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    Nam Định
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    THCS Phùng Chí Kiên
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    Complete each of the following sentences with one of the phrasal verbs given in the box.
    Each phrasal verb is used only ONCE. Make any necessary changes.

    put upgo upcome offmake up
    call for
    come updrop out ofset uptake upgrow out of
    1. The hotels were all full so we offered to........Carla….....for the night.
    2. Early that morning, we set off on our journey as the sun was .........
    3. An enquiry was........into the use of chemicals in farming.
    4. You're such a good singer that you, should........ it........ professionally.
    5. How are they going to........the time they wasted playing cards in the barracks?
    6. . Stop wasting your time. The whole situation......... an immediate response that could bring more
    decisive effects.
    7. I like this photograph so much that I am going to have it….....

    8. As far as I know, the idea of the party does not quite appeal to him and that's why he's thinking
    of..... ...............
    9. I can't stop thinking there's something more that the scheme needs..........
    10. Peter used to be fond of collecting mascots, but after his military service, he........the hobby.
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    Hà Nội
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    THCS Cao Bá Quát

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