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    Choose the verbs in column A with prepositions in column B to make phrasal verbs to complete the passage in the correct forms. Some prepositions can be used more than once
    Hi Pat,

    Interesting to hear about your new flat. I’m sony to know that the noise (29)__________
    you so much. I’m attaching an ad for some ear-plugs which claim to help you (30)_____
    I moved into a new flat a month or so ago, too. It’s next to the football stadium. I can’t see the matches but I can follow what’s (31)_____________ from the sounds I hear. A cheer goes up whenever the home team shoots. But the sound quickly (32)__________if the ball doesn’t go in. Every time there’s a match, I find myself (33)________________
    the cheers. When I told my girlfriend that I wanted to stay at home to listen to the sounds of a football match she (34)________________ laughing, thinking I was ioking, and started talking about how we could (35)________ the flat________ When another cheer went up from the stađium, though, her voice (36)___________________ and she rushed to the window in excitement. Then she stayed in the flat with me and spent all afte at the window watching spectators going in and out of the stadium.

    burst listen do trail
    Shut grate go die
    for down on
    out off up
    Help me T.T, Thank you veru much
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