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    Sở hữu bí kíp ĐỖ ĐẠI HỌC ít nhất 24đ - Đặt chỗ ngay!

    Cập nhật nơi ở để "tìm bạn đồng hương" nhanh hơn

    :D Chuyện là mình vừa tham gia cuộc thi Hùng biện tiếng Anh lần 1 do Sở và Bộ GD - ĐT tổ chức. Được hạng 1 thị xã, còn tỉnh thì chưa biết (chắc được khuyến khích là cùng). :| Bây giờ mình sẽ post một số bài văn do mình viết và sưu tầm được. ;) Hy vọng sẽ là tài liệu bổ ích cho các bạn sau này. :)>-:)>-:)>- Nhớ thanks nhé! :D

    :khi (86)::khi (86)::khi (86):
    :khi (203): Title: Tell about your own opinion on “wearing ao dai to school”. If you agree or disagree with this daily costume at school, support your argument strongly by your own thoughts.

    Every country in the world has a costume of culture and national identity in particular. Like the Kimono in Japan, the Hanbok in Korea ... And the ao dai is the traditional dress of women in Vietnam.
    For a long time, the ao dai has been the subject of poems, novels and songs. So, how is the ao dai described? It is described as a long silk tunic with slits up the sides worn over loose pants. Whatever the design, the ao dai remains a beautiful Vietnamese dress revealing the strong yet feminine side of Vietnamese women. Nowadays, some designers have modernized the ao dai by printing lines of poetry on it. Another alternative is to add symbols such as suns, stars, crosses and stripes.
    Everyone can wear the ao dai for special occasions such as Tet holidays, weddings .... That will make Vietnamese women more beautiful and more graceful. However, in some schools, the ao dai is a compulsory uniform. And I disagree with this daily costume at school is the ao dai.
    In my view, students should wear casual clothes to school. Because it is more suitable for students than wearing the ao dai. And a lot of the other causes like:
    - Firstly, studying is a stressful thing for students. So, we must create a comfort via costume. Wearing the ao dai makes students feel uncomfortable, especially in summer. Students aren't able to run, jump or play folk games. But, wearing casual clothes makes students feel comfortable because they don't feel constrained to wear uniforms that they don't like.
    - Secondly, it gives students freedom of choice, too. They have rights to choose size, colors and fashions of clothes that they love. Moreover, They may reach creative in coordinating costumes they like together to create something new. For example, I worn jeans with a T-shirt last week. But in this week, I can wear jeans with a short-sleeved blouse and jackets outside.
    - Thirdly, it makes student feel self-confident when they are in their favorite clothes and self-confident is a thing for success.
    - Finally, if we wear only the ao dai everyday, we will create a boredom. But, wearing casual clothes makes school more colorful and lively.
    These are my opinion. How about you? What do you think about wearing the ao dai to school? According to me, students should wear casual clothes to school, not is the traditional ao dai.
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    Chj Tiên ui.
    Sao chj viếtđược hay vậy?
    Em ngưỡng mộ chj quá!
    Theo em thì mặc gì cũng được.
    nhưng không là áo dài
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    [​IMG] Title: How to protect our environment?

    Since the Earth was formed, people have been living in the natural environment. Fresh air, pure water and especaislly the green magic of thousands of different trees. But now, our environment has been polluted drastically. So, how to protect our environment?
    First of all, we need to find out what environment is. Environment is everything outside and surround people, not by the hand of man has made. As the sky, the sea, a river, a sream,… All these things are always there to protect and help people.
    Everyday on radio, on TV and in the newspapers, we hear, see or read about many problems in the world, for example, pollution problems.And, the environment has been polluted by humans. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, people are polluting the environment. Think, our Earth would look like if environment polluton is increasingly serious? Air, water and soil are necessary to the survival of all. However, everybody knows that motorbikes and cars emit dangerous gases that cause poisonous air and cancer, but no one wants to travel on foot or by bicycle. Manufactures know that wastes from factories make water and soil polluted, but they don’t want to spend a lot of their money on treating the waste the water safely. Scattering garbage is bad for our health, but no one wants to spend time burying it. Is it worth talking a lot about pollution?
    Acid rains, ozone hole, heating up the Earth, diseases… are the consequences of environment pollution. If the environment is heavily polluted, not only humans, all lifes on Earth will die.
    To protect the environment, we need to plant lots of trees, not using plastic bags, not throwing litter… (Phần này các bạn tự viết thêm nhé!:D)
    Each of us understand the necessity of environment in human life, there must be a sense of protection and preservation of environment as a precious friend. So more than ever, we do the urgent tasks:”Please protect the environment” to create a better life in the fresh air of environment.
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    Tks chị rất nghiêu, em đang cần tài liệu này để thi HSG Anh tỉnh. Tks rất rất nhiều!
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    :khi (203): Title: Learning a foreign language.
    Nowadays, communicate with other countries in the region and the world is an important thing. Therefore, learning a foreign language is necessary for each person. Especially, a very popular language in the world is English.
    Why is learning English necessary? Because if we can use English, we can communicate and learn many things is not only in our country. Communicate together with other countries will help us understand them to build peace, resolve any misunderstandings leading to war and cultural exchange between countries create relationships friends. Currently, some Web sites, newspapers, other technological equipments are used by English. If you do not know English, you will not use them correctly and useful. So, learning English is necessary.
    However, how to learn English? It is not hard if you really try. For genius people, learning English would really easy. But for those who have no talent, then this will take a lot of time to use English skillfully. Learning a foreign language is, in some ways, like learning how to fly. A book can give you a lot of information about how to fly a plane, but if you only read that book, then try to fly without any practice, you will kill yourself.
    And I have some ways to learn English better as:
    - If you want to improve you writing, you should do the homework, do more grammar exercises in grammar books, write English as much as possible, learn by heart all the words and texts, have a private tutor…
    - Let read short stories or newspapers in English, use a dictionary for reading,… if your reading is terrible.
    - Practice listening to English tapes or English programs on the radio, watch English TV programs, learn to sing English songs, talk to native English speakers, talk to yourself in the shower, speak English with friends... to improve your listening and speaking if you want.
    But, you should study hard about all skills of English. Let improve any skills you feel difficult and practice any skills are your absolute advantages.
    These are my ideas. How about you? Do you have any other ideas? If you have, we will discuss to find the best method. Don’t think that learning English is difficult. It's just hard when you don’t try. So, we need to try everyday.
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