Ngoại ngữ hội thoại bằng tiếng anh- tiếng anh 11

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Cựu TMod tiếng Anh | CN CLB Địa Lí
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28 Tháng tám 2017
Nghệ An
Nghệ An
Làm bài tập nhóm 4 người về lựa chọn và ưu tiên của em đối với giáo dục bổ túc (diễn đạt hội thoại).
Ví dụ
I have decided to enter university after graduating from secondary school for the following reasons:
– It doesn’t mean that I will get a job easily if I have an university degree but it will open up more options to me.
– It is the only way for me to follow my dream of being a doctor. If you want to get a career, not just a job, you must have a degree which allows you to progress in your career faster than without a degree.
– With degrees, I can track my career, I can work at a higher level, then I can earn more money.
– Studying for a decree teaches me to be an independent thinker, how to work in a team, how to communicate well with others…
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