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ĐĂNG BÀI NGAY để cùng trao đổi với các thành viên siêu nhiệt tình & dễ thương trên diễn đàn.

1. The police stated that the accident ______________ soon.
A. will be investigated
B. had investigated
C. is being investigated
D. would be investigated
2. There are chances that Manchester United ______________ the last match against Juventus.
A. won
B. will win
C. has won
D. would win
3. ______________ to the national park before, Sue was amazed to see the geyser.
A. Being not
B. Not having been
C. Have not bee
D. Having not been
4. Hardly ______________ the captain of the team when he had to face the problems.
A. had he been appointed
B. did he appoint
C. was he being appointed
D. was he appointing
5. It is six years ______________ we moved to Chicago.
A. when
B. that
C. since
D. after
6. I think he will join us, ______________?
A. doesn’t he
B. won’t he
C. will he
D. do I
7. I am sorry. I have forgotten ______________ a table at the restaurant for you.
A. reserving
B. to reserve
C. having reserved
D. to be reserved
8. ______________ our children may be, we cannot go picnicking in this weather.
A. Though excited
B. Excited as
C. Because of excitement
D. Exciting
9. I am leaving the key under the pot in the garden ______________ you should be home earlier than usual.
A. because
B. in case
C. so that
D. though
10. Be patient ______________ you won’t succeed.
A. because
B. or
C. unless
D. otherwise
11. Sweating increases ______________ vigorous exercise or hot weather.
A. during
B. when
C. at the time
D. for
12. Goddard developed the first rocket to fly faster ______________.
A. than sound is
B. as does sound
C. than sound
D. as sound is
13. Herbs ______________ in soups and sauces.
A. are used to be
B. are often used
C. often use
D. get used to being
14. Studies indicate ______________ collecting art today than ever before.
A. there more people
B. more people that are
C. that there are more people
D. people there are more
15. Susan couldn’t help ______________ when I told her the joke.
A. laughing
B. laugh
C. to laugh
D. laughed
16. Your hair needs ______________. You’d better have it done tomorrow.
A. cut
B. to cut
C. being cut
D. cutting
17. Regina, ______________ you have never met before, is a genius in painting.
A. that
B. whose
C. whom
D. whomever
18. Doctors advise ______________ too many hours watching television.
A. not to spend
B. not being spent
C. not spend
D. not spending
19. Quite ______________ people have complained about his behavior. ______________ people have voiced their support for him.
A. a few / Many
B. very few / Some
C. a lot / Few
D. a few / Very few
20. ______________ finds the treasure is entitled to twenty five percent of it.
A. Who
B. The person who
C. Whoever
D. Man who
21. As soon as you hear the alarm, you all have to leave the building ______________.
A. on the verge
B. under law
C. at no time
D. without delay
22. ______________ have tried their best to protect the environment, but their efforts seem to be nothing compared to what people are doing to harm it.
A. Poachers
B. Industrialists
C. Conservationists
D. Producers
23. The passage ______________ that the first settlers were Spanish.
A. refers
B. instills
C. implies
D. infers
24. There are not many interesting ______________ of news in the ‘Evening’.
A. parts
B. articles
C. loads
D. items
25. On November 5, a lot of firework is ______________ off in England.
A. set
B. gone
C. sent
D. burned
26. Can you give me the ______________ for tomato soup?
A. formula
B. recipe
C. order
D. method
27. Jane likes watching films, but she is not ______________ keen on any kind.
A. specially
B. certainly
C. largely
D. particularly
28. In a report submitted to the government yesterday, scientists ______________ that the building of the bridge be stopped.
A. banned
B. complained
C. said
D. recommend
29. Police believe that there is a ______________ between the 2 crimes.
A. chain
B. link
C. connector
D. mixture
30. If you come to the theatre late, you have to wait until the ______________ to get in.
A. break
B. interval
C. refreshment
D. half-time
31. From now on, you have to ______________ responsibility for the sales figures.
A. get
B. acquire
C. assume
D. accept
32. Children have to ______________ respect to their parents and teachers.
A. show
B. take
C. feel
D. express
33. ______________, the reports are not good enough to be printed.
A. On my own
B. Out of the ordinary
C. If you ask me
D. Telling the truth
34. During the war, we ______________ many relatives.
A. lost touch with
B. take for granted
C. made a mention of
D. set an example for
35. You should pay ______________ to what the instructor is saying.
A. attendance
B. intention
C. convention
D. attention
36. The jokes Jack tell are as old as ______________.
A. the earth
B. the mountains
C. the hills
D. the oceans
37. The articles I have cut out from newspapers for years are now ______________ with age.
A. old
B. yellowed
C. blackened
D. torn
38. You can contact us if anything ______________ with our plan.
A. goes wrong
B. comes bad
C. is out of luck
D. loses control
39. It is ______________ knowledge that you have to drink more fluids when you have flu.
A. common
B. popular
C. widespread
D. updated
40. As soon as Kate failed to do the job the third time, she got the ______________.
A. promotion
B. recommendation
C. rearrangement
D. sack
41. Can I ask a favor ______________ you, Mark? Could you please move this sofa backwards?
A. for
B. of
C. with
D. to
42. I read the contract again and again ______________ avoiding making spelling mistakes.
A. with a view to
B. In view of
C. by means of
D. in terms of
43. This kind of product has to be used ______________ 3 days ______________ purchase.
A. by / of
B. within / of
C. on / on
D. on /after
44. Too many tests and exams have put high school students ______________ pressure.
A. in
B. on
C. under
D. into
45. The president refused to make any judgement ______________ the situation.
A. on
B. with
C. for
D. of
46. ______________ your effort and talent, we wonder if you can work full time for us.
A. Regarding
B. In regard of
C. With respect to
D. On behalf of
47. Let’s move ______________ to the next item on the agenda.
A. in
B. by
C. up
D. on
48. I am fed ______________ hanging around here with nothing to do.
A. up on
B. out of
C. up with
D. by
49. I do not know my uncle is ______________ doubt ______________ everything he sees.
A. with / about
B. in / of
C. of / for
D. in / with
50. ______________ Xmas, more shopping is done.
A. On
B. For
C. At
D. In
51. On farms, when the cattle are too ill, farmers often have to put them ______________.
A. in
B. down
C. up
D. away
52. ______________ my shyness, they refused to give me the job as a receptionist.
A. Despite
B. As for
C. Due to
D. Instead of
53. The professor broke ______________ her lecture when she heard a cell phone ringing.
A. away
B. in
C. off
D. out
54. I could not ______________ the peak of the mountain in the foggy weather.
A. get over
B. make out
C. see through
D. go into
55. We all need friends whom we can ______________ when we are in trouble.
A. call on
B. break off
C. live on
D. go by
56. Constantly staying in cold weather may bring ______________ pneumonia.
A. in
B. about
C. up
D. on
57. Don’t let poachers get ______________ hunting animals. They deserve to be punished.
A. off
B. out of
C. on
D. away
58. I was named ______________ a wealthy relative of my Mom’s.
A. after
B. to
C. as
D. in on
59. I cannot stay up late at night; I prefer ______________ in early.
A. going
B. breaking
C. turning
D. doing
60. My little son is learning how to ______________ his shoes.
A. put off
B. get on
C. take to
D. do up
61. Graham Bell was once a teacher who ran a school for the deaf in Massachusetts.
62. Telephoto, a process for sending pictures by wire, has been invented during the 1920s, and the first transcontinental telephoto was sent in 1925.
63. The immune system is the bodies way of protecting itself against viruses.
64. What I told her a few days ago were not the solutions to most of her problems.
65. However cheap it is, the poor quality products cannot always appeal to customers.
66. If you do not keep my secret, I will reveal surely yours.
67. Jim’s grandfather left him 50,000 dollars, this was too big a sum to him.
68. So far Linda has been writing 5 novels on the problems teenagers have to cope with in the new world.
69. The choice of which restaurant to go to for tonight’s meal is entirely your.
70. You mustn’t have seen my sister, for I have no sister living on the other end of this city
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others:

71. A. chapter
B. yatch
C. manage
D. panel
72. A. example
B. feed
C. ink
D. inhumane
73. A. junior
B. humour
C. stew
D. purify
74. A. hall
B. doll
C. chalk
D. forecast
75. A. recite
B. reconcile
C. refund
D. reproduce
Choose the word whose stress pattern is pronounced different from that of the others:
76. A. relax
B. recognize
C. realize
D. relatively
77. A. permanent
B. power
C. permission
D. carpet
78. A. photography
B. minority
C. heroic
D. amateur
79. A. practicality
B. politician
C. uncontrollable
D. comfortable
80. A. managerial
B. determination
C. unbelievable
D. inability
Supply the appropriate form of the words in the brackets:

81. At the end of the concert, the audience gave the young pianist a ___________ ovation. (STAND)
82. The university has ________ the use of dictionaries during language examinations. (AUTHOR)
83. A dilemma is a situation where a difficult choice has to be made between two, sometimes unpleasant, _________. (ALTERNATE)
84. It is very difficult to find Mrs. Burton’s shop, for it was __________ from all others in the street. (DISTINGUISH)
85. When we arrived at the hotel, we were amazed at the ___________ hospitality of the fans. (COMPARE)
86. The teacher’s criticism has ___________ Tom’s interest in learning. (DIE)
87. The staff’s bad behavior has brought ________ to the whole company. (GRACEFUL)
88. Panda is _____________ to China only. (NATION)
89. Traditional _________ are a good source of fun and entertainment. (CELEBRATE)
90. The public were angry with the Minister’s ______________ to tell the truth about the bribery. (REFUSE)
Fill each blank with an appropriate word formed from one of the words in the list below: similarity – suit – advise – value – fit – dispense – predict – water – foolish – warn
It is astonishing how many people set off to climb Mount Olympus in completely (91) ________ clothing. The weather conditions on the mountain are notoriously (92) _______but people are (93) ________ into thinking that just because the bottom is sunny, the summit will be (94) ______ warm and bright. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bearing in mind that “ (95) _______ is forearmed”, consult the local climbing club about likely conditions before setting off. Such local knowledge can be absolutely (96) ________ and you would, to put it mildly, be extremely (97) _________ to ignore it. Whatever the likely weather, a good pair of boots is (98) _______ and is some form of (99) _______. And it is a steep climb so it goes without saying that a reasonable level of (100) ________ is essential.
101. It was wrong of you to allow a 4-year-old child to walk home alone.
- You should ................................................................................
102. I could realize how important the family is only after I left home.
- Not until ....................................................................................
103. Mrs. Green is proud of her son’s contribution to the play.
- Mrs. Green is proud of what ........................................................
104. The recruited very few young engineers.
- Hardly .......................................................................................
105. Only two out of the five rooms we have booked have air conditioning.
- We have booked five rooms, only ..................................................
106. Jane seems to come to the performance lat.
- It looks ....................................................................................
107. I could hold a big party due to my Mom’s help.
- Had it ........................................................................................
108. Success depends on hard work.
- The harder .................................................................................
109. Fiona was so disappointed that she could not keep on working.
- Such ........................................................................................
110. Although Richard is competent in his work, he does not know how to deal with this client.
- Competent ...............................................................................
Supply each blank with one word:

The director has overall responsibility for the artistic side of a production and must (111) ____ all the rehearsal and keep an (112) _____ on all the backstage and technical departments (113) _____. Directors tend to have (114) ______ personalities and can be temperamental. But the success or (115) _____ of a play is in their (116) ______. It is their job to (117) _____ out the imaginative qualities in the actors in order to get the best response from them. Some directors let actors decide on their own interpretation while (118) _____ give detailed instruction as to (119) ______ they want the parts to be played. Some directors also (120) ______ on duties, such as planning a season’s program and supervising the budget.
Choose the suitable word to fill in each blank:
You can rob a bank without leaving your house these days. Who needs stocking (121)______, guns and getaway cars? If you’re a computer whiz-kid, you could grab your first million (122)_______ with nothing more dangerous than a personal computer, a telephone and a modern to (123)_______them.
All you have to do is to dial into the networks which like the computers in large organizations together, type in a couple of passwords and you can rummage (124)_______in the information that’s stored there (125)_______your heart’s content. Fortunately it isn’t always quite as easy as it appears. But, as more and more information is (126)_______and stored on computer, whether it is details of your bank account or the number of tins of baked beans in the stockroom at the supermarket, a computer crime seems set to grow.
A couple of months ago a newspaper reported that five British banks were being (127)_______to ransom by a gang of hackers who had managed to (128)_______their computer. The hackers were demanding money (129) _____revealing exactly how they did it. In case like this, banks may consider paying just so that they can protect themselves better in the future.
As with (130)________else, hackers start young in the States. A 12-year-old boy in Detroit was (131)_______of entering a company’s credit rating computer and (132)_____the numbers he found there. His mother told reporters that he spent up to 14 hours on his computer during the weekend.
Prevention is probably easier than detection, and many companies now spend lots of time and money (133)______programs using passwords and codes. Of course all this is no use (134)_____if computer users tell each other their password, stick it on their screen so they don’t (135)______it or use passwords like “password”. It all happens. There are plenty of software companies which specialize in writing software that makes computers hacker-proof. One company in the States set (136)______to prove that its system can defeat hacker by asking over 2000 of them to try to hack it. The hackers were given 2 weeks to discover the secret message stored on 2 PCs in offices in New York and San Francisco. The message (137)______: “The persistent hunter who (138)____his prize (139)______becomes the hunted.” You will be relieved – or perhaps disappointed – to learn that (140)______hacker managed it.
121. A. covers
B. veils
C. masks
D. helmets
122. A. supported
B. armed
C. provided
D. tampered
123. A. connect
B. link
C. combine
D. join
124. A. further
B. out
C. about
D. off
125. A. off
B. to
C. with
D. within
126. A. dealt
B. progressed
C. tackled
D. processed
127. A. held
B. asked
C. kept
D. captured
128. A. turn off
B. break into
C. get into
D. come up with
129. A. on the verge of
B. with exception of
C. in answer to
D. in return for
130. A. anything
B. everybody
C. nothing
D. somebody
131. A. able
B. capable
C. possible
D. enabled
132. A. scattering
B. dumping
C. distributing
D. loading
133. A. thinking
B. discovering
C. devising
D. manufacturing
134. A. of all
B. in all
C. even
D. whatsoever
135. A. forget
B. notice
C. bother
D. mention
136. A. about
B. out
C. off
D. away
137. A. read
B. is read
C. was reading
D. had been read
138. A. offers
B. reaches
C. obtains
D. wins
139. A. now and then
B. now and again
C. sooner or later
D. safe and sound
140. A. none
B. not any
C. neither
D. hardly
G. Read the following passages and choose the best answer to the questions:

The sauce that is today called ketchup ( or catsup) in Western cultures is a tomato_based sauce that is quite distinct from Eastern ancestors of this product. A sauce called ke-tjap was in used in China at least as early as the 17th century, but the Chinese version of the sauce was made of picked fish, shellfish, and spices. The popularity of this Chinese sauce spread to Singapore and Malaysia, where it was called kechap. The Indonesian ketjab derives its name from the same source of the Malysian sauce but is made from very different ingredients. The Indonesian ketjab is made by cooking black soy beans, fermenting them, placing them in a salt brine for at least a week , cooking the resulting solution further, and sweetening it heavily; this process results in a dark, thick and sweet variation of soy sauce.
Early in the 18th century, sailors from the Bristish navy came across this exotic sauce on voyages to Malaysia and Singapore and brought samples of it back to England on return voyages. English chefs tried to recreate the sauce but were unable to do exactly because key ingredients were unknown or unavailable in England; chefs ended up substituting ingredients such as mushrooms and walnuts in an attempt to recreate the special taste of the original Asian sauce. Variations of this sauce became quite the rage in the 18th century England, appearing in a number of recipe books and features as an exotic addition to menus from the period.
The English version did not contain tomatoes, and it was not until the end of the 18th century that tomatoes became a main ingredients in the ketchup of the United States. It is quite notable that tomatoes were added to the sauce and that tomatoes had previously been considered quite dangerous to health. That tomato had been cultivated by the Aztecs, who had called it tomalt; however, early botanists had recognized that tomato was a member of the Solanecaea family, wich does include a number of poisonous plant. The leaves of the tomato plant are poisonous, though of course the fruit is not.
Thomas Jefferson, who cultivated the tomato in his gardens at Monticello and served dishes containing tomatoes at lavish feasts, often receive credit for changing the reputation of the tomato. Soon after Jefferso had introduced the tomato to American society, recipes combining the new fashinonabe tomato with the equally fashionable and exotic sauce known as ketchap began to appear. By the middle of the 19th century, both of the tomato and tomato ketchup were stables of the American kitchen.
Tomato ketchup,popular though it was,was quite time-consuming to prepare. In 1876,the first mass-produced tomato ketchup, a product of German-American Henry Heizn,went on sale and achieved immediate success. From tomato ketchup, Heizn branched out into a number of other products, including various sauces, pickles, and relishes.
141. It is not stated in paragraph 1 that
A. the Chinese sauce was in existence in the 17th century
B. the Malaysian sauce was similar to the Chinese sauce
C. the Chinese sauce was made from seafood and species
D. the Indonesian sauce was similar to the Chinese sauce
142. “it” in paragraph 1 refers to
A. a salt brine
B. a week
C. the resulting solution
D. this process
143. What ingredient is not used to make Indonesian sauce?
A. soy beans
B. sugar
C. salt
D. mushrooms
144. It can be inferred from the second paragraph that mushrooms and walnuts were
A. difficult to find in England
B. not part of the original Asian recipe
C. not native to England
D. transported to England to Asia
145. The phrase “became quite the rage” in paragraph 2 means
A. became an anger
B. became strange
C. became popular
D. became a protest
146. The author mentions the English version at the beginning of the third paragraph in order to
A. indicate what will be discussed in the coming paragraph
B. explain why tomatoes were considered dangerous
C. make a reference to the topic of the previous pharagraph
D. provide an example of a sauce using tomatoes
147. According to the paragraph 3, the tomato plant
A. was considered poisonous plants
B. is related to some poisonous plants
C. has edible leaves
D. has fruit tat is sometimes quite poisonous
148. the word “staples” in paragraph 4 could be best replaced by
A. standard elements
B. strong attachment
C. necessary utensils
D. rare alternatives
149. Where in paragraph 4 can the following sentence go in? “It turned from very bad to exceedingly good”
A. at the beginning of the paragraph 4
B. before the sentence “ Soon after Jefferson …”
C. before the sentence “By the middle of the 19th century …”
D. at the end of the paragraph 4
150. Tomato ketchup is closest to the word
A. ketchap
B. ke-tjap
C. ketjab
D. kechap
In the 1960s, The Beatles were probably the most famous pop group in the whole world. Since then, there have been a great many groups that have achieved enormous fame, so it is perhaps difficult now to imagine how sensational The Beatles were at that time. They were four boys from the north of England and none of them had any training in music. They started by performing and recording songs by black Americans and they had some success with these songs. Then they started writing their own songs and that was when they became really popular. The Beatles changed pop music. They were the first pop group to achieve great success from songs they had written themselves. After that it became common for groups and singers to write their own songs. The Beatles did not have a long career. Their first hit record was in 1963 and they split up in 1970. They stopped doing live performances in 1966 because it had become too dangerous for them – their fans were so excited that they surrounded them and tried to take their clothes as souvenirs! However, today some of their songs remain as famous as they were when they first came out. Throughout the world many people can sing part of a Beatles song if you ask them.
151. The passage is mainly about
A. How the Beatles became more successful than other groups
B. Why the Beatles split up after 7 years
C. The Beatles’ fame and success
D. Many people’s ability to sing a Beatles song
152. The four boys of the Beatles
A. Came from the same family
B. Were at the same age
C. Came from a town in the north of England
D. Received good training in music
153. The word “sensational” is closest in meaning to
A. Notorious
B. Bad
C. Shocking
D. Popular
154. The first songs of the Beatles were
A. Written by themselves
B. Broadcast on the radio
C. Paid a lot of money
D. Written by black Americans
155. What is not true about the Beatles?
A. The members had no training in music
B. They had a long stable career
C. They became famous when they wrote their own songs
D. They were afraid of being hurt by fans
156. The Beatles stopped their live performances because
A. They had earned enough money
B. They did not want to work with each other
C. They spent more time writing their own songs
D. They were afraid of being hurt by fans.
157. The year 1970 was the time when
A. They split up
B. They changed pop music
C. They started their career
D. They stopped singing live
158. What the fans of the Beatles often did was
A. Sing together with them
B. Take their clothes as souvenirs
C. Ask them to write more songs
D. Ask them why they should separate
159. Some songs of the Beatles now
A. Are still famous as they used to be
B. Became too old to sing
C. Are sung by crazy fans
D. Are the most famous
160. The tone of the passage is that of
A. Admiration
B. Criticism
C. Neutral
D. Sarcasm
101. You should not have allowed a four-year-old child to walk home alone.
102. Not until I left home could I realize how important the family is.
103. Mrs. Green is proud of what her son can contribute / contributes to the play.
104. Hardly any young engineers were recruited.
105. We have booked five rooms, only two of which have air conditioning.
106. It looks as if she will come to the performance late.
107. Had it not been for Mom’s help, I could not have held a big party.
108. The harder you work, the more successful you are.
109. Such was Fiona’s disappointment that she could not keep on working.
110. Competent as/ though Richard is / may be in his work, he does not know how to deal with this client.
114.strong/ powerful139.C
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