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  1. Phan Tâm

    Phan Tâm Học sinh mới Thành viên

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    Nghệ An
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    [TẶNG BẠN] TRỌN BỘ Bí kíp học tốt 08 môn

    [NÓNG!!!] Mừng Tết Xanh - Tranh Quà Khủng

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    I. Word form
    1. Do you know the..........of the word 'handsome' ? (Derive)
    2. Have you got any............in your toes at all, Mr Babcock?(sense)
    3.We stood there watching the.........drama with shock on our faces.(fold)
    4. In medicine,.......is always bettet than cure.(prevent)
    5. It is.........even trying. We'll never get to the hospital in time(fruit)
    6. The destruction caused by Alzheimer's disease has been likened to the........of hard drive, begining with the most recent files and working backward.(erase)
    II. Rewrite
    1. Do you mind if i don't come back to the office aftet i've been to the dentist at lunchtime? (afternoon)
    2. They all agreed that the new dress code was a complete success. (hailed)
    3. The bread was not fresh enough for him to eat. (such)
    4. I once felt very lonely.
    => Gone are.........
    5. All of us wish to help you.
    => There is none of us but.......
    6. We have a habit of having a lie-in on Saturdays. (inclined)
    7. Our limited budget meant very few real changes were possible.(scope)
    8. It would be really wrong for us to give up now after all we're been through.(owe)
    9. They coped as well as they could in a difficult situation.(did)
    @phuongdaitt1 @Phạm Dương
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  2. landghost

    landghost Học sinh gương mẫu Thành viên

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    Quảng Trị
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    Trường Đời

    I. Word form :
    1 derivation
    2 sensation
    3 unfolding
    4 prevention
    5 fruitless
    6 erasure
    II. Rewrite
    3. The bread was not fresh enough for him to eat. (such)
    => It was such an unfresh bread that he couldnt eat
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