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  2. thuong0504

    thuong0504 Guest

    Part I: Choose the word having the different stress pattern: (1 pt)
    1. A. pagoda B. exchange C. relax D. visit
    2. A. gather B. admire C. energy D. symbol
    3. A. documentary B. limitation C. intermediate D. encourage
    4. A. picnic B. novel C. typhoon D. freedom

    Part II: Choose the word that best completes each of the following sentences: (2 pts)
    1. Wearing uniforms encourages students to be ……….of their schools.
    A. pride B. proud C. prided D. proudly
    2. If we …………on littering, our environment will become seriously polluted.
    A. will go B. would go C. go D. went
    3. Londoners are the people…………. live and work in London
    A. who B. that C. which D. whose
    4. He suggested ………….unused clothes for the poor.
    A. should collect B. collected C. collecting D. to collect
    5. I am sure they will be very……… your success.
    A. delight B. delighted C. delighting D. delightful
    7. Nobody can approve of his ……… work. He is so irresponsible.
    A. character B. behavior C. attitude D. manner
    8. Why are you whispering to each other? If you have something important ………..., say it aloud to all of us.
    A. to say B. said C. saying D. say
  3. thuong0504

    thuong0504 Guest

    Part III: Complete the sentences with an appropriate form of the words in brackets: (1pt)

    1. You will ………be successful…..if you try harder. (successful)
    2. Ants and bees are described as ………industrial……… insects. (industry)
    3. He doesn’t have a motorbike, so it is ……inconvenient……..for him to travel to work.(convenience)
    4. The Internet is a means of ……communication…….., education, doing business …(communicate)

    Part IV: Rewrite these sentences using the words given: (1pt)
    1. Work harder or you won’t pass the exam.
    -If you work harder, you will pass the exam
    2. Fortunately the machinery wasn’t damaged by the accident.
    -Fortunately the accident didn't damage the machinery
    3. Nga began living in this village ten years ago.
    -Nga has lived in this village for ten years

    Part V: Make sentences from the words and phrases provided: (2pt)
    1. I/ have / air-conditioner / fix/ tomorrow.
    I will have my air-conditioner fixed tomorrow
    4. What / population / of / Ho Chi Minh City?
    What's the population of HCM city?

    Part VI: Correct the mistakes in the following sentences: (1pt)
    1. The little boys mother bought him a five - speeds racing bicycle for his birthday
    2. Bells told people of happy events, such as weddings and born or, sometimes had to announce unpleasant events such as a death

    Part VII: Read the following passage and answer the questions below: (2pts)
    Alfred Bernard Nobel (1833 - 1896) a Swedish scientist was the first man to make dynamite. He allowed his invention to be used in peace. However, he saw it being used in war to destroy things, he was extremely unhappy. On his death, he left all his money to be spent upon a prize every year. The Nobel Prize is now one of the greatest prizes that a person can ever receive. It is given every year for the best work in one of the following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Medicine; Literature and Peace. Some of the world`s greatest scientists are asked to choose who should be given the prizes.
    1. What was Nobel`s invention about?
    It's about dynamite
    2. How was he when he knew his invention being used for bad purpose?
    He was extremely unhappy
    3. Did he give all the money to his relatives on his death?
    No, he didn't. (On his death, he left all his money to be spent upon a prize every year)
    4. What is his money used for?
    It is used every year for the best work in one of the following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Medicine; Literature and Peace.
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    câu 5 là Can we chose who should be given the prizes? If not, who can?
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    No, we can't. Some of the world's greatest scientists
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