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Around my house there are many roads streets. But my favorite path, the path is often Nguyen Truong. The road is located right next to my house watching.

In the morning, sitting in the house, I heard a vehicle animate and student groups that call themselves á í road becomes crowded, noisy. I stepped out on the porch looking down the road is not very large, sometimes even with those potholes uneven. I think how many potholes that are now many wounds that way for years suffered net. Sugar gray jacket and white shirt. Sometimes the yellow square is the physician repairman causeway to look like the patch, emerged on the "coat" was gray ...

The sunlight through the leaves, coming down the road into the shimmering spots. Two rows of green camphor um waving small bunches of fresh leaves as a tiny baby hands greet passersby. On the trees, the birds began to walk up song wonderful morning. I am fun to go school, gentle heart serenity. Roadways filled with laughter from the students. The red scarf flying in the wind adorn the dress of brilliant lines. Sometimes a zippy car in front of people, leaving behind the blinding dust after turning streets. The camphor tree roadside foliage spread wide as if to hug me in my heart, I share the same feeling. The Arab Aaron colorful butterflies flying in the street and putting green. The breeze gently caress flesh with a sweet scent of flowers as wish I entered a promising new school day.

Nguyen Truong Son road for me as a friend, sharing the sweet, fleshy share, rainy days and sunny days. It's attached to my childhood days with beautiful memories and in light of school age. And also from the road, I will come to life in front vast awaits.

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