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27 Tháng hai 2023
A Dialogue Between Two Friends on Global Warming
Sujon: Hello Hasib! How are you?
Hasib: I am fine and what about you?

Sujon: I am fine too. But why do you look so worried, my dear friend?

Hasib: No, I am not worried at all. I am just thinking about the causes of global warming and its harmful effect.

Sujon: Oh, I see. It is really a much talked issue in the present world. But I do not know much about it. What is global warming?

Hasib: Oh, yes! Global warming is the gradual increase of world's temperature. The greenhouse effect is the most likely cause of this global warming.

Sujon: The greenhouse effect seems somewhat complicated to me. Please tell me something about it.

Hasib: Okay! The greenhouse effect is the gradual warming of the air around the earth as a result of heat being trapped by environmental pollution.

Sujon: Strange indeed! What might be the effects of global warming?

Hasib: The effects of global warming might be serious and dangerous. It is predicted that by midway through the next century world temperatures may rise by as much as 4ᴼc.

Sujon: What will happen then if temperature rises by as much as 4ᴼc?

Hasib: This will greatly reduce mankind's ability to grow food and damage wildlife and wilderness.

Sujon: Oh, my God! I see a horrible situation is waiting for us due to global warming.

Hasib: Yes, indeed! Besides, due to global warming, the ice in the polar regions will melt. This will naturally raise the sea level of water and flood coastal areas.

Sujon: Really global warming is a great threat for our existence in this world. We must work to stop this global warming. How can we stop global warming?

Hasib: We have to work to reduce the emission of carbondioxide and plant trees more and more to stop this global warming. Thank you.

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