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Mọi người ơi,giúp em bài này nhé:
Write a short paragraph (70-90 words) to describe a health problem you have.

Em xin cảm ơn trước.:Tonton18:Tonton18
Before being diagnosed with the kidney stone, I felt severe pain in my right abdomen and particularly on the spots where the right kidney is located. Vomiting was another symptom with me. But as I did not have the idea that this might be related to kidney issues, I took some painkillers and felt comfortable. But after some days, I felt the trouble again. There was severe pain in the same place that made me mad almost. So, I went to a local doctor here and he also prescribed me a pain killer and injected me with some serums that reduced the pain level. This time, he asked me to have some tests and the X-ray discovered that there is a stone in my right kidney which is blocking the way of filtering water on the body.
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