dynasty poet Le Thanh Tong has been engraved on stone since 1468, on the east coast cruise; And Zhenggang's autobiography in 1729. Being an famous place to visit, hundreds of people come every day from various parts of the world to do business or to enjoy the nature of the bay. In conclusion, i insist Ha Long Bay is worth to be one of the most beautiful place in the world!
Bài này mình ko làm giống đề của bạn đâu nhé! Mình chỉ ghi ra nội dung thôi, còn đề của bạn thì bạn phải tự thêm những hoạt động của mình trên cơ sở những nơi mình nêu ở trên nha!
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24 Tháng một 2014
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Last summer, I was lucky to have a chance to visit Sa Pa with my colleagues. It took us 10 hours by train and 1 hour by car to get there. I was very surprised at the cool weather and magnificent views there. Sa Pa is in Lao Cai province and it is near China. It is very famous for its cool weather in the summer and falling snow in the winter. Besides, Sa Pa has come local special food attracting a lot of tourists every year. In Sapa, I visited some famous places such as Bac waterfall, Ham Rong mountain with some flower gardens. Sa Pa made a great impression one me and maybe I will never forget this trip.
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