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    During the long history of developing of human, many ethnic groups have had their own traditional customer and festival. They have the diffirent traditions from other ethnic groups. And in the Mongolian Highlands, there is ethnic group named Mongolian. The Mongolian group developed with history by nomadic life. Their life is diffirent from almost every ethnic groups in the world. It is different from the life of Chinese in the South of Mongols. Instead of farming rice and live permanently like Chinese, the Mongolian live on the horse and raise cattle. In one year they will change house from 2 or 3 times to find another pasture for their cattles. So any Mongolian children will be taught about riding a horse when they just 5 years old. In any migration, a strong male Mongols will go forward with their children. And in the last is female Mongols with old Mongols who is too weak to ride a horse. The old with be carried by a horse – drawn carts to move. And for any reason, the Mongols obey the rules that: The Male will protect children and the old and they won't leave any person alone even when they have deep injure. When night comes, they will make a simple shelter named ger. It is a simple house made by connecting wood together. To make it, a Mongols family just need 2 hours. Impressive right ? And the coolest thing is ger can contain 4 people. Just two hours to make the shelter for 4 people so cool right ? In Mongolian Highlands, the weather is really hard. In day, the weather is hot. But in night, the weather is cold. The temperature difference of day and night is 16 Celsius. So when the night comes, The Mongols will wear a warm fur coat to keep the warm in body. The Mongols ethnic speaks Mongolic languages. In tradition, Mongols speak traditional Mongolian script. It is a traditional language of Mongols actually it is writing system and to speak it they use Chinese. It is like our languages like Nom, … But in the Mongolia Republic, to give thanks for the Soviet Union for helping them, the government decided to use Khalkha Mongol with Cyrrilic script like Russian as offical language. Because the Mongolian ethnic undergo hard weather, nomadic life. So they are a strong soldiers. Because any Mongolian children are taught riding a horse when they are young, the Mongols to be a best horse rider. With the support of Mongols horse, many empire of Mongols was strong. The Mongols had many empire such as Xiongnu, Liao Dynasty, … and they were danger for Chinese and many other country. And the most famous empire of Mongolian is empire of Genghis Khan the biggest leader of Mongolian. His empire defeated Song dynasty of Chinese, Khwarezm Dynasty of Persian, Kievan Rus of Russian, … And the most important factor is strong Mongolian soldiers. Mongolian soldiers can ride horse very fluently and they are master archer and sword fighter. And it made a legend about Mongolian soldiers that say: " how the Mongolian horse goes where the grass can't grow there ". The Mongols soldiers can destroy any empires. The Mongols horse is the best horse in the world. They can run very fast and carry heavy person in back. And also they can easily be tamed. So in 13th century, Mongols empire was the lord of the world. Many countries want to exits so they need to pay money, gold for Mongolian empire. With their power, the Mongols made their own dynasty in China named Great Yuan ruled China for nearly one hundred years until Zhu Yuanzhang defeated Yuan Dynasty. But the Mongols continued Mongolian Highlands with a dynasty named North Yuan. But the Mongols don't just know about war and war, they also have many festival and customer. And one of their famous festival named Naadam festival. It is the tranditional festival of Mongols. It started in 13th century when Ghenghis Khan organized a festival to choose soldier before declaring war. This festival has three games about three sports: wrestling, horse race, archery. In wrestling tournament, about 512 or 1024 wrestlers meet in a single-elimination tournament. They fight each other. The wrestler is defeated when his body touch to the ground. And the wrestler wins when he can defeat his competitor. Each wrestler has an " encourager " who is called in Mongolian is zasuul. The zasuul will sing a song to encourage wrestler. How about the horse race ? Wow, I must tell you that it is the most interesting part of naadam festival. Unlike Western horse racing, which consists of short sprints generally not much longer than 2 km, Mongolian horse racing as featured in Naadam is a cross-country event, with races 15–30 km long. The length of each race is determined by age class. For example, two-year-old horses race for 16 km (10 mi) and seven-year-olds for 27 km. The children can be choosen as jockeys. They can join to train horse and feed for race horse. The race horse must obey diet and hard train for race. So you can see fast horse for this horse race. And the last part is archery. In this competition, they accept to woman join this competition. Each team will fight each other. Each team will have 10 archers. The archer when join this competition will wear Mongolian traditional cloth named Deel. Each archer can have 4 arrows. And they need to shoot 33 "sur". One sur is one targer like a small wood. The winner of this competition will have a title of " The master marksman " or " The master markswoman ". And the winner will be honored by many people and they will receive respect from others. In this festival, each family make Khuushuur – a orginal food for Naadam festival which is like chinese dumpling. To make this food, they will mash pork, lamb and mixed up with garlic, onion, salt and other spices. The cooker rolls dough into circle and put meat into the center of circle. So they can cook Khuushur. Every Mongols are enjoy this food as their traditional food. Mongols also have their own musical instrument which has the name is Morin Khuur. It is bowed stringed instrument. Many Mongols musicial learn it when they young and they play it fluently. And it play an important rolls in Mongols music. And the coolest thing is it is considered as Master Pieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Ok that all about my paragraph about Mongols an ethnic group live in Mongolian Highlands and also in Gobi Dessert. Thanks you very much for reading. Hope you will share about an ethnic group you like. Goodbye !
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