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    Imagine you're scared of an insect or animal. What steps would you take if you wanted to control your fear? Why?
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    Firstly, you can determine what the worry is. Ask yourself why those worries come to me. If possible, write down and ponder, analyze all the roots that form this fear. Secondly, you can talk to someone or peers. You don't need to be ashamed to share your feelings with your loved ones and close friends. They can listen and know how to give you useful advice to win something similar that they themselves have encountered. And even if there is no specific solution, those people will help you tremendously. Thirdly, you should face the fear directly. If you are afraid of airplanes, book a short flight. If you are afraid of cats and dogs, try visiting an animal farm. If you are reluctant to talk in a large crowd, attend an event that requires public speaking. Although fear is anything, attack it directly. So, you have proven that you are stronger than it. All you need to do is think and act. Besides, meet the psychiatrist. If it is not enough to do the above, you still see the phobias that dominate your life, you should go see a psychiatrist. They can help you decipher the reason behind fear and ways to win yourself. You can also do exercise. Yoga is a great way to release stresses that arise in your body due to fears.
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