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    Choose the word in each line that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

    1.A. relaxB. snackC. areaD. atlas
    2.A. receptionB. creatureC. sculptureD. card
    3.A. toughB. mountC. poundD. account
    4.A. glucoseB. goodishC. guessD. girafffe
    5.A. chopstickB. stomachC. ouchD. fetch
    Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each question.

    6. Although she is very popular, she is not as_______ as her sister.
    A. senseless B. sensitive C. sense D. sensible
    7. Instead of buying a new pair of shoes, I had my old ones_______ .
    A. repair B. to repair C. repairing D. repaired
    8. ______his wealth, he is not spoiled.
    A. Despite of B. In spite of C. Though D. Although
    9. I overslept and______ was late for the meeting.
    A. so B. too C. much D. very
    10. They forgot about______ them to join us for the summer charity work.
    A. us to ask B. us asking C. our asking D. we asking
    11. I will return your notes as soon as I_______ copying them.
    A. will finish B.do finish C.finish D.be finished
    12. We’ll get there______by train if we leave tonight.
    A.so fast B.fast enough C.to fast D.enough fast
    13.________I get to know her, the more I like her.
    A.For more B. More C. The more D.The most
    14.Today’s weather isn’t as cold as it was yesterday,______?
    A.wasn’t it B. was it C. isn’t it D.is it
    15.Tom was the only foreigner_______ I saw at the party.
    A.whom B. which C. who D.what
    16.Some people like to watch a football match on TV because they can see more _______ than they could from a seat in the stadium.
    A.clear B. clearness C. clearly D. clearer
    17.This new song is not much_______ the others that I have tried.
    A.as different B. different than C. so different from D. different that
    18.I find the time of English meals very strange. I’m not used__________ dinner at 5 p.m.
    A.to have B. to having C. having D. have
    19.California,______ more populous state than any of its Western neighbors, has greater representation in the House.
    A. a B. the C. that D. this
    20.William Toney Harris was one of the first educators interested_______ a logical progression of topics in the school curriculum.
    A.in establishing B. for establishing C. establishing D. to establish
    21.I can’t help_______ what you said.
    A.overhear B. to overhear C. overhearing D. overheard
    22.You can learn as much theory as you like, but you only master a skill by______
    it a lot.
    A.practising B. training C. exercising D. doing
    23.He pretends_____poor
    A.being B. be C. to be D. to being
    24.Don’t touch the cat, he may______you.
    A.tear B. kick C. scream D. scratch
    25.They listened_______ while the examiner gave them the directions.
    A.attentive B. attentively C. attentiveness D. attention
    26.- “Could you lend me your pencil?”
    A.Yes, I have just got one. B. Sorry, I haven’t got one.
    C.And could your take care of it? D.No, I couldn’t. Excuse me.
    27.If it______ rain, we’ll have the party in the garden.
    A.wouldn’t B. doesn’t C. didn’t D. won’t
    28.We could see that the Alps were________________________ in snow.
    A.covered B. discovered C. uncovered D. recovered
    29.I was sitting in a cafe______ afternoon when I saw the Prime Minister pass by.
    A.the B. in C. an D. one
    30.The inspector______ to say whether there were any suspects.
    A.refused B. avoided C. stopped D. denied
    31.If you behave with this sort of_______ to your customers, I don’t think you’ll remain in business long.
    A.unpolite B. impolite C. impoliteness D. unpoliteness
    32.The speaker showed his_______ by constantly straightening his tie.
    A.nerves B. nervous C. nervelessness D. nervousness
    33.Colonists____________ in isolated areas of Northern America were almost totally self-sufficient.
    A.lived B. living C. who living D. who that lived
    34.My father is_____ business now. He hasn’t returned yet.
    A.in B. on C. for D. from
    35.Many students_______go to remote or mountainous areas to help the people there.
    A.volunteer B. voluntarily C. volunteering D. voluntary
    Mark A, B, C, or D to show the word or phrase that needs correcting in the following sentences.

    36.Lawrence Robert Klein received (A) the 1980 Nobel Prize in economics (B) for pioneering the useful of (C) computers to forecast (D) economic activity.
    37.Almost (A) the electricity for industrial use (B) comes from large generators (C) driven by(D) steam turbines.
    38.Australian koalas are (A) furry, gray animal (B) that live in trees (C) and feed on leaves (D) .
    39.Televisions are now an everyday feature (A) of most households(B) , and television viewing (C) is the number one activity leisure (D) .
    40.We were at trouble (A) because (B) we had entered (C) the building without (D) permission.
    Read the following texts carefully and choose the correct answer to each of the questions.

    On Saturday afternoon I left my handbag on the bus. In it were my cheque book, address book and my purse, which contained about £50 in cash and some credit cards. When I realized what I had done, it was too late. I didn’t know what to do; I am 72 years old, was a long way from home, and I was quite worried. In fact, I stood by the side of the road and just cried. A young man asked me what was wrong and I explained what had happened to me. He gave me some money for my bus fare home. When I told the bus driver what had happened he said I should keep the fare.
    I got home safely and the telephone rang soon after. It was the manager of City Bus, the company that owned the bus on which I had left my handbag. He said that they had my handbag and he offered to drive over to return it. I had my handbag back, amazingly with all its contents untouched. I would just like to say how wonderful everybody was who helped me on that day, and how much
    I appreciate their kindness and honesty.
    Mrs. A. Jackson, Newland.
    41.What is the writer trying to do in her letter?
    A.Make a complaint. B. Show her thanks.
    C.Report a theft. D. Make an enquiry.
    42.What will the reader learn from the letter?
    A.You should not carry much cash in the handbag.
    B.Travelling by bus is too difficult when you are old.
    C.There are some kind people in Newland.
    D.You should always have the correct bus fare.
    43.How did the writer feel after her experience?
    A.Surprised that nothing was stolen.
    B.Annoyed that the local bus service was inconvenient.
    C.Afraid to travel on her own again.
    D.Worried about how to repay the bus driver.
    44.Why did the writer cry?
    A.She was late. B. She was lost.
    C.She was poor. D. She was anxious.
    45.What would be a good headline for the letter?
    A.Woman catches wrong bus and is lost far away from home.
    B.Woman’s handbag missing, containing cash and cheque book.
    C.Woman’s bad day has a happy ending.
    D.Woman loses everything. What is happening to our society?
    Unlike buried treasure and some minerals, fossils are usually not valuable in themselves. However, most of the fossils you find will be of greatest value to you. They will help you learn much about the geologic history of the earth and its inhabitants.
    If it were not for fossils, we would have no way of knowing about the animals that once roamed the earth or that once crawled on the bottom of the ancient seas. In fact, we would not even know for sure that there were once seas in some regions if it were not for the many fossils of sea animals that we find there.
    You can look at some fossils and see for yourself the shape of the ancient animals. Even if you collect only bits of one kind of fossil, you may still be able to tell what it looked like. Making sense out of fossil bits is a little like working a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes you will lose pieces, but you can still recognize the picture and even use your imagination to fill in the missing details. The habits of ancient sea animals are not so easy to determine. Therefore, scientists study the structure and the habits of similar living animals to learn what the ancient ones must have been like. There are some things, however, that neither the study of fossils nor the study of living animals can tell us. For example, no one knows what colour most ancient sea animals were. Also, since the soft parts disappeared soon after death, many details of their internal structure are unknown. So the pictures of ancient sea creatures (as well as dinosaurs!) are what scientists think the animals looked like. Reconstructing the life of an ancient sea animal on the basis of fossil evidence and the characteristics of similar living animals is a little like relying on circumstantial evidence in court.
    46.This passage is mainly about animals that________ .
    A.have very tough hides B.once lived on the earth
    C.inhabit the seas of today D.are becoming extinct
    47.With the help of fossils we can .
    A.reconstruct life of the past
    B.predict the future
    C.explain the changes of the seasons
    D.save some species of animals from extinction
    48.Many details of ancient animals are lacking because_________ .
    A.many species have not been found
    B.volcanic disasters have permanently buried many fossils
    C.many fossils lie in deep water and cannot be recovered
    D.soon after death the soft parts of the body decay
    49.To “determine” in the passage is closest in meaning to________ .
    A.come across B. study C. find out D. imitate
    50.This passage implies that a scientist’s evaluation of the past is based on____________ .
    A.laboratory experiments with live animals
    B.a few facts mixed with a lot of opinions
    C.predictions made in the past and present
    D.field studies of our society
    Choose the correct word for each blank to complete the following passage.

    In the future, machines will take the place of many bank tellers. A new (51)_______ , electronic funds transfer (EFT) allows the bank or the (52)___________ to move money from one account to another. For example, a worker (53)________ her monthly paycheck, her salary. Her employer, the company that she works for, can
    (54)__ her salary into her checking account (55)________ . She doesn’t have to go to the bank. Her bank can also pay her monthly (56)_________ : the telephone, the water, the gas, and the electricity_ It will also be possible for her to pay for food at the supermarket by EFT. The supermarket will automatically (57)_______ money from her account at the bank to pay for food that she (58)_________ . Some employers already deposit their (59)_______ checks in the bank directly. Maybe, in the future, people will not (60)____ money, and machines will pay for everything.
    51.A. form B. category C. workload D. system
    52.A. customer B. buyer C. client D. guest
    53. A. obtainsB. addressesC.receivesD. accepts
    54. A. takeB. depositC. giveD. distribute
    55.A. openlyB. directlyC. franklyD. straight
    56. A. receiptsB. billsC. papersD.checks
    57. A. be drawnB. drawC. overdrawD. withdraw
    58. A. exchangesB. purchasesC. getsD. buys
    59. A. employees’B. directors’C. managers’D. workers’
    60. A. carryB. bringC. takeD.have
    Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to show the word or phrase that is closest in meaning to the underlined.

    61.Are you aware of the latest trend in children’s clothing?
    A.tendency B. fashion C. custom D. style
    62.There are invaluable objects from the tomb of King Tut that are worth many times more than the gold and jewels that were used to create them.
    A.valueless B. worth C. priceless D. original
    63.This charity was set up to raise money for the poor.
    A.earn B. gather C. assemble D. collect
    64.Fifty people were made redundant when the company suffered a severe crisis.64.
    A.useless B. unwanted C. unneeded D. jobless
    65.With this program you can always check your spelling and grammar and if you don’t want to accept what it shows, you simply press “ignore“.
    A.take no notice of B. not forget
    C.not pay a visit D. pay attention to
    66.Their performance thrilled the audience.
    A.scene B. sight C. show D. actor
    67.They were discontented with the working conditions of the office.
    A.discouraged B. displeased C.naughty D. serious
    68.My new shoes are made of imitation leather.
    A.man-made B. natural C.valuable D. expensive
    69.They grumbled that they were hungry and cold.
    A.argued B.thought C. complained D. bargained
    70.He was astounded to see her appear from the house.
    A.unhappy B. frightened C. astonished D. amused
    Choose one sentence that has the same meaning as the root one.

    71.The garage is going to repair the car for us next week.
    A.The garage is going to buy the car for us next week.
    B.We are going to help the garage to repair the car next week.
    C.We are going to get the car repaired next week by the garage.
    D.We are going to take the car serviced next week by the garage.
    72.Parking in this space is for doctor on duty only.
    A.Tell the doctor if you need to park here.
    B.You can park in this space only in an emergency.
    C.You can park here if you are visiting the doctor.
    D.Only the doctor working today can park here.
    73.Warning: Security cameras in use around this building
    A.Cameras can not be used in this area.
    B.This area is guarded by cameras.
    C.You can not buy films for cameras here.
    D.You must look after your cameras here.
    74.Minh says he’d like to have been put in a higher class.
    A.Minh wishes that he were put in a higher class.
    B.Minh wishes he had been put in a higher class.
    C.Minh hopes that he will be put in a higher class.
    D.Minh regrets he had been put in a higher class.
    75.Would you like me to prepare some documents for you?
    A.If you insist, I’ll prepare some documents for you.
    B.I would prepare some documents for you if you don’t mind.
    C.I’ll prepare some documents for you if you allow me to.
    D.I will prepare some documents for you if you like.
    Choose the correct option A, B, C, or D to complete the following sentences.

    76._______received law degrees as today.
    A.Never so many women have B.Never have so many women
    C.The women aren’t ever D.Women who have never
    77.Nylon was______ the human-made fibers.
    A.the first of which B. what the first of
    C.it the first of D. the first of
    78.Newspaper publishers in the United States have estimated________ reads a newspaper every day.
    A.nearly 80 percent of the adult population who
    B.it is nearly 80 percent of the adult population
    C.that nearly 80 percent of the adult population who
    D.that nearly 80 percent of the adult population
    79.The ancestors of the horse lived_______ and were about half a meter tall.
    A.years ago 60 million B. 60 million years ago
    C.ago 60 million years D.million years ago 60
    80.The trumpet is_____________of most dance and jazz bands.
    A.an important part B. partly important
    C.what part is important D.is important a part
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    12. We’ll get there______by train if we leave tonight.
    A.so fast B.fast enough C.to fast D.enough fast
    17.This new song is not much_______ the others that I have tried.
    A.as different B. different than C. so different from D. different that
    19.California,______ more populous state than any of its Western neighbors, has greater representation in the House.
    A. a B. the C. that D. this
    23.He pretends_____poor
    A.being B. be C. to be D. to being
    29.I was sitting in a cafe______ afternoon when I saw the Prime Minister pass by.
    A.the B. in C. an D. one
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