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    Based on the Format of Tien Giang Department of Education and Training

    Môn thi: TIẾNG ANH

    Thời gian làm bài : 60 phút ( không kể thời gian giao đề )

    * Lưu ý: Đề thi có 3 trang. Thí sinh phải ghi rõ mã đề vào giấy làm bài ngay sau phía bên phải cùng một dòng với chữ BÀI LÀM trước khi làm bài.
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    Question 1-12: Pick out ONE best option to complete these following sentences ( 3.0 pts)

    1. In the 18th century, jean cloth _________completely from cotton.
    A. makes B. made C. was made D. were made
    2. She suggested _________to the cinema instead of to the theater.
    A. go B. should go C. to go D. going
    3. Their religion is Islam, so they go to the _________ to pray every day.
    A. mosque B. pagoda C. church D. temple
    4. She asked him, “Do you enjoy your staying here?”
    _ She asked him…
    A. he enjoyed your staying here. B. he enjoyed his staying there.
    C. if he enjoyed his staying there? D. if he enjoyed his staying there.
    5. The _________ is the traditional clothing of Japanese women.
    A. sari B. kimono C. ao dai D. veil
    6. The city _________we spent our vacation was beautiful.
    A. whom B. where C. when D. which
    7. _________energy is the one that comes from the sun.
    A. Nuclear B. Wind C. Wave D. Solar
    8. Her father has to work to support the family, _________?
    A. hasn’t he B. has he C. doesn’t he D. does he
    9. Michael wishes he __________ a lot of money to help his parents in the future.
    A. earns B. will earn C. earned D. would earn
    10. Many people think chatting on the Internet is _________.
    A. time-consuming B. consuming-time
    C. time-consumed D. consumed-time
    11. Where would you go if you _________a car?
    A. have B. has C. had D. having
    12. Nam _________ go fishing with his uncle when he lived in the countryside.
    A. used to B. is used to C. has used to D. was used to
    Question 13-14: Pick out the word that is of the different topic (or part of speech) from the others (0.5 pt)

    13. A. dynamite B. pollution C. pesticide D. population
    14. A. national B. social C. material D. electrical

    Question 15-22: Pick out ONE best option (A, B, C, or D) to fill in each numbered blank, completing the meaning of the passage: (2.0 pts)

    Nowadays, people like watching the weather (15) ____ on TV very much. Here is some information of the weather in Vietnam. It is often mild in Hanoi and the (16) ____ are often between 26oC and 30oC. However, they are much lower (17) ____ December and February. Ho Chi Minh City often (18)____ higher temperatures than Hanoi and Hue.
    Thunderstorms, with lightning and heavy rains, often (19) ____along the South-Central coast or over the Central highlands. The Cuu Long (20) ____ experiences sunny weather in the dry season but it often has heavy rains in the rainy one. In the area, (21)____ , there are sometimes big floods, (22)____ cause a lot of damage to the crops.
    15. A. bureau B. forecast C. foresee D. station
    16. A. news B. places C. weather D. temperatures
    17. A. between B. at C. neither D. either
    18. A. have B. expect C. experiences D. accepts
    19. A. take part B. take place C. take care D. take off
    20. A. areas B. coast C. delta D. highlands
    21. A. therefore B. however C. besides D. but
    22. A. who B. whose C. which D. that

    Question 23-28: Read the passage below, then pick out ONE best option (A, B, C, or D) for each: (1.5 pts)

    We have received a lot of questions asking about life on the . We have talked to some experts and this is what we have found out. There is no water or air on the . It is all silent because there is no air. Of course, there will be no music, no sounds. There are no rivers and no
    lakes. At night, it is very cold. The temperature goes down to 151oC below zero. However, during the day the temperature rises to 100oC. There are great round holes on the . They look like big lakes. They are called craters. There are more than 30,000 craters on the . There are also high mountains. The highest mountains on the are about 26,000 feet or 8,000 meters high. And here is something very interesting to know. On the , you weigh one-sixth of what you weigh on earth. If you weigh 50 kilos, on the you will weigh only a little more than 8 kilos. You will be able to jump very high, even higher than an Olympic champion will. You can take very long steps as well. Moreover, maybe you will not sleep very well because one day on the lasts for two weeks. So, is there life on the ? I will leave the question for you to answer yourself.
    23. If you can take some water to the , it will boil during the day and freeze at night.
    24. One day on the lasts for two weeks, so you cannot sleep very well there.
    25. Great round holes on the are called_________.
    A. big lakes B. craters C. silent rivers D. high mountains
    26. If you weigh 60 kilos on earth, you will weigh _________kilos on the .
    A. 8 B. 68 C. 52 D. 10
    27. You can jump very high as well as take very long steps on the because_________.
    A. your weight is lighter there B. your weight is heavier there
    C. you always have excellent physical condition there
    D. the system of measurement there is different from that on earth
    28. What is the main idea of the passage?
    A. The weightlessness on the . B. The severe temperatures of the .
    C. The description of the . D. The Olympic champion on the
    Question 29-30: Pick out the word that has the main stressed syllable different from the others
    (0.5 pt)

    29. A. marvelous B. nominate C. priority D. celebrate
    30. A. remote B. purpose C. control D. respond
    Question 31-32: Pick out the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others (0.5 pt)

    31. A. kitchen B. machine C. march D. chair
    32. A. meet B. season C. great D. meat

    PHẦN II: TỰ LUẬN (2.0 điểm)
    Write an essay (in about 80 - 100 words) about “A trip to the countryside”. You can use the following cues:


    - when you had a trip


    - what time you started your trip
    - whom you went with
    - how you went
    - what you did and saw on the way to the countryside
    - what you did in the countryside (go for a walk / take photographs / go fishing / enjoy your picnic/ play games…)
    - when you returned home


    - how you felt after the trip (happy / relaxed / know more about the nature…)
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    Quảng Nam
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    Đại học ngoại ngữ - Đại học Đà Nẵng

    bài luận thì chị thấy gợi ý của đề khá rõ em chỉ cần bám sát theo nhwuxng câu hỏi đó và viết theo là đáp ứng được yêu cầu, cho hay hơn thì cho thêm một vài câu ở ngoài vào và dùng liên từ để nối các câu lại sẽ hay hơn nhé.
    có gì ko hiểu thì hỏi chị nha^^
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