The Sound

There are many sounds
But i love the sound of my cell phone
When i recieve an SMS from someone important to me
Just a simple sound
Nothing special, not a masterpiece
But it give me happiness more than any art i can find
Because i know, she replied. She thinks of me, she cares
Maybe only for that momment when she write, and choose my name on her phone
And press the send button. But it's enough for me. She though of me.
I was there, in her mind. I'm so glad.
Maybe she do think of me all the time, maybe not when she is busy.
But when the i hear the sound, i know for sure, that she did think fo me.
That sound wash away the feeling of missing her
Make me smile, wash away all bad emotions, in that momment i hear.
Each time, everytime, before i get to read the message
I get all excited, wondering if she will say "I love you"?
So unlikely, so rarely... From my observations
But still i become excited and happy, because i keep hoping
Imagining how great it is, to see these 3 words.
"I love you", i would answer instantly: I love you too
Just a sound, less than 1 second.
Makes me happy everytime.


Let it go

There are times when we do mistakes
When bad things happens
But not on purpose
But we would let our guilt haunt us
Chase us, fear us... despair
Because we did not mean to hurt them
We never meant to, but we believe we did
When a drop of water falls trough the air
Touches the water surface that was so calm
Now there are ripples
Can we blame a drop of water for creating ripples
Only because it couldnt hang onto a tree branch anymore after the morning rain.
And have to let go... Let go... Causes ripples
Things do happen in chain, naturally, nothing to blame
Over time the ripples will fade.
But we, some of us, turn ripples into waves, waves into bigger waves
Powerful enough to hurt many other
Because we think... that is how to repay our guilt
We wash away our loved ones, drag them, drown them into the deep ocean
They love you, I love you... those words doesnt mean anything anymore
Because from deep within you, so black and empty
But yet there echoes your past, you refuse to let go... let it go
Your guilt is screaming, calling your soul back to the past
You fear it, afraid of it... You cant forget
You look back... you want to undo... keep looking back
I'm here, we are here. But you cant see
You are looking back, your eyes are gazing to the far past
While we are screaming your name out loud, trying to reach you
Telling you that we love you, I love you
You hear, but... you cant see
Let me in! grab my hand! I scream to you
While being taken by the waves and the storm... struggling... in pain
You can hear, feel me, but im not in focus
You are still looking back, letting yourself get hurt by the guilts that you think you did.
They used to say: "Cherish what you have now"
Dont live in the past, nor the future... It will hurt the ones around you
Dont bring with you all the trash, every momment is a new momment
Be happy each single momment. Dont blame yourself for what is done
If you look at it carefully
look careful now
Because when you are looking back into the past
You wont be happy, only pain, for you and others
There are no good, no matter how you try or think
You cannot undo
You cant, i cant, no one can
Why not try to be happy? To smile to shine.
Let me in... Open the door. Im standing outside your door int he storm
Its cold out here.But i can feel the heat from inside gushing out, that warm me a little.
But ims till freezing
Let it go... look at me...
can you see me?
You are turning your head to face me...
PLease keep turning, dont look back again.
I love you


phải dịch sang tiếng việt xem nó nghĩa thế nào rồi mới bảo là hay hay ko đựoc chớ


Sweet Lullaby

when the night is cold
and my heart is heavy
i wish you were there to hold me tight
and tell me everything would be alright

how i miss the days
where you would comfort me
with your gentle and wise words
and filled my child like heart with warmth

there isnt a day that passed
where i dont long for your gentleness
or the feel of your warm hands
or the way your aged teeth looked when you smiled

your tired and worn out eyes
would twinlke when i came home
with a new drawn picture
of us hands in hands at the park

it felt like yesterday when we last talked
when you lasted held me
and told me that i was one of god's
precious creatures that you have been given


Wishing i was her

i was the one who let you go
now im sitting here wishing that i was her
i was the one who let you go
yet here i am missing you

i know we're through,
but when i see you with her
my heart couldnt help crying out for you
i wish i could control my emotions when we cross each other's path

seeing you holding her,
makes me long for your tender touch once again
how i wish i could turn back the hand of time
just to feel your warmth once again

i see you looking at her with those loving eyes
quickly i torn my eyes from the painful picture
where has the days, where you used to look at me,
in that way has gone ?

the day is still young and the sun is out
shining ever so brightly,
yet there were raindrops, coming from my drought eyes
oh how i wish i standing in her shoes


All tied up in you

i thought i was over you
but how wrong was i to even think
that you were the last thing on my mind
you are constantly there

i want to let go, free myself from this misery
but i dont know how
or what to do to get you out of my system
im all tied up in you, even when to you i was your yesterday

its 2 in the morning and i cant sleep
just lying here staring at the ceiling with a heavy heart
wondering what you're doing now
whether or not im still lingering in your mind as u are in mine

theres nothing i can do about it
nothing you can say to ease my pain
coz im all tied up in you
and i dont know what to do


Lips of an angel

eyes closed with aniticipation,
standing under the moonlight,
feeling the coldness of the wind,
my body shivered as the moisture is evaporated on my lips

the touch of your hand,
tracing the dryness of my lips,
made my heart beat faster,
sending warmth to my shivering body

the gap between us is now no longer in existence,
to be so close, your body touching mine,
your arms wrapped tightly around me,
your hot breath replaces the cold breeze

softly, you whispered my name,
brushing away that strand of hair,
tltling your head lower, your lips meeting mine,
never felt anything softer

under the dark blanket,
your lips tasted sweeter than honey,
your touch electrified my body,
leaving me sinking deeper into an ocean full of you



There i stood, under the tree, where you've once carved our initials,
watching the leaves falling, dropping where my feet were,
the sun was going down, the humind wind has turned cool,
my dried eyes are now filled with water

With every fresh air i inhaled, comes a fresh drop of tear,
tracing my fingers through the coarse skin of land of our initials,
saddens my spirit causing my heart to ache,
as i re-call the day i patiently waited to see the results of your hard work

Vividly i could see your angelic smile,
could still feel your touch through the cold breeze,
your hot breath touching my cold cheeks,
whispering my name with your husky voice

In my heart, where you have imprinted your name,
a place where you have once called home,
where you said you would never part,
all is left now are the memories

If only things had been different,
had we been more patience, more giving,
then i wouldn't be standing here all alone,
feeling nothing but emptiness, on our anniversary


tui cực kì iu tiếng anh nhưng chỉ là bài hát tiếng anh thui tai nghe còn có nhạc để nhớ còn thơ thì ko hỉu j` cộng thêm khó nhớ
cậu dịch ra tiếng việt dùm cái(dất wa' ko dịch nủi)


muonhocqua said:
tui cực kì iu tiếng anh nhưng chỉ là bài hát tiếng anh thui tai nghe còn có nhạc để nhớ còn thơ thì ko hỉu j` cộng thêm khó nhớ
cậu dịch ra tiếng việt dùm cái(dất wa' ko dịch nủi)
Nếu mà dịch mấy bài thơ này theo nghĩa TV thì còn j` là hay nữa....


The melody of love

The sun is glowing, piercing through my pale skin,
Its ray glaring at me in the eye, heating up my body,
Tiny gains of sand sinking my feet deeper and deeper into its world,
The wind lifting my spirit into a world im unfamiliar with

As I watched the waves of the ocean, moving back and forth
Creating its own music, sweet melody to my ears,
From the corner of my eyes, i could see a tall shadow,
tracing the shadow i found its owner

A handsome, yet mysterious face,
looking my way with curiosity, watching my every moves,
i turned to meet his gaze, only to find myself mesmerized,
my cheeks glowing pink, my voice has seem to be lost

There were many stories hidden behind those brown eyes,
and i wanted to be the honored reader,
behind that shiny smile lies a frown,
i wanted to be the one to erase the upside smile

Still we stood in silence, eye to eye,
listening to the gentle melody of the ocean,
letting the summer breeze to rush pass us by,
feeling the summer lust that is running through our bodies


Broken Wings

Late at night, i would stay awake,
praying that i could turn back the hand of time,
back to the days where i was deeply in love with you,
the day when i couldnt find a fault in your words

I love you, yes i do, but being in love with you, i am not
My heart no longer opens up to you,
the key has returned to its owner, without you noticing,
dont ask me when, i wont be able to tell you

Laying here, my head resting on your chest,
listening to your heartbeat,
whilst my mind is miles away, not hearing a word you're saying,
how did we let the fire die ?

take these broken wings of mine,
mend them, make them whole again
throw away the ice box my heart has now called home,
and claim your territory once again



it was at the end of winter, when you crossed my path,
my world now seems to evolve around you,
at every corner i turn, i see an image of you,
everywhere i go, i sense your shadow near by

Along with every breath i inhale, lingers your cologne,
in every guy's eyes, i can see yours smiling at me
how is it you're always on my mind ?
why cant i go back to the day, where you were just another guy?

What begun as lust at first sight, just innocent flirting,
now has turned into an infatuation,
as each day pass, i fall deeper and deeper,
my heart has now over-ruled my rationalities
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