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    LISTENING (15 points)
    Part 1. Listen to a conversation between an optometrist and a patient and fill in the form.
    Write no more than 3 words or numbers for each blank

    Patient record

    Time of appointment


    Given name

    Simon Anthony

    Family name


    Date of birth

    (3)………………………….., 1989


    (4)………………………….., Adam Terrace, Wellington

    Name of insurance


    Date of last eye test

    September 2006

    Patient’s observations Problems

    seeing the distance
    Part 2:
    You are going to hear a travel agent discussing the holiday booking with 2 customers. Listen to their conversation and decide whether the statements are True (T), False (F) or Not given (NG)





    6. They want to book a holiday for July

    7. They have decided where to go for the holiday.

    8. Both customers are free to travel in the first week.

    9. Last year, both of them visited France

    10. They would like to go to the mountains for skiing this year

    11. They don’t want to go to Italy because the dates don’t suit

    12. They don’t like to go to Sweden because there are no beaches

    13. It would be 385 pounds for them to visit Portugal.

    14. The customers prefer to visit Portugal by flight from London.

    15. The flight stops at Manchester on the way to Portugal.
    PHONETICS (5 points).
    Choose the word that has a different stress pattern from the others.

    16. A. community B. developing C. conditioner D. interested
    17. A. continue B. importance C. different D. directed
    18. A. medicines B. opposite C. pollution D. capable
    19. A. preservation B. inspiration C. disposable D. popularity
    20. A. exhausted B. atmosphere C. suspect D. computer
    I. Choose the word, phrase or expression which best completes each sentence (15 points).

    21. Hoa: “Are you going to buy a new computer or just continue using the old one?”
    Mary: “_________”
    A. Yes, I am. B. Yes, I’d like one. Thank you.
    C. That’s impossible. I can’t afford a new one. D. Neither. I’m going to lease one.
    22. Mr. Black: “What a lovely house you have!”
    Mr John: “_________”
    A. No problem B. Thank you. Hope you will drop in.
    C. Of course not, it’s not costly D. I think so.
    23. You have never been to Italy, ________?
    A. have you B. haven’t you C. did you D. had you
    24. You can’t tell what someone is like just from their ________.
    A. character B. looking C. appearance D. personality
    25. “How is it going?” - “________”
    A. By bike B. Not much C. It sounds better D. Mustn’t grumble
    26. ________ a dentist, Mike is very concerned about having healthy teeth.
    A. Because B. He is C. As D. That he is
    27. ________, you need to achieve a score of 60% or more.
    A. To pass this test B. For being passed this test
    C. In order pass this test D. So that to pass this test
    28. As a famous person ________ many children admire, it is important for her to act
    A. whose B. whom C. which D. when
    29. The brochure says that the hotel has a great ________ of the sea.
    A. appearance B. look C. sight D. view
    30. Our new coach is popular ________ the whole team.
    A. with B. to C. by D. for
    31. As soon as you ________ that, I’d like you to go to bed.
    A. have done B. did C. will do D. will have done
    32. Margaret was slow at school, but she went on ________ Prime Minister.
    A. being B. to be C. having been D. to have been
    33. In 1870, ________, John D. Rockefeller and others created the Standard Oil Company.
    A. in spite of oil prices fluctuated B. despite fluctuating oil prices
    C. but the oil prices fluctuated D. oil prices were fluctuating
    34. They’re staying in rented accommodation for the time ________.
    A. going B. making C. doing D. being
    35. “I have an idea. Let’s go for a swim on Sunday afternoon”. - “________”
    A. OK, what time? B. You’re kidding C. I know D. I’m sure
    II. Give the correct form of the words in brackets (10 points).
    36. We found it ____________ (thrill) to your wonderful news.
    37. He left the room without any ____________ (explain).
    38. He didn’t feel happy because he worked ____________ (success).
    39. Many people expressed ____________ (disagree) with the whole idea.
    40. There was a ____________ (wide) dissatisfaction with the government’s policies.
    41. Her health has ____________ (bad) considerably since we last saw her.
    42. A lot of plants and animals could be used as medicines against cancer, AIDS, heart
    diseases and other ____________ (sick).
    43. He was ____________ (information) of the consequences in advance.
    44. I was kept ____________ (wake) last night by the noise from a party in the flat above.
    45. This road is so bad that it needs ____________ (surface).
    III. Choose the underlined word or phrase in each sentence that needs correcting (5 points).
    46. Last week unless (A) my mother had had (B) enough money (C), she would have bought (D) that toy for me.
    47. It often takes (A) me about fifteen minutes (B) to go (C) to work from here by foot (D).
    48. Those people say that (A) it is such polluted air (B) that they can’t breath (C), don’t they (D)?
    49. It is noisy enough (A) in this room, so (B) I would (C) rather you stop (D) shouting like that.
    50. Dr. Roberts, the first woman to be elected president (A) of the university, is (B) intelligent, capable and awareness (C) of the problem to be solved (D).
    I. There are 5 blanks in the passage below. From the words given in the box, choose the
    most suitable for each blank. There are more words than blanks, so you don’t need all of
    them. (5 points).
    terrible B. size C. hope D. wrong E. loose F. problem G. want

    Choosing clothes can be difficult. Some people (51)________ to be fashionable, but they don’t want to look exactly like everybody else. Not all clothes are suitable for work or school, perhaps because they are not formal enough, or simply not comfortable. It is easy to buy the (52)_________ size, and find that your trousers are too tight, especially if you are a little bit overweight. Very (53)________ clothes make you feel slim, but when they have shrunk in the washing machine, then you have the same (54)________! If you buy light cotton clothes, then they might not be warm enough for winter. If your shoes are not tight, and if you aren’t dressed for the cold, you might look good, but feel (55)________!
    II. Read the following passage and decide which option A, B, C or D best fits each space.
    (10 points)
    Schools in the United States have not always had a large number of libraries. As (56)________as 1958 about half of the public schools in the United States had no libraries at all. The number of public school libraries increased dramatically (57)_______ the federal government passed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, ( 58)_______ provided funds for school districts to improve their education programs and facilities, including their libraries. (59) ________, many educators claim that since the legislation was passed federal spending has not increased sufficiently to meet the rising (60)______ of new library technologies such as computer databases and Internet access.
    Because the federal government provides only limited funds to schools, individual school districts (61) _______ on funds from local property taxes to meet the vast majority of public school expenses. Therefore, the libraries of the public schools tend to reflect the (62) ______ capabilities of the communities in which they are located. Districts in wealthy suburbs often have fully staffed libraries (63) _______ abundant resources, spacious facilities, and curricular and instructional support. In (64) ______, school districts in many poor areas house their libraries in ordinary classrooms or in small rooms. The libraries in such areas are generally staffed by volunteers, who organize and (65) ______ books that are often out-of-date, irrelevant, or damaged.
    56. A. freshly B. recently C. frequently D. newly
    57. A. though B. with C. during D. when
    58. A. that B. who C. which D. this
    59. A. Nevertheless B. Therefore C. Consequently D. Otherwise
    60. A. fine B. fee C. cost D. sum
    61. A. go B. come C. rely D. stay
    62. A. educational B. economical C. political D. financial
    63. A. for B. with C. on D. by
    64. A. country B. converse C. contrast D. conflict
    65. A. attain B. obtain C. contain D. maintain
    III. Read the passage and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D(10 points).
    Before the mid-nineteenth century, people in the United States ate most foods only in season. Drying, smoking and salting could preserve meat for a short time, but the availability of fresh meat, like that of fresh milk, was very limited; there was no way to prevent spoilage.
    But in 1810, a French inventor named Nicolas Appert developed the cooking-and-sealing process of canning. And in the 1850’s an American named Gail Borden developed a means of condensing and preserving milk. Canned goods and condensed milk became more common during the 1860’s, but supplies remained low because cans had to be made by hand. By 1880, however, inventors had fashioned stamping and soldering machines that mass-produced cans from tinplate. Suddenly all kinds of food could be preserved and bought at all times of the year.
    Other trends and inventions had also helped make it possible for Americans to vary their daily diets. Growing urban population created demand that encouraged fruit and vegetable farmers to raise more produce. Railroad refrigerator cars enabled growers and meat packers to ship perishables great distances and to preserve them for longer periods. Thus, by the 1890’s, northern city dwellers could enjoy southern and western strawberries, grapes, and tomatoes, previously available for a month at most, for up to six months of the year. In addition, increased use of iceboxes enabled families to store perishables. As easy means of producing ice commercially had been invented in the 1870’s, and by 1900 the nation had more than two thousand commercial ice plants, most of which made home deliveries. The icebox became a fixture in most homes and remained so until the mechanized refrigerator replaced it in the 1920’s and 1930’s.
    Almost everyone now had a more diversified diet. Some people continued to eat mainly foods that were heavily in starches or carbohydrates, and not everyone could afford meat. Nevertheless, many families could take advantage of previously unavailable fruits, vegetables, and dairy products to achieve more varied fare.
    66. What does the passage mainly discuss?
    A. Causes of food spoilage
    B. Commercial production of ice
    C. Population movements in the nineteenth century
    D. Inventions that led to changes in the American diet
    67. The phrase “in season” in line 1 refers to
    A. a particular time of year B. a kind of weather
    C. an official schedule D. a method of flavoring
    68. During the 1860’s, canned food products were
    A. unavailable in rural areas B. available in limited quantities
    C. shipped in refrigerator cars D. a staple part of the American diet.
    69. It can be inferred that railroad refrigerator cars came into use
    A. before 1860 B. before 1890 C. after 1900 D. after 1920
    70. The word “them” in line 13 refers to
    A. refrigerator cars B.growers C. perishables D. distances.
    71. The word “fixture” in line 18 is closest in meaning to
    A. commonplace object B. substance C. luxury item D. mechanical device
    72.The author implies that in the 1920’s and 1930’s home deliveries of ice
    A. increased in cost B. occurred only in the summer
    C. decreased in number D. were on an irregular schedule
    73. The word “Nevertheless” in line 21 is closest meaning to
    A. occasionally B. however C. therefore D. because
    74. Which of the following types of food preservation was NOT mentioned in the passage?
    A. Drying B. Chemical additives C. Canning D. Cold storage
    75. Which of the following statements is supported by the passage?
    A. Most farmers in the United States raised only fruits and vegetables.
    B. People who lived in cities demanded home delivery of foods.
    C. Tin cans and iceboxes helped to make many foods more widely available.
    D. Commercial ice factories were developed by railroad owners
    E. Writing
    I. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentences printed before. (5 points)

    76. Having nothing else to do, we decided to go for a walk.
    - Since.............................................................................................................................
    77. She was not only bad-tempered but also very lazy.
    - As well .....................................................................................................................…
    78. “ Nothing will persuade me to apply for that kind of job.” She said.
    _ She flatly.......................................................................................................................
    79. The school I studied at last year was better than this one.
    - This school isn’t..........................................................................................................…
    80. You must leave now, or you’ll miss the bus.
    - You’ll miss......................................................................................................................
    II. Use the suggested words and phrases to write complete sentences of a letter. (10 points)
    Dear Sir or Madam.
    81. I/ write/ complain/ hair drier/ buy/ your shop/ last Saturday/ and/ treatment/ I receive/ when/ I try/ return/ a few days later.
    82.I buy/ hair drier/ Wednesday, November 22 nd .
    83. first time/ try/ use/ handle become/ extremely hot/ and within a few minutes/ part/ plastic casing/ begin/ melt.
    84. I turn/ off/ immediately/ return/ with/ receipt/ your shop/ Saturday.
    85. I explain/ situation/ one/ assistants/ ask/ money back/ but / be told/ speak/ you.
    86. Unfortunately you/ not available/ that day/ I/ write instead.
    87. I enclose/ hair drier/ copy of/ original receipt.
    88. Please send/ full fund/ soon/ possible.
    Yours faithfully,
    III. Write a paragraph of about 120 words on the following topic: ( 10 points)
    What club do you want to be founded in your school? Why?
    ĐÁP ÁN
    A. LISTENING: ( 15 points) ( 1 point for each correct answer)
    Part 1.

    1. 10 am 2. Lee
    3. June 1 st 4. University Hall 5. Health for Life
    Part 2:
    6. T 7. F 8. F 9. T 10. NG 11. T 12. NG 13. T 14. F 15. NG
    B. PHONETICS: ( 5 points) ( 1 point for each correct answer)
    16. D 17. C 18. C 19. C 20. B
    I. Choose the word, phrases or expression which best completes each sentence. (15 points) ( 1 point for each correct answer)

    21. D 22. B 23. A 24. C 25. D 26. A 27. A 28.B
    29. D 30.A 31. A 32. B 33. B 34. D 35.A
    II. Give the correct form of the words in brackets. (10 points) (1 point for each correct answer)
    41. WORSENED
    43. INFORMED
    44. AWAKE
    III. Choose the underlined word or phrases in each sentence that needs correcting. ( 5
    points) (1 point for each correct answ
    46.A 47. D 48. C 49. D 50.C
    I. There are 5 blanks in the passage below. From the words given in the box, choose the
    most suitable for each blank. There are more words than blanks, so you don’t need all of
    them. ( 5 points) (1 point for each correct answer)

    51. G 52.D 53.E 54.F 55.A
    II. Read the following passage and decide which option A, B, C or D best fits each space.
    ( 10 points) (1 point for each correct answer)

    56. B 57. D 58. C 59. A 60. C
    61. C 62. D 63. B 64. C 65. D
    III. Read the passage and choose the correct answer. ( 10 points) (1 point for each correct answer)
    66.D 67. A 68. B 69.B 70.C 71.A 72.C 73.B 74.B 75.C
    I. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as
    the sentence printed before it. ( 5 points). ( 1 point for each correct answer)

    76. Since we had nothing else to do, we decided to go for a walk.
    Or (Since we didn’t have anything else to do, we decided to go for a walk.)
    77. As well as being bad-tempered, she’s very lazy.
    78. She flatly refused to apply for that kind of job.
    79. This school isn’t as/so good as the one ( that/which) I studied at last year.
    Or (This school isn’t as/so good as the one at which/ where I studied last year.)
    80. You’ll miss the bus if you don’t leave now.
    Or (You’ll miss the bus unless you leave now.)
    II. Use the words or phrases suggested to write full sentences to make a letter. (10 points)
    Dear Sir or Madam.
    81. I am writing to complain about the/a hair drier (0.5)( which/that I) bought in your shop last Saturday(0.5) and the treatment (which/that) I received (0.5)when trying/I tried to return it
    a few days later.(0.5)
    82. I bought the hair drier(0.5) on Wednesday, November 22 nd .(0.5)
    83. The first time I tried to use it,(0.5) the handle became extremely hot (0.5)and within a few
    minutes part of the plastic casing began to melt.(0.5)
    84. I turned it off immediately (0.5)and returned it with the receipt to your shop on Saturday.(0.5)
    85. I explained the situation to one of the/ your assistants (0.5)and asked for my/the money back(0.5) but I was told (that I had) to speak to you.(0.5)
    86. Unfortunately, you were not available that day,(0.5) so I am writing instead.(0.5)
    87. I enclose the hair drier(0.5) and a/the copy of the original receipt.(0.5)
    88. Please send me a full refund (0.5) as soon as possible (0.5)
    Yours faithfully.
    III. Write a paragraph of about 120 words on the following topic. ( 10p)
    1. Form: (paragraph) (1 point)
    2. Content: (4 points )
    Good topic sentence (0.5 p) and appropriate supporting ideas (3.5 points)
    3. Language: (5 pts)
    + Appropriate vocabulary (1.5p)
    + Suitable connectors (0.5)
    + Correct grammar (2.5 p)
    + Punctuating/ Spelling (0.5p)
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