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Scientists have created the first ‘humanoid’ robot that can mimic the facial expressions and lip movements of a human
being. ‘Jules’ - a disembodied androgynous robotic head - can automatically copy the movements picked up by a video
camera and mapped on to the tiny electronic motors in its skin. It can grin and grimace, (11) _____ its brow and speak as
the software translates the expressions observed on a video camera into digital commands that make the robot produce
mirrored movements. It all happens in real time, as the robot can (12) _____ the commands at 25 frames per second.
The animatronic head has flexible rubber skin that is moved by 34 servo motors, which trigger commands to produce
similarly realistic (13) _____ movements. The technology works using ten stock human emotions. Copycat robot heads
have been created before, but not with realistic (14) _____ faces. Jules’ human appearance makes getting the expressions
perfect even more critical, to avoid the notorious ‘uncanny valley’, a term to describe the way that human-like robots that
are not quite true-to-life are perceived as more unnerving and alarming than less realistic more mechanical- looking versions.
It took a team of three engineers three and a half years to develop the breakthrough software to create (15) _____ between
humans and artificial intelligence. Actually, human communication (16) _____ heavily on facial expression, so robots that
can mimic them well should find much wider application. It isanticipated that this would make them useful in healthcare
settings, such as nursing homes, and it is predicted that one day robotic companions will work or assist humans in space -
or any other field where trustworthiness, reliability and emotional intelligence are required.
(17) _____, not everyone is impressed by Jules’ master of (18) _____, and some scientists question the ethical
implications of using human-like robots for more than entertainment. They fear that exposed or vulnerable people, like
children or the elderly, would be disconcerted by-humanoid automatons. They might be fooled (19) _____ trying to form a
social relationship with the robot - thinking that it is capable of not only looking like a human and behaving like a human,
but also feeling like a human - or react (20) _____ towards a robot which just looks too human.
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24 Tháng sáu 2024
Hà Nội
Here are the missing words for the passage about the robot Jules:

(11) furrow - This word refers to making wrinkles in your forehead, which is a facial expression.
(12) process - This word refers to handling and interpreting the commands received.
(13) facial - This adjective describes the movements related to the face.
(14) looking - This verb describes the appearance of the faces.
(15) a bridge - This metaphor refers to creating a connection between humans and AI.
(16) relies - This verb indicates dependence on something.
(17) However - This conjunction introduces a contrasting viewpoint.
(18) mimicry - This noun refers to the act of copying something closely.
(19) into - This preposition indicates being misled into something.
(20) negatively - This adverb describes a response in a bad way.
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