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    Write a paragraph to talk about advantages and disadvantages of facebook?
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    THCS Phong Nẫm

    In our life, what also has two sides of it is: the good and the bad. Facebook social network too. One of the other utilities can not deny is the sharing of facebook: information, images, news,… with speed in seconds. Social networks are easy to use and it offers many benefits to users. It will create conditions conducive to the learning kidney as well as the communication hub in the work of the user. Especially young people, it will bring you a lot of opportunities to develop the ability to search for business learning, earn money to be able to achieve the dream. However, Facebook will affect very bad for those who use it on purpose or not, or the unhealthy purpose. It also can be addictive for those who do not know control myself, when they won too much time using this application. Therefore, beneficial or harmful facebook depending on intended use of each person.
    r88thích chơi tiếng anh đúng hong??
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  3. ngchau2001

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    Phú Thọ
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    THPT Thanh Thủy

    * Advantages:
    - It's more easy for people to make friends all over the world
    - You can share your photos, videos,...
    - You can keep in touch with many of your relatives, friends,...
    - You can easily search for useful information
    * Disavantage:
    - If you are too concentrated on fb, you will forget people around you or you will wallow in virtual world
    - If you look at your smartphone or laptop or tablet for long hours, you may be near-sighted
    - Your health will be affected if you stay up too late to surf the fb
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